Sirach:Chapter 29


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德訓篇 Sirach
1行慈善的人,必貸款與人;以手扶助人的,必遵守法律。 1He that sheweth mercy, lendeth to his neighbour: and he that is stronger in hand, keepeth the commandments.
2人在急難中,你應借錢給他;期限一到,你應把所欠的錢還給人。 2Lend to thy neighbour in the time of his need, and pay thou thy neighbour again in due time.
3你要堅守所言,對人忠實;這樣,你需要的,必常能得到。 3Reap thy word, and deal faithfully with him: and thou shalt always find that which is necessary for thee.
4許多將借債,當作拾來的錢,而使幫助他們的人,感到為難。 4Many have looked upon a thing lent as a thing found, and have given trouble to them that helped them.
5到他接錢時,他不斷親人家的手,並且因人家有錢,就低聲下氣; 5Till they receive, they kiss the hands of the lender, and in promises they humble their voice:
6但是,到了還債的時候,他就一再拖延,還說出無禮生厭和怨恨的話,而怪自己時運不濟。 6But when they should repay, they will ask time, and will return tedious and murmuring words, and will complain of the time:
7假使他償還,仍和人為難,而謹還一半,還認為這為債主,是拾來的錢; 7And if he be able to pay, he will stand off, he will scarce pay one half, and will count it as if he had found it:
8假使不能,就詐取債主的錢,無故與債主成了仇人, 8But if not, he will defraud him of his money, and he shall get him for an enemy without cause:
9且報之以咒罵和嘲笑;對尊重和恩惠,而報以凌辱。 9And he will pay him with reproaches and curses, and instead of honour and good turn will repay him injuries.
10許多人不肯出借,並非出於惡意,而是怕白白受騙。 10Many have refused to lend, not out of wickedness, but they were afraid to be defrauded without cause.
11但是,對於貧苦人,你當心胸寬大,不可叫他久等你的救濟。 11But yet towards the poor be thou more hearty, and delay not to shew him mercy.
12為守誡命,你應援助窮人;為了他的需要,你不可讓他空手而歸。 12Help the poor because of the commandment: and send him not away empty handed because of his poverty.
13你寧可為兄弟和朋友,耗費你的銀錢,也不要讓它在石頭底下生銹壞了。 13Lose thy money for thy brother and thy friend: and hide it not under a stone to be lost.
14要按照至高者的誡命,處理你的財寶;這比黃金為你更有益處。 14Place thy treasure in the commandments of the most High, and it shall bring thee more profit than gold.
15應將施捨存在你的寶庫裏,它必能救你脫免一切災難; 15Shut up alms in the heart of the poor, and it shall obtain help for thee against all evil.
16施捨勝於堅甲利器,它要替你攻打仇敵。 16Better than the shield of the mighty, and better than the spear:
17(缺) 17It shall fight for thee against thy enemy.
18善人為自己的近人作保,而失去廉恥的人,卻棄而不顧。 18A good man is surety for his neighbour: and he that hath lost shame, will leave him to himself.
19不要忘掉保人的恩義,因為他為你交出自己的性命。 19Forget not the kindness of thy surety: for he hath given his life for thee.
20罪人與不潔的人,畏避保人。 20The sinner and the unclean fleeth from his surety.
21罪人蕩盡自己保人的財產;毫不知恩地背棄救助自己的人。 21A sinner attributeth to himself the goods of his surety: and he that is of an unthankful mind will leave him that delivered him.
22人為自己的近人作保,但這近人失掉廉恥之後,要背棄他。 22A man is surety for his neighbour: and when he hath lost all shame, he shall forsake him.
23擔保太不謹慎,使許多生活幸福的人喪亡,顛簸他們有如海濤; 23Evil suretyship hath undone many of good estate, and hath tossed them as a wave of the sea.
24使有權勢的人,流離失所,漂泊異鄉。 24It hath made powerful men to go from place to place round about, and they have wandered in strange countries.
25違犯上主命令的罪人,好作不當的保証;圖謀包攬事情的人,必吃官司。 25A sinner that transgresseth the commandment of the Lord, shall fall into an evil suretyship: and he that undertaketh many things, shall fall into judgment.
26你當按你的力量扶助近人,但要謹慎,不要因此跌倒。 26Recover thy neighbour according to thy power, and take heed to thyself that thou fall not.
27生活的主要物品,是水、食糧、和遮羞的衣服房屋。 27The chief thing for man's life is water and bread, and clothing, and a house to cover shame.
28在自己茅舍裏,度窮人的生活,比在別人家裏常有盛宴更好,因為那裏不是自己的家。 28Better is the poor man's fare under a roof of boards, than sumptuous cheer abroad in another man's house.
29東西或多或少,你要知足;如此你就不會聽到客人聽到的責斥。 29Be contented with little instead of much, and thou shalt not hear the reproach of going abroad.
30無聊的生活,是挨戶作客;在那裏作客,行動既不自由,也不敢開口。 30It is a miserable life to go as a guest from house to house: for where a man is a stranger, he shall not deal confidently, nor open his mouth.
31即便你款待了主人,給他酒喝,他並不領情;此外,你還要聽到一些傷心的話: 31He shall entertain and feed, and give drink to the unthankful, and moreover he shall hear bitter words.
32「客人,過來,你去擺設宴席,把你手中所有的,拿來給我吃! 32Go, stranger, and furnish the table, and give others to eat what thou hast in thy hand.
33客人,看我朋友的情面,請你走罷!因為,我的兄弟到我這裏來作客,要住這間房屋。」 33Give place to the honourable presence of my friends: for I want my house, my brother being to be lodged with me.
34客人受家主的責斥,債戶受債主的辱罵:這等事為有感覺的人是難堪的。 34These things are grievous to a man of understanding: the upbraiding of houseroom, and the reproaching of the lender.




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