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格林多前书 1 Corinthians
1弟兄们,至论神恩的事,我切愿你们明了。1With respect to spiritual gifts, I will remind you of the following.
2你们记得:当你们还是外教人的时候,好像著了迷,常被勾引到那些不会出声的偶像前。2When you were still pagans, you went to your dumb idols as people possessed.
3为此,我告诉你们,没有一个受天主圣神感动的会说:「耶稣是可诅咒的;」除非受圣神感动,也没有一个能说:「耶稣是主」的。3I tell you that nobody inspired by the Spirit of God may say, "A curse on Jesus," as no one can say, "Jesus is the Lord," except by the Holy Spirit.
4神恩虽有区别,却是同一的圣神所赐;4There is diversity of gifts, but the Spirit is the same.
5职分虽有区别,却是同一的主所赐;5There is diversity of ministries, but the Lord is the same.
6功效虽有区别,却是同一的天主,在一切人身上行一切事。6There is diversity of works, but the same God works in all.
7圣神显示在每人身上虽不同,但全是为人的好处。7The Spirit reveals his presence in each one with a gift which is also a service.
8这人从圣神蒙受了智慧的言语,另一人却由同一圣神蒙受了知识的言语;8One is to speak with wisdom, through the Spirit. Another teaches according to the same Spirit.
9有人在同一圣神内蒙受了信心,另有人在同一圣神内却蒙受了治病的奇恩;9To another is given faith, in which the Spirit acts; to another the gift of healing, and it is the same Spirit.
10有的能行奇蹟,有的能说先知话,有的能辨别神恩,有的能说各种语言,有的能解释语言:10Another works miracles, another is a prophet, another recognizes what comes from the good or evil spirit; another speaks in tongues, and still another interprets what has been said in tongues.
11可是,这一切都是这唯一而同一的圣神所行的,随他的心愿,个别分配与人。11And all of this is the work of the one and only Spirit, who gives to each one as he so desires.
12就如身体只是一个,却有许多肢体;身体所有的肢体虽多,仍是一个身体:基督也是这样。12As the body is one, having many members, and all the members, while being many, form one body, so it is with Christ.
13因为我们众人,不论是犹太人,或是希腊人,或是为奴的,或是自主的,都因一个圣神受了洗,成为一个身体,又都为一个圣神所滋润。13All of us, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, have been baptized in one Spirit to form one body and all of us have been given to drink from the one Spirit.
14原来身体不只有一个肢体,而是有许多。14The body has not just one member, but many.
15如果脚说:「我既然不是手,便不属于身体;」它并不因此就不属于身体。15If the foot should say, "I do not belong to the body for I am not a hand," it would be wrong: it is part of the body!
16如果耳说:「我既然不是眼,便不属于身体;」它并不因此就不属于身体。16Even though the ear says, "I do not belong to the body for I am not an eye," it is part of the body.
17若全身是眼,那里有听觉?若全身是听觉,那里有嗅觉?17If all the body were eye, how would we hear? And if all the body were ear, how would we smell?
18但如今天主却按自己的意思,把肢体个个都安排在身体上了。18God has arranged all the members, placing each part of the body as he pleased.
19假使全都是一个肢体,那里还算身体呢?19If all were the same part where would the body be?
20但如今肢体虽多,身体却是一个。20But there are many members and one body.
21眼不能对手说:「我不需要你;」同样,头也不能对脚说:「我不需要你们。」21The eye cannot tell the hand, "I do not need you," nor the head tell the feet, "I do not need you."
22不但如此,而且那些似乎是身体上比较软弱的肢体,却更为重要;22Still more, the parts of our body that we most need are those that seem to be the weakest;
23并且那些我们以为是身体上比较欠尊贵的肢体,我们就越发加上尊贵的装饰,我们不端雅的肢体,就越发显得端雅。23the parts that we consider lower are treated with much care,
24至于我们端雅的肢体,就无须装饰了。天主这样配置了身体,对那缺欠的,赐以加倍的尊贵,24and we cover them with more modesty because they are less presentable, whereas the others do not need such attention.
25免得在身体内发生分裂,反使各肢体彼此互相关照。25God himself arranged the body in this way, giving more honor to those parts that need it, so that the body may not be divided, but rather each member may care for the others.
26若是一个肢体受苦,所有的肢体都一同受苦;若是一个肢体蒙受尊荣,所有的肢体都一同欢乐。26When one suffers, all of them suffer, and when one receives honor, all rejoice together.
27你们便是基督的身体,各自都是肢体。27Now, you are the body of Christ and each of you individually is a member of it.
28天主在教会内所设立的:第一是宗徒,第二是先知,第三是教师,其次是行异能的,再次是有治病奇恩的、救助人的、治理人的、说各种语言的。28So God has appointed us in the Church. First apostles, second prophets, third teachers. Then come miracles, then the gift of healing, material help, administration in the Church and the gift of tongues.
29众人岂能都做宗徒?岂能都做先知?岂能都做教师?岂能都行异能?29Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Can all perform miracles,
30岂能都有治病的奇恩?岂能都说各种语言?岂能都解释语言?30or cure the sick, or speak in tongues, or explain what was said in tongues?
31你们该热切追求那更大的恩赐。我现在把一条更高超的道路指给你们。31Be that as it may, set your hearts on the most precious gifts, and I will show you a much better way.
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