Ruth:Chapter 3


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盧德傳 Ruth
1盧德的婆婆納敖米向她說:「我女,難道我不應為你找個安身之處,使你幸福嗎? 1After she was returned to her mother in law, Noemi said to her: My daughter, I will seek rest for thee, and will provide that it may be well with thee.
2如今你同他的使女常在一起的波阿次,不是我們的親人嗎?看,他今夜要在禾場上簸大麥, 2This Booz, with whose maids thou wast joined in the field, is our near kinsman, and behold this night he winnoweth barley in the threshingfloor.
3你去沐浴,抹油,披上你的外衣,下到禾場上去,但不要使那人認出你來,直等他吃喝完了, 3Wash thyself therefore and anoint thee, and put on thy best garments, and go down to the barnfloor: but let not the man see thee, till he shall have done eating and drinking.
4到他睡覺的時候,你要看清他睡覺的地方;然後就去掀開他腳上的外衣,臥在那裏,他會告訴你,你所應作的事。」 4And when he shall go to sleep, mark the place wherein he sleepeth: and thou shalt go in, and lift up the clothes wherewith he is covered towards his feet, and shalt lay thyself down there: and he will tell thee what thou must do.
5盧德回答她說:「你所囑咐我的,我必依照遵行。」 5She answered: Whatsoever thou shalt command, I will do.
6她便下到禾場上,作了她婆婆所吩咐她的事。 6And she went down to the barnfloor, and did all that her mother in law had bid her.
7波阿次吃了喝了,心中暢快,就走到麥堆旁躺下了。盧德暗暗地去掀開了他腳上的外衣,躺臥在那裏。 7And when Booz had eaten, and drunk, and was merry, he went to sleep by the heap of sheaves, and she came softly and uncovering his feet, laid herself down.
8到了半夜,那人驚起,往前屈身一看,見一個女人睡在他的腳旁, 8And behold, when it was now midnight the man was afraid, and troubled: and he saw a woman lying at his feet,
9便問說:「你是誰?」她答說:「我是你的婢女盧德,請你伸開你的衣襟,覆在你婢女身上罷!因為你是我的至親。」 9And he said to her: Who art thou? And she answered: I am Ruth thy handmaid: spread thy coverlet over thy servant, for thou art a near kinsman.
10波阿次說:「我女,願你蒙上主的祝福!你行的仁愛,後者實勝於前者,以致貧富的少年,你都沒有跟隨。 10And he said: Blessed art thou of the Lord, my daughter, and thy latter kindness has surpassed the former: because thou hast not followed young men either poor or rich.
11我女,如今你不必害怕,凡你向我所說的,我都願為你做到,因為我本城的人,都知道你是一位賢德的婦女。 11Fear not therefore, but whatsoever thou shalt say to me I will do to thee. For all the people that dwell within the gates of my city, know that thou art a virtuous woman.
12的確,我是你的至親,不過還有一位至親,比我更近。 12Neither do I deny myself to be near of kin, but there is another nearer than I.
13今夜你在這裏過夜,明早若他願意對你盡至親的義務,就由他盡好了!如果他不願意──上主永在!我必對你盡至親的義務。你儘管睡到天明。」 13Rest thou this night: and when morning is come, if he will take thee by the right of kindred, all is well: but if he will not, I will undoubtedly take thee, as the Lord liveth: sleep till the morning.
14她就在他的腳旁睡到天明。在人能彼此辨別以前,她就起來了;波阿次心想:「不要叫人知道有婦女來過場上。」 14So she slept at his feet till the night was going off. And she arose before men could know one another, and Booz said: Beware lest any man know that thou camest hither.
15於是他說:「伸開你所披的外衣,雙手拿住!」她就拿着,波阿次量了六斗大麥給她,放在她肩上;她就背着回城去了。 15And again he said: Spread thy mantle, wherewith thou art covered, and hold it with both hands. And when she spread it and held it, he measured six measures of barley, and laid it upon her. And she carried it and went into the city,
16到了婆婆那裏,婆婆就問她說:「我女,事情怎樣?」盧德就向她述說了那人對她所作的一切; 16And came to her mother in law; who said to her: What hast thou done, daughter? And she told her all that the man had done to her.
17並說:「他還給了我這六斗大麥,因為他向我說:「你不要空手回去見你的婆婆。」 17And she said: Behold he hath given me six measures of barley: for he said: I will not have thee return empty to thy mother in law.
18納敖米就說:「我女,你等着罷!看這事有什麼結果;因為這人除非今日把這事辦成,必不安心。」 18And Noemi said: Wait my daughter, till we see what end the thing will have. For the man will not rest until he have accomplished what he hath said.




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