Sirach:Chapter 31


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德訓篇 Sirach
1為發財而不寐,使人肉身消瘦;焦慮使人失眠。 1Watching for riches consumeth the flesh, and the thought thereof driveth away sleep.
2為生活焦慮,使人夢斷;極度的疲倦,驅散睡意。 2The thinking beforehand turneth away the understanding, and a grievous sickness maketh the soul sober.
3富人疲勞工作,是為積蓄財產,在退休時,飽享安樂; 3The rich man hath laboured in gathering riches together, and when he resteth he shall be filled with his goods.
4窮人疲勞工作,是為生活的急需,但到退休時,仍然貧乏。 4The poor man hath laboured in his low way of life, and in the end he is still poor.
5凡貪愛金錢的,不能稱為義人;凡追求利益的,必走入迷途。 5He that loveth gold, shall not be justified: and he that followeth after corruption, shall be filled with it.
6許多人為了金錢而失足,他們的喪亡就在眼前。 6Many have been brought to fall for gold, and the beauty thereof hath been their ruin.
7金錢為拜金的人,是絆腳的木樁;迷愛黃金的人,是有禍的!一切愚人,都成了它的俘虜。 7Gold is a stumblingblock to them that sacrifice to it: woe to them that eagerly follow after it, and every fool shall perish by it.
8無瑕可指,不追求黃金,不寄望於金錢財寶的富人,是有福的! 8Blessed is the rich man that is found without blemish: and that hath not gone after gold, nor put his trust in money nor in treasures.
9他是誰﹖我們要稱讚他,因為他在自己民族中,行了奇異的事。 9Who is he, and we will praise him? for he hath done wonderful things in his life.
10誰在這事上受過考驗,而仍是齊全的人呢﹖願永遠的光榮歸於他!他能犯法而未犯,能作惡而未作。 10Who hath been tried thereby, and made perfect, he shall have glory everlasting. He that could have transgressed, and hath not transgressed: and could do evil things, and hath not done them:
11他在上主那裏的幸福,必然穩定;一切聖者的集會,必要讚揚他的慈善。 11Therefore are his goods established in the Lord, and all the church of the saints shall declare his alms.
12你要赴貴族人的筵席嗎﹖不要對筵席首先張口欲食, 12Art thou set at a great table? be not the first to open thy mouth upon it.
13也不要說:「桌上的東西真多!」 13Say not: There are many things which are upon it.
14你要記得貪食的眼睛多麼不好。 14Remember that a wicked eye is evil.
15受造之物中,還有什麼比眼睛更貪婪的呢﹖因此,無論見到什麼,就要轉動。 15What is created more wicked than an eye? therefore shall it weep over all the face when it shall see.
16別人用貪婪的眼所注視的地方,你不要先伸手,免得你因被猜忌而受辱。 16Stretch not out thy hand first, lest being disgraced with envy thou be put to confusion.
17也不要同他一起向盤碟伸手。 17Be not hasty in a feast.
18你要以己度人,在一切事上要壓制自己。 18Judge of the disposition of thy neighbour by thyself.
19給你端來的東西,你吃時,要像一個有節制的人,不要狼吞虎嚥,使人憎惡。 19Use as a frugal man the things that are set before thee: lest if thou eatest much, thou be hated.
20為了禮貌,你要首先停止,不要只貪多吃,而令人嫌惡。 20Leave off first, for manners' sake: and exceed not, lest thou offend.
21若你在許多人中坐席,不要在他們以先伸手;也不要在他們以先要求酒喝。 21And if thou sittest among many, reach not thy hand out first of all: and be not the first to ask for drink.
22為有規律的人,少許酒便夠了;這樣,在床上既不氣喘,也不感到痛苦。 22How sufficient is a little wine for a man well taught, and in sleeping thou shalt not be uneasy with it, and thou shalt feel no pain.
23飲食有節,睡眠安逸;這樣的人,清晨起來,明悟自然清爽; 23Watching, and choler, and gripes, are with an intemperate man:
24但是沒有節制的人,卻要感到失眠、肚疼、嘔吐等痛苦。 24Sound and wholesome sleep with a moderate man: he shall sleep till morning, and his soul shall be delighted with him.
25若你因被迫吃多了,你不妨起來散步嘔吐,休息一下,你的身體就不至於得病。 25And if thou hast been forced to eat much, arise, go out, and vomit: and it shall refresh thee, and thou shalt not bring sickness upon thy body.
26我兒,要聽我的話,不可輕視我,最後你會了解我的話; 26Hear me, my son, and despise me not: and in the end thou shalt find my words.
27在你所行的一切事上,務要謹慎,就不會得到什麼病症。 27In all thy works be quick, and no infirmity shall come to thee.
28慷慨設宴款待人的,必獲得眾口的稱讚;他大方的盛譽,是可信的。 28The lips of many shall bless him that is liberal of his bread, and the testimony of his truth is faithful.
29慳吝設宴款待人的,必遭受全城的抱怨;他慳吝的惡名,是確實的。 29Against him that is niggardly of his bread, the city will murmur, and the testimony of his niggardliness is true.
30飲酒時,不要表示你是個豪飲的人,因為酒害死了許多人。 30Challenge not them that love wine: for wine hath destroyed very many.
31火能鍛煉鋼鐵;同樣,酒也能判別驕傲人在爭辯時的心情。 31Fire trieth hard iron: so wine drunk to excess shall rebuke the hearts of the proud.
32適量的酒,彷彿是人的生命,只要你飲得適當,你必清醒舒暢。 32Wine taken with sobriety is equal life to men: if thou drink it moderately, thou shalt be sober.
33人缺少酒,他的生活,還算什麼生活﹖ 33What is his life, who is diminished with wine?
34殘害生命的是什麼﹖是死亡。 34What taketh away life? death.
35造酒原來是為使人愉快,並不是叫人酣醉。 35Wine was created from the beginning to make men joyful, and not to make them drunk.
36飲酒有時有節,使人心裏高興,精神愉快。 36Wine drunken with moderation is the joy of the soul and the heart.
37飲酒有節有度,可以健心強身。 37Sober drinking is health to soul and body.
38飲酒過度,容易使人爭吵忿怒,甚至闖出許多禍來。 38Wine drunken with excess raiseth quarrels; and wrath, and many ruins.
39飲酒過度的人,因情緒受到刺激,心神自然苦悶。 39Wine drunken with excess is bitterness of the soul.
40酣醉能激起愚人發怒,得罪人;酣醉能減少人的精力,給人帶來創傷。 40The heat of drunkenness is the stumblingblock of the fool, lessening strength and causing wounds.
41在宴飲時,不要責斥人,也不要因人快樂而輕視他; 41Rebuke not thy neighbour in a banquet of wine: and despise him not in his mirth.
42不要向人說責怪的話,也不要逼人交還什麼錢財。 42Speak not to him words of reproach: and press him not in demanding again.




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