Sirach:Chapter 19


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德訓篇 Sirach
1好醉酒的工人,不會致富;凡輕忽小事的,不久必會失足。 1A workman that is a drunkard shall not be rich: and he that contemneth small things, shall fall by little and little.
2醇酒與美女,迷惑明智人,使聰明人遭受責斥。 2Wine and women make wise men fall off, and shall rebuke the prudent.
3凡與娼婦結合的,必放蕩不羈,必為腐爛與蛆蟲所佔有;人必將他提出來,作為殷鑒;冒失的人,必要喪亡。 3And he that joineth himself to harlots, will be wicked. Rottenness and worms shall inherit him, and he shall be lifted up for a greater example, and his soul shall be taken away out of the number.
4輕信的人,必然心地輕浮,他必被小看;犯罪的人,是傷害自己的靈魂。 4He that is hasty to give credit, is light of heart, and shall be lessened: and he that sinneth against his own soul, shall be despised.
5喜愛惡事的,必被定罪;厭惡勸戒的,必縮短自己的性命。憎惡閒談的,必能避免邪惡。 5He that rejoiceth in iniquity, shall be censured, and he that hateth chastisement, shall have less life: and he that hateth babbling, extinguisheth evil.
6犯罪害自己靈魂的,必要後悔;愛好邪惡的,必受責斥。 6He that sinneth against his own soul, shall repent: and he that is delighted with wickedness, shall be condemned.
7切不可重述一句猥褻和粗魯的話;如此,你就不至於受害。 7Rehearse not again a wicked and harsh word, and thou shalt not fare the worse.
8不論是朋友,或是仇人,都不要向他們述說你的心意;假使你不吐露,為你不是罪過。 8Tell not thy mind to friend or foe: and if there be a sin with thee, disclose it not.
9因為,凡聽你的人,必要防備你,時機一到他就辨明自己無罪,而憎恨你,並且常要這樣對待你。 9For he will hearken to thee, and will watch thee, and as it were defending thy sin he will hate thee, and so will he be with thee always.
10你聽見了什麼攻擊別人的話嗎?讓它死在你心裏;放心,它不會撐破你的。 10Hast thou heard a word against thy neighbour? let it die within thee, trusting that it will not burst thee.
11愚人為保守一句話,感到痛苦,有如臨產的婦女。 11At the hearing of a word the fool is in travail, as a woman groaning. in the bringing forth a child.
12一句話在愚人心裏,就如一枝箭射在大腿上一樣。 12As an arrow that sticketh in a man's thigh: so is a word in the heart of a fool.
13你應質問朋友,也許他沒有做;他若做了,叫他不要再做。 13Reprove a friend, lest he may not have understood, and say: I did it not: or if he did it, that he may do it no more.
14你應質問鄰人,也許他沒有說;他若說了,叫他不要再說。 14Reprove thy neighbour, for it may be he hath not said it: and if he hath said it, that he may not say it again.
15你應質問朋友,因為多次發生誣謗的事; 15Admonish thy friend: for there is often a fault committed.
16因此,不可盡信所有的話。有人說滑了口,卻不是出於有心。 16And believe not every word. There is one, that slippeth with the tongue, but not from his heart.
17誰沒有因自己的舌頭犯過罪呢?在恐嚇人以前,應先詢問他; 17For who is there that hath not offended with his tongue? Admonish thy neighbour before thou threaten him.
18你要給至高者的法律留有餘地。一切智慧,在於敬畏上主,就是叫人敬畏天主。齊全的智慧,乃是遵行法律。 18And give place to the fear of the most High: for the fear of God is all wisdom, and therein is to fear God, and the disposition of the law is in all wisdom.
19作惡的知識,不是智慧;罪人的計謀,也不是明智。 19But the learning of wickedness is not wisdom: and the device of sinners is not prudence.
20有一種能幹是討厭的,有一種愚蒙,是缺乏智慧的。 20There is a subtle wickedness, and the same is detestable: and there is a man that is foolish, wanting in wisdom.
21寡知少識而敬畏天主的人,勝於多智而干犯至高者法律的人。 21Better is a man that hath less wisdom, and wanteth understanding, with the fear of God, than he that aboundeth in understanding, and transgresseth the law of the most High.
22有一種奸滑的聰明,也是不義的;有一種人,為討人喜歡,竟妄下論斷。 22There is an exquisite subtilty, and the same is unjust.
23有一種壞人,外面表示謙恭後悔,心裏卻滿懷欺詐。 23And there is one that uttereth an exact word telling the truth. There is one that humbleth himself wickedly, and his interior is full of deceit:
24有人低頭裝聾,假裝看不見別人不知道的事,但是在你不提防時,他卻來加害你。 24And there is one that submitteth himself exceedingly with a great lowliness: and there is one that casteth down his countenance, and maketh as if he did not see that which is unknown:
25假使因軟弱無力,不能犯罪,一旦遇到機會,他必要作惡。 25And if he be hindered from sinning for want of power, if he shall find opportunity to do evil, he will do it.
26由外表,可以認識人;從面貌上,可以看出他是否明智。 26A man is known by his look, and a wise man, when thou meetest him, is known by his countenance.
27人的服裝、喜笑和步伐,都表示他的為人。 27The attire of the body, and the laughter of the teeth, and the gait of the man, shew what he is.
28好淩辱人的人,在怒氣中的責斥,是騙人的;有的責斥,是不合時宜的;緘口不言的人,卻是明智的。 28There is a lying rebuke in the anger of an injurious man: and there is a judgment that is not allowed to be good: and there is one that holdeth his peace, he is wise.




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