Psalms:Chapter 46


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聖詠集 Psalms
1科辣黑後裔的詩歌,交與樂官,女聲高音。 1Unto the end, for the sons of Core.
2天主是我們的救助和力量,是患難中最易尋到的保障。 2O clap your hands, all ye nations: shout unto God with the voice of Joy,
3因此,縱使地動山崩,墮入海心,我們也絕不會疑懼橫生; 3For the Lord is high, terrible: a great king over all the earth.
4海濤儘管洶湧翻騰,山嶽儘管因浪震動:與我們同在的,是萬軍的天主,雅各伯的天主是我們的保護。(休止) 4He hath subdued the people under us; and the nations under our feet.
5河流要使天主的城邑歡樂,即至高者所住的至聖居所, 5He hath chosen for us his inheritance the beauty of Jacob which he hath loved.
6天主定居其中,此城決不動搖;清晨曙光一現,天主即加扶牢。 6God is ascended with jubilee, and the Lord with the sound of trumpet.
7異民儘管擾亂,萬邦儘管騷動,天主一發喝聲,大地即刻消溶。 7Sing praises to our God, sing ye: sing praises to our king, sing ye.
8與我們同在的,是萬軍的上主,雅各伯的天主是我們的保護。(休止) 8For God is the king of all the earth: sing ye wisely.
9請你們前來觀看上主的作為,看他在地上所行的驚人事蹟: 9God shall reign over the nations: God sitteth on his holy throne.
10他消滅戰爭直達地極,他斷弓毀矛,燒甲焚盔。 10The princes of the people are gathered together, with the God of Abraham: for the strong gods of the earth are exceedingly exalted.
11「你們要停手!應承認我是天主,是萬民的至尊,是大地的上主。」 11
12與我們同在的,是萬軍的上主,雅各伯的天主是我們的保護。(休止) 12




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