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1好!你们富有的人啊,现在哭泣哀号罢!因为你们的灾难快来到了。1So, now for what concerns the rich! Cry and weep for the misfortunes which are coming upon you.
2你们的财产腐烂了,你们的衣服被蛀虫吃了,2Your riches are rotting and your clothes eaten up by the moths.
3你们的金银生了锈,这锈要作控告你们的证据,也要像火一样吞食你们的肉。你们竟为末日积蓄了财宝!3Your silver and gold have rusted and their rust grows into a witness against you. It will consume your flesh like fire, for having piled up riches in these the last days.
4看,工人们收割了你们的庄田,你们却扣留他们的工资,这工资喊冤,收割工人的呼声,已进入了万军上主的耳中。4You deceived the workers who harvested your fields but now their wages cry out to the heavens. The reapers' complaints have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.
5你们在世上奢华宴乐,养肥了你们的心,等候宰杀的日子。5You lived in luxury and pleasure in this world and felt happy while others were murdered.
6你们定了义人的罪,杀害了他,他却没有抵抗你们。6You have easily condemned and killed the innocent since they offered no resistance.
7弟兄们,直到主的来临,应该忍耐。看,农夫多么忍耐,期待田地里宝贵的出产,直到获得时雨和晚雨。7Be patient then, beloved, until the coming of the Lord. See how the sower waits for the precious fruits of the earth, looking forward patiently to the autumn and spring rains.
8你们也该忍耐,坚固你们的心,因为主的来临已接近了。8You also be patient and do not lose heart, because the Lord's coming is near.
9弟兄们,不要彼此抱怨,免得你们受审判;看,审判者已站在门前。9Beloved, do not fight among yourselves and you will not be judged. See, the judge is already at the door.
10弟兄们,应拿那些曾因上主的名,讲话的先知们,作为受苦和忍耐的模范。10Take for yourselves, as an example of patience, the suffering of the prophets who spoke in the Lord's name.
11看,我们称那些先前坚忍的人,是有福的:约伯的坚忍,你们听见了;上主赐给他的结局,你们也看见了,因为上主是满怀怜悯和慈爱的。11See how those who were patient are called blessed. You have heard of the patience of Job and know how the Lord dealt with him in the end. For the Lord is merciful and shows compassion.
12可是我的弟兄们,最要紧的是不可起誓:不可指天起誓,不可指地起誓,不论什么誓都不可起;你们说话,是就说是,非就说非,免得你们招致审判。12Above all, my beloved, do not swear either by heaven or by earth, or make a habit of swearing. Let your yes be yes and your no be no, lest you become liable for judgment.
13你们中间有受苦的吗?他应该祈祷;有心安神乐的吗?他应该歌颂。13Are any among you discouraged? They should pray. Are any of you happy? They should sing songs to God.
14你们中间有患病的吗?他该请教会的长老们来;他们该为他祈祷,因主的名给他傅油:14If anyone is sick, let him call on the elders of the Church. They shall pray for him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.
15出于信德的祈祷,必救那病人,主必使他起来;并且如果他犯了罪,也必得蒙赦免。15The prayer said in faith will save the sick person; the Lord will raise him up and if he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven.
16所以你们要彼此告罪,彼此祈祷,为得痊愈。义人恳切的祈祷,大有功效。16There will be healing if you confess your sins to one another and pray for each other. The prayer of the upright man has great power, provided he perseveres.
17厄里亚与我们是有同样性情的人,他恳切祈求不要下雨,雨就三年零六个月没有下在地上;17Elijah was a human being like ourselves and when he prayed earnestly for it not to rain, no rain fell for three and a half years.
18他又祈求,天便降下雨来,地上也生出了果实。18Then he prayed again: the sky yielded rain and the earth produced its fruit.
19我的弟兄们,你们中谁若迷失了真理,而有人引他回头,19Brothers, if any one of you strays far away from the truth and another person brings him back to it,
20该知道,那引罪人从迷途回头的人,必救自己的灵魂免于死亡,并遮盖许多罪过。20be sure of this: he who brings back a sinner from the wrong way will save his soul from death and win forgiveness for many sins.
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