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约伯传 Job
1但现今年纪小于我的人,都嘲笑我;这些人的父亲,我都不屑于列在守我羊群的狗中。1And now I am the laughing-stock of people much younger whose fathers I considered unfit to put with the dogs of my flock.
2他们的精力已经丧失,他们手臂的力量,对我还有何用?2Not even their arms were helpful to me for all their vigor had gone,
3他们因贫乏和饥馑而消瘦,咀嚼旷野里的草根,以及荒山野岭所生的荆棘。3worn out by hunger and want. They roamed the parched wasteland,
4他们由丛莽中采取咸菜,以杜松根做自己的食物。4they gathered salt herbs from the brushwood, their food was the roots of the broom plant.
5人将他们由人群中逐出,在他们后面喊叫有如追贼;5They were banished by their fellowmen who shouted at them as if they were thieves.
6他们只得避居于深谷,住在山洞和巖穴中;6They were forced to seek a home in caves, among the ravines and rock crevices.
7在荆棘丛中哀叹,在葛藤下猬缩。7They brayed among the bushes and huddled in the underbrush.
8这些人都是流氓的后代,都是无名氏之子孙,由本国驱逐境外的。8They were driven from the land for being base and senseless men.
9但现今我竟成了他们的歌谣,做了他们的话柄。9And now their sons sing of my disgrace; I have become a byword among them.
10他们因憎恶我而远离我,竟任意向我脸上吐唾沫。10They do not hesitate to spit before me; they abhor me and keep their distance.
11他们解开了缰绳以攻击我,在我面前除掉了辔头。11Seeing that God has unstrung my bow, they have cast off restraint in my presence.
12下流之辈在我右边起来,向我投掷石头,筑成一条使我丧亡的路。12On my right the rabble rise, build siege ramps and lay snares.
13他们破坏了我的道路,使我跌仆,却没有人阻止他们。13They attack, with none to restrain them.
14他们由宽大的缺口进入,辗转于废墟之中。14They advance, as through a wide breach; they come in waves amid the uproar.
15恐怖临于我身,我的尊荣如被风吹散,我的救恩如浮云逝去。15Terror grips me; my dignity is blown by the wind my safety has vanished like a passing cloud.
16现今我的心神已颓废,忧患的日子不放松我。16And now my soul is poured out because of my days of grief and suffering.
17夜间痛苦刺透我骨,我的脉络都不得安息。17At night gnawing pain pierces my bones. My veins have no rest.
18天主以大力抓住我的衣服,握紧我长衣的领口,18With power God has caught my garment, binding me about as the collar of my coat;
19将我投入泥中,使我变成灰土。19throwing me into the mire, where I am now like dust.
20天主啊!我向你呼号,你不回答我;我立起来,你也不理睬我。20I cry to you, O God, but there's no answer; I stand but you merely look on.
21你对我变成了暴君,用你有力的手迫害我。21You have become cruel to me, you pursue me mercilessly with your strong hand.
22你将我提起,乘风而去,使我在狂风中飘摇不定。22You lift me up and make me ride till the storm tosses and throws me down like rain.
23我知道你要导我于死亡,到众生聚集的家乡。23I know you will bring me down to death, the destiny of all the living.
24若穷人遇到不幸向我求救,我岂不伸手去援助他?24I did not raise my hand against the poor when he cried for help in his disaster.
25人遭难,我岂没有流泪?人穷乏,我的心岂没有怜悯?25Have I not wept for those in trouble? Has not my soul grieved for the poor?
26我希望幸福,来的却是灾祸;我期待光明,黑暗反而来临。26But when I looked for good, I encountered evil; when I waited for light, darkness came.
27我内心烦恼不安,痛苦的日子常临于我。27My heart in turmoil is never at peace, for days of distress have come upon me...
28我忧闷而行,无人安慰我,我要在集会中起立喊冤。28I go about darkened, but not by the sun; if I rise in council, it is to voice my grief.
29我成了豺狼的兄弟,成了驼鸟的伴侣。29I have become a brother of jackals, a companion of owls.
30我的皮肤变黑,我的骨头因热灼焦,30My skin blackens and peels; my bones burn with fever.
31我的琴瑟奏出哀调,我的箫笛发出哭声。31My harp is tuned to laments, and my flute to sounds of weeping.
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