Psalms:Chapter 54


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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味訓誨歌,交與樂官,和以絃樂。 1Unto the end, in verses, understanding for David.
2作於齊弗人來對撒烏耳說:「看,達味藏在我們這裏」時。 2Hear, O God, my prayer, and despise not my supplication:
3天主,求你因你的名賜我救援,求你並以你的權能為我伸冤。 3Be attentive to me and hear me. I am grieved in my exercise; and am troubled,
4天主,求你俯聽我的祈求,側耳傾聽我的投訴。 4At the voice of the enemy, and at the tribulation of the sinner. For they have cast iniquities upon me: and in wrath they were troublesome to me.
5因為傲慢的人們起來向我進攻,蠻橫的人想謀害我的生命,他們沒有把天主放在眼中。(休止) 5My heart is troubled within me: and the fear of death is fallen upon me.
6請看,天主必定給我助陣,上主必扶持我生命。 6Fear and trembling are come upon me: and darkness hath covered me.
7求你使災禍報應在我的仇讎身上,求你憑你的忠誠將他們消除滅亡。 7And I said: Who will give me wings like a dove, and I will fly and be at rest?
8我要自願地向你奉上祭獻,上主,我要對你的美名稱讚。 8Lo, I have gone far off flying away; and I abode in the wilderness.
9因為你救我脫離了一切災難,使我親眼看見我的仇敵潰散。 9I waited for him that hath saved me from pusillanimity of spirit, and a storm.
10 10Cast down, O Lord, and divide their tongues; for I have seen iniquity and contradiction in the city.
11 11Day and night shall iniquity surround it upon its walls: and in the midst thereof are labour,
12 12And injustice. And usury and deceit have not departed from its streets.
13 13For if my enemy had reviled me, I would verily have borne with it. And if he that hated me had spoken great things against me, I would perhaps have hidden myself from him.
14 14But thou a man of one mind, my guide, and my familiar,
15 15Who didst take sweetmeats together with me: in the house of God we walked with consent.
16 16Let death come upon them, and let them go down alive into hell. For there is wickedness in their dwellings: in the midst of them.
17 17But I have cried to God: and the Lord will save me.
18 18Evening and morning, and at noon I will speak and declare: and he shall hear my voice.
19 19He shall redeem my soul in peace from them that draw near to me: for among many they were with me.
20 20God shall hear, and the Eternal shall humble them. For there is no change with them, and they have not feared God:
21 21He hath stretched forth his hand to repay. They have defiled his covenant,
22 22They are divided by the wrath Of his countenance, and his heart hath drawn near. His words are smoother than oil, and the same are darts.
23 23Cast thy care upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall not suffer the just to waver for ever.
24 24But thou, O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction. Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in thee, O Lord.




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