Psalms:Chapter 96


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聖詠集 Psalms
1請眾齊向上主歌唱新歌,普世大地,請向上主謳歌! 1For the same David, when his land was restored again to him. The Lord hath reigned, let the earth rejoice: let many islands be glad.
2請向上主歌唱,讚美他的聖名,一日復一日地,宣揚他的救恩。 2Clouds and darkness are round about him: justice and judgment are the establishment of his throne.
3請在列邦中,傳述他的光榮,請在萬民中,宣揚他的奇功。 3A fire shall go before him, and shall burn his enemies round about.
4因為上主偉大,應受讚美,惟他超越眾神,可敬可畏。 4His lightnings have shone forth to the world: the earth saw and trembled.
5萬邦的眾神盡屬虛幻,但上主卻造成了蒼天; 5The mountains melted like wax, at the presence of the Lord: at the presence of the Lord of all the earth.
6威嚴與尊榮,常在他的面前,權能與光耀,圍繞他的聖壇。 6The heavens declared his justice: and all people saw his glory.
7各民各族,請將光榮歸於上主,各家各戶,請將威能歸於上主。 7Let them be all confounded that adore graven things, and that glory in their idols. Adore him, all you his angels:
8請將主名的光榮歸於上主!請進入他的庭院奉獻祭物。 8Sion heard, and was glad. And the daughters of Juda rejoiced, because of thy judgments, O Lord.
9請穿聖潔的禮服,叩拜上主,普世大地,要在他面前顫抖! 9For thou art the most high Lord over all the earth: thou art exalted exceedingly above all gods.
10請在萬民中高呼:上主為王!他穩定寰宇,使它不再動盪,他以正義公道來治理萬邦。 10You that love the Lord, hate evil: the Lord preserveth the souls of his saints, he will deliver them out of the hand of the sinner.
11願諸天歡樂,願大地踴躍,願海及其中的一切怒號! 11Light is risen to the just, and joy to the right of heart.
12原野及其中的一切都要舞蹈,森林中的一切樹木各顯歡樂, 12Rejoice, ye just, in the Lord: and give praise to the remembrance of his holiness.
13在上主面前歡樂,因為他已駕臨,因為他已駕臨,要統治大地乾坤;他要以正義審判普世人群,以他的忠信治理天下萬民。 13




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