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盧德傳 Ruth
1當民長執政時代,國內發生了饑荒。有個人帶了他的妻子和兩個兒子,從猶大白冷到摩阿布鄉間去僑居。 1In the days of one of the judges, when the judges ruled, there came a famine in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehem Juda, went to sojourn in the land of Moab with his wife and his two sons.
2這人名叫厄里默肋客,他的妻子名叫納敖米,他的兩個兒子:一個名叫瑪赫隆,一個名叫基肋雍,是猶大白冷厄弗辣大人。他們到了摩阿布鄉間,就住在那裏。 2He was named Elimelech, and his wife, Noemi: and his two sons, the one Mahalon, and the other Chelion, Ephrathites of Bethlehem Juda. And entering into the country of Moab, they abode there.
3後來納敖米的丈夫厄里默肋客死了,留下了她和她的兩個兒子。 3And Elimelech the husband of Noemi died: and she remained with her sons.
4他們都娶了摩阿布女子為妻:一個名叫敖爾帕,一個名叫盧德;他們在那裏大約住了十年。 4And they took wives of the women of Moab, of which one was called Orpha, and the other Ruth. And they dwelt there ten years.
5瑪赫隆和基肋雍二人也相繼去世,只剩下了那婦人,沒有兒子,也沒有丈夫。 5And they both died, to wit, Mahalon and Chelion: and the woman was left alone, having lost both her sons and her husband.
6於是她便與她的兩個兒媳打算從摩阿布鄉間起程回家,因為她在摩阿布鄉間聽說天主垂顧了他的百姓,賜給了他們食糧。 6And she arose to go from the land of Moab to her own country with both her daughters in law: for she had heard that the Lord had looked upon his people, and had given them food.
7當她和她的兩個兒媳,要從寄居的地方出發,取道回猶大故鄉的時候, 7Wherefore she went forth out of the place of her sojournment, with both her daughters in law: and being now in the way to return into the land of Juda,
8納敖米就對她的兩個兒媳說:「你們去罷!各自回娘家去!願上主恩待你們,如同你們待了死者和我一樣。 8She said to them: Go ye home to your mothers: the Lord deal mercifully with you, as you have dealt with the dead and with me.
9願上主賜你們在新夫家裏,各得安身!」於是就吻了她們;她們便放聲大哭, 9May he grant you to find rest in the houses of the husbands which you shall take. And she kissed them. And they lifted up their voice and began to weep,
10向她說:「我們要同你回到你的民族中去。」 10And to say: We will go on with thee to thy people.
11納敖米回答說:「我的女兒,你們回去罷!為什麼要跟我去呢?難道我還能懷妊生子給你們做丈夫嗎? 11But she answered them: Return, my daughters: why come ye with me? have I any more sons in my womb, that you may hope for husbands of me?
12我的女兒啊,你們回去罷!你們走罷!我已老了,不能再嫁人了;如說我尚有希望,今夜能嫁人,也懷妊生子, 12Return again, my daughters, and go your ways: for I am now spent with age, and not fit for wedlock. Although I might conceive this night, and bear children,
13你們又豈能等待他們長大,持身不嫁人?我的女兒啊!不要這樣,有了你們我反而更苦,因為上主已伸出手來與我作對。」 13If you would wait till they were grown up, and come to man's estate, you would be old women before you marry. Do not so, my daughters, I beseech you: for I am grieved the more for your distress, and the hand of the Lord is gone out against me.
14她們於是又放聲大哭。敖爾帕吻了自己的婆婆,便回自己的家鄉去了;盧德對婆母仍依依不捨。 14And they lifted up their voice, and began to weep again: Orpha kissed her mother in law and returned: Ruth stuck close to her mother in law.
15納敖米向她說:「看,你的嫂子已回她民族和她的神那裏去了,你也跟你的嫂子回去罷!」 15And Noemi said to her: Behold thy kinswoman is returned to her people, and to her gods, go thou with her.
16盧德答說:「請你別逼我離開你,而不跟你去。你到那裏去,我也到那裏去;你住在那裏,我也住在那裏;你的民族,就是我的民族;你的天主,就是我的天主; 16She answered: Be not against me, to desire that I should leave thee and depart: for whithersoever thou shalt go, I will go: and where thou shalt dwell, I also will dwell. Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
17你死在那裏,我也死在那裏,埋在那裏;若不是死使我與你分離,願上主罰我,重重罰我!」 17The land that shall receive thee dying, in the same will I die: and there will I be buried. The Lord do so and so to me, and add more also, if aught but death part me and thee.
18納敖米見她執意要與自己同去,就不再勸阻她了。 18Then Noemi, seeing that Ruth was steadfastly determined to go with her, would not be against it, nor persuade her any more to return to her friends:
19於是二人同行,來到了白冷。她們一到了白冷,全城的人都為她們所驚動。婦女們驚問說:「這不是納敖米嗎?」 19So they went together and came to Bethlehem. And when they were come into the city, the report was quickly spread among all: and the women said: This is that Noemi.
20她向她們說:「你們不要叫我納敖米,應叫我瑪辣,因為全能者待我好苦! 20But she said to them: Call me not Noemi, (that is, beautiful,) but call me Mara, (that is, bitter,) for the Almighty hath quite filled me with bitterness.
21我去時富足,如今上主卻使我空空而回。上主責罰了我,全能者降禍於我,你們為什麼還叫我納敖米呢?」 21I went out full, and the Lord hath brought me back empty. Why then do you call me Noemi, whom the Lord hath humbled and the Almighty hath afflicted?
22納敖米同她的兒媳摩阿布女子盧德回來了,是從摩阿布鄉間回來的。她們來到白冷,正是開始收大麥的時候。 22So Noemi came with Ruth the Moabitess her daughter in law, from the land of her sojournment: and returned into Bethlehem, in the beginning of the barley harvest.




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