Ephesians:Chapter 3


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厄弗所書 Ephesians
1因此,我保祿為你們外邦人的緣故,作基督耶穌囚犯的,為你們祈禱── 1For this reason I, Paul, came to be the prisoner of Christ for you, the non-Jews.
2想你們必聽說過天主的恩寵,為了你們賜與我的職分; 2You may have heard of the graces God bestowed on me for your sake.
3就是藉着啟示,使我得知我在上邊已大略寫過的奧秘; 3By a revelation he gave me the knowledge of his mysterious design, as I have explained in a few words.
4你們照着讀了,便能明白我對基督的奧秘所有的了解, 4On reading them you will have some idea of how I understand the mystery of Christ.
5這奧秘在以前的世代中,沒有告訴過任何人,有如現在一樣,藉聖神已啟示給他的聖宗徒和先知; 5This mystery was not made known to past generations but only now, through revelations given to holy apostles and prophets.
6這奧秘就是:外邦人藉着福音在基督耶穌內與猶太人同為承繼人,同為一身,同為恩許的分享人。 6Now the non-Jewish people share the Inheritance; in Christ Jesus the non-Jews are incorporated and are to enjoy the Promise. This is the Good News
7至於我,我依照天主大能的功效所賜與我的恩寵,作了這福音的僕役; 7of which I have become minister by a gift of God, a grace he gave me, when his power worked in me.
8我原是一切聖徒中最小的,竟蒙受了這恩寵,得向外邦宣佈基督那不可測量的豐富福音, 8This grace was given to me, the least among all the holy ones: to announce to the pagan nations the immeasurable riches of Christ
9並光照一切人,使他們明白,從創世以來,即隱藏在創造萬有的天主內的奧秘, 9and to make clear to all how the mystery, hidden from the beginning in God, the Creator of all things, is to be fulfilled.
10為使天上的率領者和掌權者,現在藉着教會,得知天主的各樣智慧, 10Even the heavenly forces and powers will now discover through the Church the wisdom of God in its manifold expression, as the plan is being fulfilled
11全是按照他在我們的主基督耶穌內所實現的永遠計劃; 11which God designed from the beginning in Christ Jesus, our Lord.
12所以只有在基督內,我們纔可藉着對他所懷的信德,放心大膽地懷着依恃之心,進到天主面前。 12In him we receive boldness and confidence to approach God.
13為此,我請求你們,不要因我為你們所受的苦難而沮喪,我的苦難原是你們的光榮。 13So I ask you not to be discouraged at seeing the trials I endure for you, but rather to feel proud because of them.
14因此,我在天父面前屈膝── 14And now I kneel in the presence of the Father
15上天下地的一切家族都是由他而得名── 15from whom every family in heaven and on earth has received its name.
16求他依照他豐富的光榮,藉着他的聖神,以大能堅固你們內在的人, 16May he strengthen in you the inner self through his Spirit, according to the riches of his glory;
17並使基督因着你們的信德,住在你們心中,叫你們在愛德上根深蒂固,奠定基礎, 17may Christ dwell in your hearts through faith; may you be rooted and founded in love.
18為使你們能夠同眾聖徒領悟基督的愛是怎樣的廣、闊、高、深, 18All of this so that you may understand with all the holy ones the width, the length, the height and the depth - in a word,
19並知道基督的愛是遠超人所能知的,為叫你們充滿天主的一切富裕。 19that you may know the love of Christ which surpasses all knowledge, that you may be filled and reach the fullness of God.
20願光榮歸於天主,他能照他在我們身上所發揮的德能,成就一切,遠超我們所求所想的。 20Glory to God who shows his power in us and can do much more than we could ask or imagine;
21願他在教會內並在基督耶穌內,獲享光榮,至於萬世萬代!阿們。 21glory to him in the Church and in Christ Jesus through all generations for ever and ever. Amen.




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