Zechariah:Chapter 9


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匝加利亞 Zechariah
1神諭:上主的話臨於哈得辣客地,停在大馬士革,因為阿蘭的眼珠也像以色列的各支派一樣,是屬於上主的。 1The burden of the word of the Lord in the land of Hadrach, and of Damascus the rest thereof: for the eye of man, and of all the tribes of Israel is the Lord's.
2哈瑪特也要屬於他的版圖,還有極其明智的漆冬。 2Emath also in the borders thereof, and Tyre, and Sidon: for they have taken to themselves to be exceeding wise.
3提洛為自己建築了碉堡,堆積的銀子多如塵土,金子像街市上的泥土。 3And Tyre hath built herself a strong hold, and heaped together silver as earth, and gold as the mire of the streets.
4看,吾主必要佔據她,把她的財富拋入海中;她必為火所吞滅。 4Behold the Lord shall possess her, and shall strike her strength in the sea, and she shall be devoured with fire.
5阿市刻隆見了,必要害怕;迦薩也要極度戰慄,厄刻龍也是如此,因為她依賴的,遭受了羞辱。迦薩的君王必要喪亡,阿市刻隆沒有人居住。 5Ascalon shall see, and shall fear, and Gaza, and shall be very sorrowful: and Accaron, because her hope is confounded: and the king shall perish from Gaza, and Ascalon shall not be inhabited.
6阿市多得必為雜種所居住。當我這樣消除了培肋舍特人的傲慢, 6And the divider shall sit in Azotus, and I will destroy the pride of the Philistines.
7由他的口中除去帶血的祭肉,從他的牙齒間除去可憎的祭物之後,他的遺民也必要歸屬於我們的天主,有如猶大中的一個家族;厄刻龍也必像耶步斯人。 7And I will take away his blood out of his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth: and even he shall be left to our God, and he shall be as a governor in Juda, and Accaron as a Jebusite.
8我要為我的家自作營寨,防禦往來的人,不再讓殘暴者由他們中間經過,因為如今我要親眼防守。 8And I will encompass my house with them that serve me in war, going and returning, and the oppressor shall no more pass through them: for now I have seen with my eyes.
9熙雍女子,你應盡量喜樂!耶路撒冷女子,你應該歡呼!看,你的君王到你這裏來,他是正義的,勝利的,謙遜的,騎在驢上,騎在驢駒上。 9Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Sion, shout for joy, O daughter of Jerusalem: BEHOLD THY KING will come to thee, the just and saviour: he is poor, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.
10他要由厄弗辣因剷除戰車,從耶路撒冷除掉戰馬,作戰的弓箭也要被消除;他要向萬民宣佈和平,他的權柄由這海到那海,從大河直達地極。 10And I will destroy the chariot out of Ephraim, and the horse out of Jerusalem, and the bow for war shall be broken: and he shall speak peace to the Gentiles, and his power shall be from sea to sea, and from the rivers even to the end of the earth.
11你,熙雍女子!因了你盟約的血,我要從無水地牢中釋放你的俘虜。 11Thou also by the blood of thy testament hast sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit, wherein is no water.
12懷着希望的俘虜,必要回到你這裏。熙雍女子!我必雙倍償還你在充軍之日所遭受的一切, 12Return to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope, I will render thee double as I declare today.
13因為我要以猶大作我張開的弓,以厄弗辣因作我弓上的箭。熙雍!我要鼓動你的子民,使你有如勇士的劍,為攻擊雅汪子民。 13Because I have bent Juda for me as a bow, I have filled Ephraim: and I will raise up thy sons, O Sion, above thy sons, O Greece, and I will make thee as the sword of the mighty.
14上主必要在他們上面出現,像閃電一般射出他的箭;吾主上主必要吹起號角,乘着南方的旋風前來。 14And the Lord God shall be seen over them, and his dart shall go forth as lightning: and the Lord God will sound the trumpet, and go in the whirlwind of the south.
15萬軍的上主必保衛他們,使他們前進,踐踏投石的人;他們必要喝他們的血,有如喝酒;飽享鮮血,有如祭壇的四角。 15The Lord of hosts will protect them: and they shall devour, and subdue with the stones of the sling: and drinking they shall be inebriated as it were with wine, and they shall be filled as bowls, and as the horns of the altar.
16到那一天,上主他們的天主,必要拯救他們,要牧放他的百姓,有如牧放羊群;他們將如王冠上的寶石,在他的地上閃爍。 16And the Lord their God will save them in that day, as the flock of his people: for holy stones shall be lifted up over his land.
17那時,此地是多麼幸福,多麼美麗!五榖滋養少男,新酒培育處女。 17For what is the good thing of him, and what is his beautiful thing, but the corn of the elect, and wine springing forth virgins?




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