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约伯传 Job
1因为约伯自以为义,那三个友人就不再回答他。1The three men made no further reply to Job, because in their opinion, he was guiltless.
2那时,有个布次兰族的人,他是巴辣革耳的儿子厄里乌,为了约伯在天主前自以为义人,便大为愤怒;2But Elihu, son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, became angry with Job for justifying himself before God.
3同时也对约伯的三个友人大为震怒,因为他们找不到适当的答复,又以天主为不公。3He was also angry with the three friends for their failure to refute Job, because they had allowed God to be condemned.
4厄里乌先等他们同约伯讲完话,因为他们都比他年老。4Because they were older than he, Elihu had bided his time;
5他一见他们三人无话可说,遂大为愤怒。5but when the three gave up the argument, his anger burst out.
6于是布次人巴辣革耳的儿子厄里乌发言说:我年龄小,你们年纪大,故此我退缩畏惧,不敢在你们前表示我的见解。6Thus Elihu, son of Barachel the Buzite, spoke: I am young and you are quite old; therefore I was timid and afraid and dared not tell you of what I know.
7我心想:「老人应先发言,年高者应教人智慧。」7"Age should speak," I thought; "advanced years should teach wisdom."
8但人本来都具有灵性,全能者的气息赋与人聪明;8But it is the spirit in man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand.
9并不是年高者就有智慧,老人就通晓正义。9It is not the old alone who are wise, nor the aged who understand what is right.
10故此我请你们且听我说,我也要表示我的见解。10Therefore I said: "Listen, let me also show my knowledge.
11直到如今,我等待你们讲话,静听你们的理论,等待你们寻出适当的言词;11I waited for you to speak, listening for your reasons, as you searched for words.
12但现今我已明白看出了,你们中没一个能驳倒约伯,能回答他的话的。12I gave you my full attention but none of you has proved Job wrong, none has refuted his arguments.
13你们不要说:「我们寻到了智慧!只有天主可说服他,人却不能。」13Stop saying, "We have met wisdom; God has instructed us, not man."
14我决不那样辩论,也决不以你们说的话答复他。14I will not resume your argument or answer Job with your reasoning.
15他们已心乱,不能再回答,且已穷于辞令。15They keep quiet for they are dismayed and have nothing more to say.
16他们已不再讲话了,他们已停止,不再答话了,我还等什么?16Must I wait, now that they are silent, making no effort to reply?
17现在我要开始讲我的一段话,表示出我的见解。17I, too, will show my knowledge.
18因为我觉著充满了要说的话,内心催迫着我。18For I am full of words and prodded on by the spirit.
19看啊!我内心像寻觅出口的新酒,要将新酒囊爆裂。19I am like bottled-up wine, or a wineskin bursting with wine.
20我一说出,必觉轻松,我定要开口发言。20I have to speak to find relief, open my lips and make reply.
21我决不顾情面,也决不奉承人。21I will be partial to no one and will not flatter any man.
22因为我不会奉承,不然,造我者必立即将我消灭。22For if I were skilled in flattery, my Maker would soon do away with me.
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