1 Corinthians:Chapter 7


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格林多前書 1 Corinthians
1論到你們信上所寫的事,我認為男人不親近女人倒好。 1Now I will answer the questions in your letter. It is good for a man not to have sex with a woman.
2可是,為了避免淫亂,男人當各有自己的妻子,女人當各有自己的丈夫。 2But the appeal of sex is there. Let each man have his own wife and each woman her own husband.
3丈夫對妻子該盡他應盡的義務,妻子對丈夫也是如此。 3Let the husband fulfill his duty of husband and likewise the wife.
4妻子對自己的身體沒有主權,而是丈夫有;同樣,丈夫對自己的身體也沒有主權,而是妻子有。 4The wife is not the owner of her own body: the husband is. Similarly, the husband is not the owner of his own body: the wife is.
5你們切不要彼此虧負,除非兩相情願,暫時分房,為專務祈禱;但事後仍要歸到一處,免得撒殫因你們不能節制,而誘惑你們。 5Do not refuse each other, except by mutual consent and only for a time in order to dedicate yourselves to prayer, and then come together again, lest you fall into Satan's trap by lack of self-control.
6我說這話,原是出於寬容,並不是出於命令。 6I approve of this abstention, but I do not order it.
7我本來願意眾人都如同我一樣,可是,每人都有他各自得自天主的恩寵:有人這樣,有人那樣。 7I would like everyone to be like me, but each has from God a particular gift, some in one way, others differently.
8我對那些尚未結婚的人,特別對寡婦說:如果他們能止於現狀,像我一樣,為他們倒好。 8To the unmarried and the widows I say that it would be good for them to remain as I am,
9但若他們節制不住,就讓他們婚嫁,因為與其慾火中燒,倒不如結婚為妙。 9but if they cannot control themselves, let them marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.
10至於那些已經結婚的,我命令──其實不是我,而是主命令:妻子不可離開丈夫; 10I command married couples - not I but the Lord - that the wife should not separate from her husband.
11若是離開了,就應該持身不嫁,或是仍與丈夫和好;丈夫也不可離棄妻子。 11If she separates from him, let her not marry again, or let her make peace with her husband. Similarly the husband should not divorce his wife.
12對其餘的人,是我說,而不是主說:倘若某弟兄有不信主的妻子,妻子也同意與他同居,就不應該離棄她; 12To the others I say - from me and not from the Lord - if a brother has a wife who is not a believer but she agrees to live with him, let him not separate from her.
13倘若某婦人有不信主的丈夫,丈夫也同意與她同居,就不應該離棄丈夫, 13In the same manner, if a woman has a husband who is not a believer but he agrees to live with her, let her not separate from her husband.
14因為不信主的丈夫因妻子而成了聖潔的,不信主的妻子也因弟兄而成了聖潔的;不然,你們的兒女就是不潔的,其實他們卻是聖潔的。 14Because the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband who believes. Otherwise, your children also would be apart from God; but as it is, they are consecrated to God.
15但若不信主的一方要離去,就由他離去;在這種情形之下,兄弟或姊妹不必受拘束,天主召叫了我們原是為平安。 15Now, if the unbelieving husband or wife wants to separate, let them do so. In this case, the Christian partner is not bound, for the Lord has called us to peace.
16因為你這為妻子的,怎麼知道你能救丈夫呢?或者,你這為丈夫的,怎麼知道你能救妻子呢? 16Besides, are you sure, wife, that you could save your husband, and you, husband, that you could save your wife?
17此外,主怎樣分給了各人,天主怎樣召選了各人,各人就該怎樣生活下去:這原是我在各教會內所訓示的。 17Except for this, let each one continue living as he was when God called him, as was his lot set by the Lord. This is what I order in all churches.
18有人是受割損後蒙召的嗎?他就不該掩蓋割損的記號;有人是未受割損蒙召的嗎?他就不該受割損。 18Let the circumcised Jew not remove the marks of the circumcision when he is called by God, and let the non-Jew not be circumcised when he is called.
19受割損算不得什麼,不受割損也算不得什麼,只該遵守天主的誡命。 19For the important thing is not to be circumcised or not, but to keep the commandments of God.
20各人在什麼身分上蒙召,就該安於這身分。 20Let each of you, therefore, remain in the state in which you were called by God.
