Psalms:Chapter 99


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聖詠集 Psalms
1上主為王,萬民因而戰慄驚恐,他坐於革魯賓之上,大地震動; 1A psalm of praise.
2熙雍的上主,偉大堂皇,崇高尊貴,而超越萬邦。 2Sing joyfully to God, all the earth: serve ye the Lord with gladness. Come in before his presence with exceeding great joy.
3願他們讚美你的大名,它可敬可畏,至尊神聖。 3Know ye that the Lord he is God: he made us, and not we ourselves. We are his people and the sheep of his pasture.
4你是愛正義的大能君王,是你制定了法律的正綱,對雅各伯行的合理合章。 4Go ye into his gates with praise, into his courts with hymns: and give glory to him. Praise ye his name:
5請你們尊崇上主,我們的天主,還要向着他的腳凳伏地叩首。因為他的腳凳也是神聖無偶。 5For the Lord is sweet, his mercy endureth for ever, and his truth to generation and generation.
6梅瑟和亞郎列於上主的司祭中,撒慕爾屬於呼號他聖名的人中,他們呼號上主,上主即俯聽他們。 6
7他從前曾在雲柱中訓示了他們,他們就守了他吩咐的誡命章程。 7
8上主,你原是我們的天主,你曾俯聽了他們,天主,你寬宥他們,但也報復了他們的惡行。 8
9請你們尊崇上主,我們的天主,還要向着他的聖山伏地叩首,因我們的天主,上主神聖無偶。 9




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