Sirach:Chapter 25


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德訓篇 Sirach
1有三件事,我心中喜樂,這三件事也是上主與世人喜愛的,就是: 1With three things my spirit is pleased, which are approved before God and men:
2兄弟和睦,鄰人友愛,夫婦同心。 2The concord of brethren, and the love of neighbours, and man and wife that agree well together.
3有三種人,我心中憎恨;他們的生活,是我厭惡的,就是: 3Three sorts my soul hateth, and I am greatly grieved at their life:
4傲慢的窮人,詭詐的富人,和淫亂無知的老人。 4A poor man that is proud: a rich man that is a liar: an old man that is a fool, and doting.
5你青年時,沒有積蓄,到你老時,你能有什麼? 5The things that thou hast not gathered in thy youth, how shalt thou find them in thy old age?
6白髮老人,善於判斷;年高的人,會出主意,是多麼美好! 6O how comely is judgment for a grey head, and for ancients to know counsel!
7老年人富有智慧;有榮名的人,聰明而有智謀,何其相稱! 7O how comely is wisdom for the aged, and understanding and counsel to men of honour!
8閱歷豐富,是老年人的榮冠;敬畏上主,是他們的光榮。 8Much experience is the crown of old men, and the fear of God is their glory.
9有九件事,我心中以為是幸福的;但第十件事,我的口舌更要向人講述,那就是: 9Nine things that are not to be imagined by the heart have I magnified, and the tenth I will utter to men with my tongue.
10因子女而喜樂,在世上見到敵人失敗的人; 10A man that hath joy of his children: and he that liveth and seeth the fall of his enemies.
11能與明智的婦女同居,不使牛驢同軛耕作,口舌沒有過錯,及不事奉自己屬下的人,是有福的; 11Blessed is he. that dwelleth with a wise woman, and that hath not slipped with his tongue, and that hath not served such as are unworthy of him.
12發現明智,和講給聽眾的人,是有福的; 12Blessed is he that findeth a true friend, and that declareth justice to an ear that heareth.
13找到智慧和明智的人,是多麼偉大!但是無人能超過敬畏上主的人。 13How great is he that findeth wisdom and knowledge! but there is none above him that feareth the Lord.
14敬畏上主,超越一切。 14The fear of God hath set itself above all things:
15獲得敬畏上主之情的人,是有福的;懷有敬畏上主之情的人,誰能與他相比? 15Blessed is the man, to whom it is given to have the fear of God: he that holdeth it, to whom shall he be likened?
16敬畏上主,是愛上主的初步;信德是依附上主的起源。 16The fear of God is the beginning of his love: and the beginning of faith is to be fast joined unto it.
17最有損害的,是內心的憂愁;最壞的,是婦女的醜行。 17The sadness of the heart is every plague: and the wickedness of a woman is all evil.
18一切打擊都可忍受,但不願忍受心中的打擊; 18And a man will choose any plague, but the plague of the heart:
19一切惡毒都可忍耐,但不願忍耐婦人的惡毒; 19And any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman:
20一切侵害都可接受,但不願接受仇恨者的侵害; 20And any affliction, but the affliction from them that hate him:
21一切報復都可承當,但不願承當敵人的報復。 21And any revenge, but the revenge of enemies.
22沒有比蛇毒更毒的,沒有比婦女發怒更暴哮的。 22There is no head worse than the head of a serpent:
23我寧願與獅龍共處,不願與惡婦同居。 23And there is no anger above the anger of a woman. It will be more agreeable to abide with a lion and a dragon, than to dwell with a wicked woman.
24婦人的邪惡,使自己的臉面變色,變成醜黑,有如熊臉,彷彿麻袋。 24The wickedness of a woman changeth her face: and she darkeneth her countenance as a bear: and sheweth it like sackcloth. In the midst of her neighbours,
25他的丈夫一和近人同坐,她就不由地悲傷嘆息。 25Her husband groaned, and hearing he sighed a little.
26一切惡毒,與婦人的惡毒相比,都算輕微;願罪人的命運,落在她身上。 26All malice is shore to the malice of a woman, let the lot of sinners fall upon her.
27老年人的腳,難上沙坡;安靜的丈夫,難以容忍多言的妻子。 27As the climbing of a sandy way is to the feet of the aged, so is a wife full of tongue to a quiet man.
28不要因婦女的美麗,陷於罪過;也不要因她美麗,就貪戀她。 28Look not upon a woman's beauty, and desire not a woman for beauty.
29令人感到憤怒侮辱與奇恥的事是: 29A woman's anger, and impudence, and confusion is great.
30婦人供養自己的丈夫。 30A woman, if she have superiority, is contrary to her husband.
31惡婦使人意志頹唐,面帶憂色,心受創傷。 31A wicked woman abateth the courage, and maketh a heavy countenance, and a wounded heart.
32丈夫手弱膝軟,是因為妻子使他陷於不幸。 32Feeble hands, and disjointed knees, a woman that doth not make her husband happy.
33罪惡的起源,來自婦女;為了她,我們都要死亡。 33From the woman came the beginning of sin, and by her we all die.
34不要給水留漏洞,連微小的漏洞也不要留,不要給惡婦任何自由。 34Give no issue to thy water, no, not a little: nor to a wicked woman liberty to gad abroad.
35她若不隨從你的指使,在仇人前侮辱你, 35If she walk not at thy hand, she will confound thee in the sight of thy enemies.
36就應把她從你身上割去,免得她常虐待你。 36Cut her off from thy flesh, lest she always abuse thee.




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