21你是作奴隸蒙召的嗎?你不要介意,而且即使你能成為自由人,你也寧要守住你原有的身分, 21If you were a slave when called, do not worry, yet if you can gain your freedom, take the opportunity.
22因為作奴隸而在主內蒙召的,就是主所釋放的人;同樣,那有自由而蒙召的人,就是基督的奴隸。 22The slave called to believe in the Lord is a freed person belonging to the Lord just as whoever who has been called while free, becomes a slave of Christ.
23你們是用高價買來的,切不要做人的奴隸。 23You have been bought at a very great price; do not become slaves of a human being.
24弟兄們,各人在什麼身分上蒙召,就在天主前安於這身分罷! 24So then, brothers and sisters, continue living in the state you were before God at the time of his call.
25論到童身的人,我沒有主的命令,只就我蒙主的仁慈,作為一個忠信的人,說出我的意見: 25With regard to those who remain virgins, I have no special commandment from the Lord, but I give some advice, hoping that I am worthy of trust by the mercy of the Lord.
26為了現時的急難,依我看來,為人這樣倒好。 26I think this is good in these hard times in which we live. It is good for someone to remain as he is.
27你有妻子的束縛嗎?不要尋求解脫;你沒有妻子的束縛嗎?不要尋求妻室。 27If you are married, do not try to divorce your wife; if you are not married, do not marry.
28但是你若娶妻,你並沒有犯罪;童女若出嫁,也沒有犯罪;不過這等人要遭受肉身上的痛苦,我卻願意你們免受這些痛苦。 28He who marries does not sin, nor does the young girl sin who marries. Yet they will face disturbing experiences, and I would like to spare you.
29弟兄們,我給你們說:時限是短促的,今後有妻子的,要像沒有一樣; 29I say this, brothers and sisters: time is running out, and those who are married must live as if not married;
30哭泣的,要像不哭泣的;歡樂的,要像不歡樂的;購買的,要像一無所得的; 30those who weep as if not weeping; those who are happy as if they were not happy; those buying something as if they had not bought it, and those enjoying the present life as if they were not enjoying it.
31享用這世界的,要像不享用的,因為這世界的局面正在逝去。 31For the order of this world is vanishing.
32我願你們無所掛慮:沒有妻子的,所掛慮的是主的事,想怎樣悅樂主; 32I would like you to be free from anxieties. He who is not married is concerned about the things of the Lord and how to please the Lord.
33娶了妻子的,所掛慮的是世俗的事,想怎樣悅樂妻子:這樣他的心就分散了。 33While he who is married is taken up with the things of the world and how to please his wife, and he is divided in his interests.
34沒有丈夫的婦女和童女,所掛慮的是主的事,一心使身心聖潔;至於已出嫁的,所掛慮的是世俗的事,想怎樣悅樂丈夫。 34Likewise, the unmarried woman and the virgin are concerned with the service of the Lord, to be holy in body and spirit. The married woman, instead, worries about the things of the world and how to please her husband.
35我說這話,是為你們的益處,並不是要設下圈套陷害你們,而只是為叫你們更齊全,得以不斷地專心事主。 35I say this for your own good. I do not wish to lay traps for you but to lead you to a beautiful life, entirely united with the Lord.
36若有人以為對自己的童女待的不合宜,怕她過了韶華年齡,而事又在必行,他就可以隨意辦理,讓她們成親,不算犯罪。 36If anyone is not sure whether he is behaving correctly with his fiancee because of the ardor of his passion, and considers it is better to get married, let him do so; he commits no sin.
37但是誰若心意堅定,沒有不得已的事,而又能隨自己的意願處置,這樣心裡決定了要保存自己的童女,的確作得好; 37But if another, of firmer heart, thinks that he can control his passion and decides not to marry so that his fiancee may remain a virgin, he does better.
38所以,誰若叫自己的童女出嫁,作得好;誰若不叫她出嫁,作得更好。 38So then, he who marries does well, and he who does not marry does better.
39丈夫活著的時候,妻子是被束縛的;但如果丈夫死了,她便自由了,可以隨意嫁人,只要是在主內的人。 39The wife is bound as long as her husband lives. If he dies, she is free to be married to whomsoever she wishes, provided that she does so in the Christian way.
40可是,按我的意見,如果她仍能這樣守下去,她更為有福:我想我也有天主的聖神。 40However, she will be happier if, following my advice, she remains as she is, and I believe that I also have the Spirit of God.




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