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德訓篇 Sirach
1愚人的希望,是虛幻而妄誕的;夢境使無知的人想入非非。1The hopes of a man that is void of understanding are vain and deceitful: and dreams lift up fools.
2迷信幻夢的人,與捕風捉影的人無異。2The man that giveth heed to lying visions, is like to him that catcheth at a shadow, and followeth after the wind.
3夢裡看到的,與照鏡所見的相同。3The vision of dreams is the resemblance of one thing to another: as when a man's likeness is before the face of a man.
4污穢裡能有什麼潔淨呢?虛偽中能有什麼真實呢?4What can be made clean by the unclean? and what truth can come from that which is false?
5占卜、算命、測夢,都是虛妄的。5Deceitful divinations and lying omens and the dreams of evildoers, are vanity:
6人心如臨產婦女的心,容易遭受幻想的襲擊;夢境若不是出於至高者,你就不用介意;6And the heart fancieth as that of a woman in travail: except it be a vision sent forth from the most High, set no thy heart upon them.
7因為,夢使許多人誤入迷途,他們寄望於夢,卻大失所望。7For dreams have deceived many, and they have failed that put their trust in them.
8履行法律,並不賴虛偽;出自忠信人口的智言,必見諸實行。8The word of the law shall be fulfilled without a lie, and wisdom shall be made plain in the mouth of the faithful.
9沒有受過考驗的人,知道什麼?旅行的人,知道的事情纔多;經驗多的人,富於思想;閱歷深的人,談吐明智。9What doth he know, that hath not been tried? A man that hath much experience, shall think of many things: and he that hath learned many things, shall shew forth understanding.
10未受過考驗的人,知道的少;但旅行的人,見聞很廣。10He that hath no experience, knoweth little: and he that hath been experienced in many things, multiplieth prudence.
11沒有受過考驗的人,知道什麼?凡受過欺騙的人,必富於智巧。11He that hath not been tried, what manner of things doth he know? he that hath been surprised, shall abound with subtlety.
12我旅行時,見過許多事情,有好多事,我雖然明白,卻不能用言語形容出來。12I have seen many things by travelling, and many customs of things.
13我多次遇到死亡的危險,但賴天主的寵佑,憑著昔日的經驗,我終能脫險獲救。13Sometimes I have been in danger of death for these things, and I have been delivered by the grace of God.
14敬畏上主之人的精神必然常存,在上主回顧下,必蒙祝福。14The spirit of those that fear God; is sought after, and by his regard shall be blessed.
15因為他們的希望指向拯救他們的主,天主的眼常注視愛慕他的人。15For their hope is on him that saveth them, and the eyes of God are upon them that love him.
16敬畏上主的人,無所畏懼,無所恐怖,因為上主是他的希望。16He that feareth the Lord shall tremble at nothing, and shall not be afraid for he is his hope.
17敬畏上主的人,他的靈魂是有福的!17The soul of him that feareth the Lord is blessed.
18他所仰望的是誰?誰又是他的扶助?18To whom doth he look, and who in his strength?
19上主的眼常注視愛慕他的人,他是大能的保障,是強有力的後盾,是隔除熱氣的屏風,是遮蓋正午太陽的涼棚。19The eyes of the Lord are upon them that fear him, he is their powerful protector, and strong stay, a defence from the heat, and a cover from the sun at noon,
20是失足時的護衛,是跌倒時的救援;他鼓舞精神,開明眼目,賜與健康、生命和幸福。20A preservation from stumbling, and a help from falling; he raiseth up the soul, and enlighteneth the eyes, and giveth health, and life, and blessing.
21奉獻不義之財,乃是凌辱的祭品,惡人的供物,上主決不會悅納。21The offering of him that sacrificeth of a thing wrongfully gotten, is stained, and the mockeries of the unjust are not acceptable.
22上主只善待那些在真理和正義的路上,期望他的人。22The Lord is only for them that wait upon him in the way of truth and justice.
23至高者不悅納不虔敬者的祭品,不垂顧惡人的獻儀,決不因為他們的祭品多,而寬恕他們的罪惡。23The most High approveth not the gifts of the wicked: neither hath he respect to the oblations of the unjust, nor will he be pacified for sins by the multitude of their sacrifices.
24用窮人的財物來做祭品的人,就如在父親前,殺害他兒子的人。24He that offereth sacrifice of the goods of the poor, is as one that sacrificeth the son in the presence of his father.
25貧乏人的糧食,是窮人的生命;奪取他們食糧的,就是流人血的罪犯。25The bread of the needy, is the life of the poor: he that defraudeth them thereof, is a man of blood.
26奪取別人由血汗賺來的食糧的,就是殺人的劊子手。26He that taketh away the bread gotten by sweat, is like him that killeth his neighbour.
27剝奪傭工的勞資的,就是流人血的兇手。27He that sheddeth blood, and he that defraudeth the labourer of his hire, are brothers.
28一人建築,一人拆毀,除勞苦外,為他們有什麼好處!28When one buildeth up, and another pulleth down: what profit have they but the labour?
29一人祈福,一人詛咒,天主究竟要俯聽誰的呼聲?29When one prayeth, and another curseth: whose voice will God hear?
30人摸了死屍就去沐浴,以後再去摸它,他的沐浴有什麼用處?30He that washeth himself after touching the dead, if he toucheth him again, what doth his washing avail?
31守齋贖罪,而再去犯罪的人,也是如此:有誰聽他的祈求?他謙卑自下,又有什麼益處?31So a man that fasteth for his sins, and doth the same again, what doth his humbling himself profit him? who will hear his prayer?

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