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约伯传 Job
1纳阿玛人左法尔发言说:1Zophar the Naamithite spoke:
2难道喋喋不休,就不需要答复?难道多嘴多舌的人,就证明有理?2Must these words go unanswered? Must you be right for talking so much?
3你的空谈,岂能叫人缄默?你如此谩骂,难道无人使你羞愧?3Will your prattle keep us silent? Will no one answer your mocking?
4你说过:「我的品行是纯洁的,我在你眼中是清白的。」4You say to God that your way is right, that you are clean in his sight.
5但愿天主讲话,开口答复你!5How I wish that God would speak and open his lips against you,
6将智慧的秘密,─ 即那难以理解的事 ─ 启示给你,那么你便知道,天主还忽略了你的一些罪过。6to show you the secrets of wisdom which put intelligence to shame, then you would know that God is recalling your sins.
7你岂能探究天主的奥秘,或洞悉全能者的完美?7Can you fathom the mysteries of God, probe the extent of his perfection?
8完美高于诸天,你能作什么?深于阴府,你能知道什么?8It is higher than heaven - what can you do? Deeper than the world of death - what can you know?
9其量长过大地,阔于海洋。9Its measure is wider than the earth, broader than the sea.
10天主若经过,谁能扣留他?他若下了逮捕令,谁能阻挡他?10Who can stop him when he passes, when he imprisons and calls to judgment?
11他洞悉人的虚伪,明察人的罪行,且无不注意。11He sees evil; he recognizes deceit. Will he not then take note of it?
12如此,愚蠢者才可获得智慧,野性驴驹才能变为驯良。12So stupid men learn to be wise as wild donkeys become tame.
13你若居心正直,向他伸开你的双手;13If you set your heart aright and stretch out your hands to him,
14你若将手中的罪恶除掉,不容不义留在你帐幕内;14if you wash your hand of sin and allow no evil in your tent,
15那么你定能仰首无愧,一定站立稳定,一无所惧;15you will then raise your face in honor; having no fear, you will feel secure.
16你必能忘却痛苦,纵然想起,也必似水流去;16You will forget your suffering and recall it only as waters gone by.
17你的寿命如日中之光华,纵有阴暗,仍如晨曦。17Your life will be brighter than noonday and its darkness like the morning.
18因有希望,你才感觉安全;因有保护,你才坦然躺卧;18You will be comforted, for there is hope; you will be protected when you sleep.
19你躺卧,无人敢来扰乱你,反而有多人来奉承你。19You will lie down with no one to fear; many will come to court your favor.
20然而恶人的眼必要昏花,他们安身之所必全毁坏,他们的希望只在吐出最后的一口气。20But the eyes of the wicked will fail; they will lose all way of escape, their one hope - that death will come.
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