Sirach:Chapter 17


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德訓篇 Sirach
1上主用塵土造了人,又使人歸於塵土; 1God created man of the earth, and made him after his own image.
2給他限定了日數和時期,賜給他治理世上事物的權力。 2And he turned him into it again, and clothed him with strength according to himself.
3按照自己的本性,賦給他德能;依照自己的肖像,造成了他。 3He gave him the number of his days and time, and gave him power over all things that are upon the earth.
4使一切生物都畏懼他,使他能制服禽獸。 4He put the fear of him upon all flesh, and he had dominion over beasts and fowls.
5天主又從他,造了一個與他相似的伴侶,賜給他們理智、唇舌、眼目、耳朵和能思想的心,使他們充滿知識與理解力。 5He created of him a helpmate like to himself: he gave them counsel, and a tongue, and eyes, and ears, and a heart to devise: and he filled them with the knowledge of understanding.
6給他們創造了精神的知識,使他們的心富於辨別力,使他們能分別善惡。 6He created in them the science of the spirit, he filled their heart with wisdom, and shewed them both good and evil.
7天主又把自己的靈光放在他們的心中,為將自己偉大的工程,顯示給他們, 7He set his eye upon their hearts to shew them the greatness of his works:
8好使他們能讚美他的聖名,光榮他奇妙的化工,並傳述他偉大的工程。 8That they might praise the name which he hath sanctified: and glory in his wondrous acts, that they might declare the glorious things of his works.
9他賜給他們理智,又賜給他們生命的法律,作為產業; 9Moreover he gave them instructions, and the law of life for an inheritance.
10和他們立了永久的盟約,使他們認識正義和自己的法令。 10He made an everlasting covenant with them, and he shewed them his justice and judgments.
11他們的眼目看見了他偉大的光榮,他們的耳朵也聽見了他莊嚴的聲音。天主對他們說:「要戒避一切不義!」 11And their eye saw the majesty of his glory. and their ears heard his glorious voice, and he said to them: Beware of all iniquity.
12並吩咐他們,每人要關心別人。 12And he gave to every one of them commandment concerning his neighbour.
13他們的道路,時常在他面前,絲毫隱瞞不了他的眼目。 13Their ways are always before him, they are not hidden from his eyes.
14他給每個民族,立了一個統治者; 14Over every nation he set a ruler.
15但是,以色列顯然是上主的一分子。 15And Israel was made the manifest portion of God.
16他們所行的一切,像太陽一般,擺在他面前,他的眼目,時常注視他們的行徑。 16And all their works are as the sun in the sight of God: and his eyes are continually upon their ways.
17他們的惡行,隱瞞不了他,他們一切的罪惡,都擺在上主的面前。 17Their covenants were not hid by their iniquity, and all their iniquities are in the sight of God.
18人的慈愛,為天主有如印璽;他保存人的慈愛,有如保護瞳孔。 18The alms of a man is as a signet with him, and shall preserve the grace of a man as the apple of the eye:
19此後,他必起來,回報惡人,給他們施與每人應得的報應,使他們轉入地的深處。 19And afterward he shall rise up, and shall render them their reward, to every one upon their own head, and shall turn them down into the bowels of the earth.
20但是,給悔改的人,指出返回正義的歸路;鼓舞那些失望的人,給他們指定真理的產業。 20But to the penitent he hath given the way of justice, and he hath strengthened them that were fainting in patience, and hath appointed to them the lot of truth.
21你應歸向上主,離棄罪惡; 21Turn to the Lord, and forsake thy sins:
22你應在他面前祈禱,並減少你的過失。 22Make thy prayer before the face of the Lord, and offend less.
23你應歸向至高者,遠離邪惡,痛恨一切可憎惡的事。 23Return to the Lord, and turn away from thy injustice, and greatly hate abomination.
24你應認識天主的正義和判斷,堅持他為你所指定的身分,及對至高者天主所應有的祈禱。 24And know the justices and judgments of God, and stand firm in the lot set before thee, and in prayer to the most high God.
25你應往世界神聖的那一面去,與活着而頌揚天主的人在一起。因為在陰府裏,有誰代替活着而稱讚他的人,頌揚至高者呢? 25Go to the side of the holy age, with them that live and give praise to God.
26不要在不虔敬者的錯誤裏停留,你要在死前讚頌上主。從死者方面,他既然等於無,也就中止了讚頌。 26Tarry not in the error of the ungodly, give glory before death. Praise perisheth from the dead as nothing.
27惟有那活着而健在的人,能讚美上主。你要稱頌天主,你就必能因他的慈惠而自豪。 27Give thanks whilst thou art living, whilst thou art alive and in health thou shalt give thanks, and shalt praise God, and shalt glory in his mercies.
28上主的仁慈,何其偉大!對於歸依他的人的憐憫,又何其宏大! 28How great is the mercy of the Lord, and his forgiveness to them that turn to him!
29因為人不是一切都能的,人子也不是不死不滅的,他們喜歡邪惡虛幻的事。 29For all things cannot be in men, because the son of man is not immortal, and they are delighted with the vanity of evil.
30什麼比太陽更光明?但它也有晦暗的時候;血肉的人貪求的,不外邪惡,但是他們必因此而受責罰。 30What is brighter than the sun; yet it shall be eclipsed. Or what is more wicked than that which flesh and blood hath invented? and this shall be reproved.
31天主視察高天的軍旅,但眾人卻是塵埃灰土。 31He beholdeth the power of the height of heaven: and all men are earth and ashes.




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