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申命纪 Deuteronomy
1每过七年,应施行豁免。1Every seven years you shall pardon debts.
2豁免的方式是这样:债主应把借与近人的一切,全部豁免,不应再向近人或兄弟追还,因为已为光荣上主宣布了豁免。2You shall do this in the following manner: the creditor shall pardon any debt of his neighbor or brother, and shall stop exacting it of him because Yahweh's pardon has been proclaimed.
3向外邦人可以追还,但你兄弟欠你的应一概豁免。3You may demand that a foreigner pay back his debts but you shall pardon the debt of your brother.
4其实,在你中间不会有穷人,因为在你的天主赐给你作为产业的地上,上主必丰厚地祝福你,4However you should have no poor in your midst for Yahweh will give you prosperity in the land that you have conquered.
5只要你听从上主你天主的话,谨守遵行我今日吩咐你的这一切诫命。5If you listen to the voice of Yahweh, your God, and obey all that he has commanded you, which I now remind you of, he will bless you as he promised.
6因为你的天主必照他说的,祝福你:你要借给许多民族,而你却不需要借贷;你要统治许多民族,但他们却不会统治你。6You shall lend to many nations but you shall not borrow; you shall drive away many nations and they shall not have dominion over you.
7如果在上主你的天主赐给你的地内的一座城里,在你中间有了一个穷人,又是你的兄弟,对这穷苦的兄弟,你不可心硬,不可袖手旁观,7If there is anybody poor among your brothers, who lives in your cities in the land that Yahweh gives you, do not harden your heart or close your hand,
8应向他伸手,凡他所需要的尽量借给他。8but be open-handed and lend him all that he needs.
9你应提防,不要心生恶念说:「第七年的豁免年快到了!」就冷眼对待你穷苦的兄弟,不借给他什么。如果他呼求上主反对你,你应负罪。9Be careful that you do not harbor in your heart these perverse thoughts: "The seventh year, the year of pardon, is near," so you look coldly at your poor brother and lend him nothing. He may cry to Yahweh against you, and you will be guilty.
10你应尽量供给他;供给他时,不应伤心,因为为了这事,上主你的天主必在你的一切工作,和你着手所作的一切事上祝福你。10When you give anything, give it willingly, and Yahweh, your God, will bless you for this in all your work and in all that you undertake.
11既然在这地上总少不了穷人,为此我吩咐你说:对你地区内困苦贫穷的兄弟,你应大方地伸出援助之手。11The poor will not disappear from this land. Therefore I give you this commandment: you must be open-handed to your brother, to the needy and to the poor in your land.
12你的兄弟,无论是希伯来男人,或是希伯来女人,若卖身与你,只应服事你六年,在第七年上,你应使他自由。12If your fellow Hebrew, a man or a woman, sells himself to you as a slave, he shall serve you for six years, and in the seventh, you shall set him free.
13使他自由时,不可让他空手离去;13When you set him free, do not let him go empty-handed,
14应由你羊群中,打禾场上,榨酒池内,取一些厚厚地酬报他,照上主你的天主祝福你的,分给他。14but give him something from your flock, from your store of wheat and wine, something from the good things that Yahweh has blessed you with.
15应记得你在埃及地也曾做过奴隶,上主你的天主将你赎回。为此我今日特将这事吩咐你。15Remember that you too were a slave in the land of Egypt, and Yahweh, your God, has given you freedom. Because of this, I give you this commandment.
16倘若他对你说:「我不愿离开你,」因为他爱你和你的家庭,又喜欢同你在一起,16But if your slave says: "I do not want to leave," because he loves you and your household and knows that he will be well off with you,
17你就拿锥子在门上把他耳朵刺透,他便永远成了你的奴仆;对你的婢女也该这样做。17you shall then take an awl and thrust it through his ear into the door of your house, and he will serve you forever. You shall do likewise with your maidservant.
18使他自由的时候,你不应感到不满,因为他六年给你服务,应得佣工的双倍工资,并且上主你的天主也必在你所做的事业上祝福你。18Do not think it hard on you to give him freedom, because for six years you have gained from him twice as much as from a hired servant.
19你的牛羊中所生的,凡是头胎雄性的,都应祝圣与上主你的天主;你不可使头胎公牛耕作,也不可剪头胎公羊的毛。19You shall consecrate to Yahweh all the male firstlings that are born of your cattle or sheep. You shall not use the firstling of your cattle for work, nor shear the firstling of your sheep.
20你和你的家属,年年在上主所选的地方,在上主你的天主面前,吃这些首生的牲畜。20You shall eat these every three years in the presence of Yahweh with all your family in the place Yahweh has chosen.
21但如果这牲畜有残缺、或腿瘸、或瞎眼、或有任何缺点、你不可祭献给上主你的天主,21You shall not sacrifice an animal to Yahweh if it has any defect, if it is lame or blind,
22可在家里吃,不洁与洁净的人,都可以吃,如吃羚羊和鹿一样;22but shall eat it in your house; the clean as well as the unclean may eat of it, as you would eat a gazelle or a deer.
23只不可吃牠的血,应将血如水一样泼在地上。23Only take care that you do not eat the blood, you shall pour it out on the ground like water.
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