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约伯传 Job
1约伯回答说:1Then Job answered:
2像这样的话,我听了许多;你们的安慰反使人烦恼。2I have heard many such things. What miserable comforters you are!
3这些风凉话何时了?或者有什么事迫你非说不可?3When will your airy words end? What ails you and keeps you arguing?
4若是你们处在我的境遇中,我也会说像你们所说的话,也会花言巧语讥笑你们,向你们摇头。4I too could talk as you do, if you were in my place; I could declaim over you and shake my head at you.
5我也会以口舌宽慰你们,摇唇鼓舌来减轻你们的痛苦。5I would give you strength, and comfort you with words.
6我若讲话,痛苦并不停止;我若闭口不言,难道痛苦就离开我?6Yet if I talk, my suffering is not eased, if I refrain, it does not go far from me.
7现今天主的确叫我厌倦,使我每个亲人都远离了我;7I am upset with such ill will; an evil band
8使我憔悴,以指证我;使我消瘦,当面非难我。8takes hold of me. They stand to testify against me; and answer me with slanders.
9他在愤怒中撕裂我,窘迫我,向我咬牙切齿;我仇人锋利的眼睛常盯着我。9They assail me with fury and gnash their teeth at me; my enemies lord it over me.
10他们张开大口想吞噬我,责骂着打我的面颊,一起拥上前来攻击我。10With open mouths they jeer at me; they strike my cheek, and together they mass themselves against me.
11天主将我交于不义之人,将我丢在恶人手中。11God has given me over to evil men and cast me into the clutches of the wicked.
12我原来安宁,他却折磨我,抓住我的脖子,粉碎我,又拿我当作他的箭靶。12All was well until he shattered me, but he seized me and dashed me to pieces. Having set me up for a target,
13他的箭矢四面射击我,射穿我的腰,毫不留情,使我的胆倾流于地。13he had his arrows pointed at me, striking from every direction, piercing my sides without pity, spilling my gall on the ground.
14他将我撕裂粉碎,有如武士向我跑来。14Like a warrior he bears down on me, thrusting me unceasingly.
15我缝麻衣包里我的皮肤,使我额角插入尘土。15I have fastened sackcloth over my skin and buried my brow in dust.
16我的脸因哭泣发红,我睫眉间满是暗影;16My face is red with weeping, deep shadows ring my eyes;
17我的手虽没有行过残暴的事,而我的祈祷又往往纯正。17yet my hands are free of violence, and my prayer sincere.
18地啊!不要掩盖我的血。愿我的呼声无休息的余地!18O earth, do not cover my blood; let not my cry come to rest!
19看啊!连现今在天上有我的见证,在高处有我的中保。19Even now my witness is in heaven and my defender is on high.
20我的哀号上彻于天,在天主前我的双目流泪不止。20Now my prayer has gone up to God as I poured out my tears before him.
21惟愿人与天主之间有一中人,犹如人与人之间一样!21Would that man could discuss with God as he does with his fellows.
22因为我的年数将尽,快要走上那条一去不返的路途。22My years are numbered, and soon I will take the road of no return.
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