Ephesians:Chapter 2


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厄弗所書 Ephesians
1你們從前因著你們的過犯和罪惡是死的; 1You were dead through the faults and sins.
2那時你們生活在過犯罪惡中,跟隨這世界的風氣,順從空中權能的首領,即現今在悖逆之子身上發生作用的惡神。 2Once you lived through them according to this world and followed the Sovereign Ruler who reigns between heaven and earth and who goes on working in those who resist the faith.
3就連我們從前也都在這樣環境中生活過,放縱肉身的私慾,照肉身和心意所喜好的行事,且生來就是義怒之子,和別人一樣。 3All of us belonged to them at one time and we followed human greed; we obeyed the urges of our human nature and consented to its desires. By ourselves, we went straight to the judgment like the rest of humankind.
4然而富於慈悲的天主,因著他愛我們的大愛, 4But God, who is rich in mercy, revealed his immense love.
5竟在我們因過犯死了的時候,使我們同基督一起生活──可見你們得救,是由於恩寵── 5As we were dead through our sins, he gave us life with Christ. By grace you have been saved!
6且使我們同他一起復活,在基督耶穌內使我們和他一同坐在天上, 6And he raised us to life with Christ, giving us a place with him in heaven.
7為將自己無限豐富的恩寵,即他在基督耶穌內,對我們所懷有的慈惠,顯示給未來的世代。 7In showing us such kindness in Christ Jesus, God willed to reveal and unfold in the coming ages the extraordinary riches of his grace.
8因為你們得救是由於恩寵,藉著信德,所以得救並不是出於你們自己,而是天主的恩惠; 8By the grace of God you have been saved through faith. This has not come from you: it is God's gift.
9不是出於功行,免得有人自誇。 9This was not the result of your works, so you are not to feel proud.
10原來我們是他的化工,是在基督耶穌內受造的,為行天主所預備的各種善工,叫我們在這些善工中度日。 10What we are is God's work. He has created us in Christ Jesus for the good works he has prepared that we should devote ourselves to them.
11所以你們應該記得,你們從前生來本是外邦人,被那些稱為受割損的人──割損本是人手在肉身上所行的──稱為未受割損的人; 11Remember that you were pagans even in your flesh and the Jews, who call themselves Circumcised (because of a surgical circumcision), called you Uncircumcised.
12記得那時你們沒有默西亞,與以色列社團隔絕,對恩許的盟約是局外人,在這世界上沒有希望,沒有天主。 12At that time you were without Christ, you did not belong to the community of Israel; the covenants of God and his promises were not for you; you had no hope and were without God in this world.
13但是現今在基督耶穌內,你們從前遠離天主的人,藉著基督的血,成為親近的了。 13But now, in Christ Jesus and by his blood, you who were once far off have come near.
14因為基督是我們的和平,他使雙方合而為一;他以自己的肉身,拆毀了中間阻隔的牆壁,就是雙方的仇恨, 14For Christ is our peace, he who has made the two peoples one,
15並廢除了由規條命令所組成的法律,為把雙方在自己身上造成一個新人,而成就和平。 15destroying in his own flesh the wall - the hatred - which separated us. He abolished the Law with its commands and precepts. He made peace in uniting the two peoples in him, creating out of the two one New Man.
16他以十字架誅滅了仇恨,也以十字架使雙方合成一體,與天主和好。 16He destroyed hatred and reconciled us both to God through the cross, making the two one body.
17所以他來,向你們遠離的人傳佈了和平的福音,也向那親近的人傳佈了和平, 17He came to proclaim peace; peace to you who were far off, peace to the Jews who were near.
18因為藉著他,我們雙方在一個聖神內,纔得以進到父面前。 18Through him we - the two peoples - approach the Father in one Spirit.
19所以你們已不再是外方人或旅客,而是聖徒的同胞,是天主的家人; 19Now you are no longer strangers or guests, but fellow citizens of the holy people: you are of the household of God. You are the house
20已被建築在宗徒和先知的基礎上,而基督耶穌自己卻是這建築物的角石, 20whose foundations are the apostles and prophets, and whose cornerstone is Christ Jesus.
21靠著他,整個建築物結構緊湊,逐漸擴大,在主內成為一座聖殿; 21In him the whole structure is joined together and rises to be a holy temple in the Lord.
22並且靠著他,你們也一同被建築,因著聖神,成為天主的住所。 22In him you too are being built to become the spiritual sanctuary of God.




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