Sirach:Chapter 37


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德訓篇 Sirach
1凡是朋友都說;我結交了朋友;但有的朋友,卻是有名無實的朋友。 1Every friend will say: I also am his friend: but there is a friend, that is only a friend in name. Is not this a grief even to death?
2如果同伴或朋友,變成了仇人,豈不是一件悲傷至死的事﹖ 2But a companion and a friend shall be turned to an enemy.
3噢!這邪惡的偏向!你是從那裏闖進來的,你想用凶惡和欺詐籠罩大地麼﹖ 3O wicked presumption, whence camest thou to cover the earth with thy malice, and deceitfulness?
4有的同伴,在朋友幸福時,就與他同樂;在患難時,卻變成了仇人。 4There is a companion who rejoiceth with his friend in his joys, but in the time of trouble, he will be against him.
5有的同伴,為了口腹之欲,與朋友分憂,共同執劍反抗敵人。 5There is a companion who condoleth with his friend for his belly's sake, and he will take up a shield against enemy.
6你心裏總不要忘記你真正的朋友,分派勝利品時,更不可忽略他。 6Forget not thy friend in thy mind, and be not unmindful of him in thy riches.
7不要與敵視你的人商議;對忌恨你的人,要隱瞞你的主意。 7Consult not with him that layeth a snare for thee, and hide thy counsel from them that envy thee.
8凡是參謀,都誇張自己的建議;但有的是為自己打算。 8Every counsellor giveth out counsel, but there is one that is a counsellor for himself.
9對建議者,你要留神:先要知道他需要什麼──因為他心中也為自己着想── 9Beware of a counsellor. And know before what need he hath: for he will devise to his own mind:
10也許願將命運寄托在你身上, 10Lest he thrust a stake into the ground, and say to thee:
11而對你說:「你走的路不錯」,但他卻站在對面,看你會有什麼結果。 11Thy way is good; and then stand on the other side to see what shall befall thee.
12和不虔敬的人,怎能討論聖德﹖同不公道的人,如何能討論正義﹖不要同婦女談論她的情敵,不要同膽怯的人談論作戰的事,不要同商人談論交易的事,不要同買主商議出賣的事,不要與負心人談論感恩的事; 12Treat not with a man without religion concerning holiness, nor with an unjust man concerning justice, nor with a woman touching her of whom she is jealous, nor with a coward concerning war, nor with a merchant about traffic, nor with a buyer of selling, nor with an envious man of giving thanks,
13不要和殘忍的人提到慈善的事,不要同放蕩的人談及廉節的事,不要和怠惰的人商議任何勞力的事; 13Nor with the ungodly of piety, nor with the dishonest of honesty, nor with the held labourer of every work,
14不要和年長的傭工討論年底的事,不要和懶惰的奴僕討論繁重的工作:對這些人,在這一切事上,你不用作任何商議; 14Nor with him that worketh by the year of the finishing of the year, nor with an idle servant of much business: give no heed to these in any matter of counsel.
15只該同虔敬的人,常有來往,你知道他是遵守誡命的, 15But be continually with a holy man, whomsoever thou shalt know to observe the fear of God,
16他與你心心相印;你若不幸,在黑暗中跌倒了,他必與你分憂。 16Whose soul is according to thy own soul: and who, when thou shalt stumble in the dark, will be sorry for thee.
17你要保持良心提醒你的事,因為沒有比你的良心更忠實的。 17And establish within thyself a heart of good counsel: for there is no other thing of more worth to thee than it.
18善人的良心有時預告實情,遠遠勝於七個坐在高處觀望的哨兵。 18The soul of a holy man discovereth sometimes true things, more than seven watchmen that sit in a high piece to watch.
19在這一切事上,你該祈求至高者,引領你走真理的道路。 19But above all these things pray to the most High, that he may direct thy way in truth.
20各種工作的開端,在於立志;但在進行各種事業以前,應商量。 20In all thy works let the true word go before thee, and steady counsel before every action.
21人心是各種智謀的根子,由此根子生出四條枝椏;善、惡、生、死;但全然統治這一切的,卻是舌頭。有的人精於教導許多人,但為他自己,卻一無是處。 21A wicked word shall change the beast: out of which four manner of things arise, good and evil, life and death: and the tongue is continually the ruler of them. There is a man that is subtle and a teacher of many, and yet is unprofitable to his own soul.
22有的人精於教導許多人,而使自己也感到幸福, 22A skillful man hath taught many, and is sweet to his own soul.
23有的人詭辯,出言可惡,他必將缺乏各種食物。 23He that speaketh sophistically, is hateful: he shall be destitute of every thing.
24上主沒有給他口才的恩惠,因為他缺乏了各種智德。 24Grace is not given him from the Lord: for he is deprived of all wisdom.
25有的人只為自己有智慧,他智慧的果實,只歸他一人。 25There is a wise man that is wise to his own soul: and the fruit of his understanding is commendable.
26賢明的人教導自己的民眾;他智慧的成果,是恒久的。 26A wise man instructeth his own people, and the fruits of his understanding are faithful.
27賢明的人滿渥祝福,凡看見他的人,都稱他有福。 27A wise man shall be filled with blessings, and they that see shall praise him.
28人的生命是有數的幾天,但以色列的歲月,卻是無數的。 28The life of a man is in the number of his days: but the days of Israel are innumerable.
29賢明的人在自己民族中,享有光榮和信任,他的聲譽千古流芳。 29A wise man shall inherit honour among his people, and his name shall live for ever.
30我兒,在你的生活上,你應鍛煉你的心靈,看見什麼為它有害,就不要放任它。 30My son, prove thy soul in thy life: and if it be wicked, give it no power:
31因為不是任何事,為所有的人都有益,也不是任何事,所有的人都喜歡。 31For all things are not expedient for all, and every kind pleaseth not every soul.
32在一切歡宴上,要有節制,對於一切食物,不要貪吃; 32Be not greedy in any feasting, and pour not out thyself upon any meat:
33因為吃多了,容易積累成病,飲食過度,容易引起絞痛。 33For in many meats there will be sickness, and greediness will turn to choler.
34由於飲食過度,許多人喪了命,有節制的人,反而延長壽命。 34By surfeiting many have perished: but he that is temperate, shall prolong life.




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