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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味作。不要因作惡的人而忿怒,也不要對歹徒心生嫉妒;1A psalm for David, for a remembrance of the sabbath.
2因為他們有如青草,快要枯槁,他們有如綠葉,行將零凋。2Rebuke me not, O Lord, in thy indignation; nor chastise me in thy wrath.
3你該信賴上主,致力善行,你必安居樂土,享受康寧。3For thy arrows are fastened in me: and thy hand hath been strong upon me.
4你只管在上主內喜歡,他必滿全你心的意願。4There is no health in my flesh, because of thy wrath: there is no peace for my bones, because of my sins.
5將你的行徑委託於上主,寄望於他,他必使之成就。5For my iniquities are gone over my head: and as a heavy burden are become heavy upon me.
6他必使你的義德如光出現,他必使你的仁義如日中天。6My sores are putrified and corrupted, because of my foolishness.
7你應該在上主面前安心依靠,不要因萬事順當的人而煩惱,不要因圖謀不軌的人而暴燥;7I am become miserable, and am bowed down even to the end: I walked sorrowful all the day long.
8你應控制憤恨,消除怒火,不要動怒,免得再犯罪過。8For my loins are filled with illusions; and there is no health in my flesh.
9因為作惡犯罪的人必被剷除;唯有仰望上主的人繼承樂土。9I am afflicted and humbled exceedingly: I roared with the groaning of my heart.
10再過片刻惡人就不知所在,詳察他的住所,也不復存在。10Lord, all my desire is before thee, and my groaning is not hidden from thee.
11但善人將繼承樂土,必將樂享平安幸福。11My heart is troubled, my strength hath left me, and the light of my eyes itself is not with me.
12惡徒設計謀害忠義,常朝著他咬牙切齒。12My friends and my neighbours have drawn near, and stood against me. And they that were near me stood afar off:
13上主卻朝著惡人發笑,因見他的時日已來到。13And they that sought my soul used violence. And they that sought evils to me spoke vain things, and studied deceits all the day long.
14惡人拔劍張弓,想毀滅貧困微弱的人,想屠殺操行正直的人;14But I, as a deaf man, heard not: and as a dumb man not opening his mouth.
15他們的劍反刺穿他們的心肝,他們的弓將被折得破爛不堪。15And I became as a man that heareth not: and that hath no reproofs in his mouth.
16義人佔有的幸福雖少,但卻勝於惡人的富饒。16For in thee, O Lord, have I hoped: thou wilt hear me, O Lord my God.
17因為惡人的手臂將被折斷,義人卻有上主作支援。17For I said: Lest at any time my enemies rejoice over me: and whilst my feet are moved, they speak great things against me.
18上主眷顧善人的歲月,他們的產業永遠常在。18For I am ready for scourges: and my sorrow is continually before me.
19在患難之時,他們必不蒙羞,在饑饉之日,他們必得飽飫。19For I will declare my inequity: and I will think for my sin.
20惡人和上主的仇人必要沉淪,必要像沃野的鮮花一樣凋零,必要像煙霧一般消散得無影。20But my enemies live, and are stronger that I: and they hate me wrongfully are multiplied.
21惡人借貸總不償還,義人卻常好施樂善。21They that render evil for good, have detracted me, because I followed goodness.
22的確蒙上主祝福的人將繼承福地,受上主咒罵的人將被除滅跡。22Forsake me not, O Lord my God: do not thou depart from me.
23上主穩定善人的腳步,上主欣賞義人的道路:23Attend unto my help, O Lord, the God of my salvation.

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