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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味的詩歌,交與樂官。上主,你鑒察了我,也認清了我:1Unto the end, a psalm for David.
2我或坐或立,你全然認清了我,你由遠處已明徹我的思考。2Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man: rescue me from the unjust man.
3我或行走或躺臥,你已先知,我的一切行動,你完全熟悉。3Who have devised iniquities in their hearts: all the day long they designed battles.
4的確,我的舌頭尚未發言,上主,看,你已經知悉周全。4They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent: the venom of saps is under their lips.
5你將我的前後包圍,用你的手將我蔭庇。5Keep me, O Lord, from the hand of the wicked: and from unjust men deliver me. Who have proposed to supplant my steps.
6這是超越我理智的奇事,也是我不能明白的妙理。6The proud have hidden a net for me. And they have stretched out cords for a snare: they have laid for me a stumblingblock by the wayside.
7我往何處,才能脫離你的神能?我去那裡,才能逃避你的面容?7I said to the Lord: Thou art my God: hear, O Lord, the voice of my supplication.
8我若上升於高天,你已在那裡,我若下降於陰府,你也在那裡。8O Lord, Lord, the strength of my salvation: thou hast overshadowed my head in the day of battle.
9我若飛往日出的東方,我若住在海洋的西方,9Give me not up, O Lord, from my desire to the wicked: they have plotted against me; do not thou forsake me, lest they should triumph.
10你的雙手仍在那裡引導著我,你的右手還在那裡扶持著我。10The head of them compassing me about: the labour of their lips shall overwhelm them.
11我若說:願黑暗把我籠罩,光明變成黑暗將我圍包;11Burning coals shall fall upon them; thou wilt cast them down into the fire: in miseries they shall not be able to stand.
12但黑暗對你並不矇矓,黑夜與白晝一樣光明,黑暗對於你無異光明。12A man full of tongue shall not be established in the earth: evil shall catch the unjust man unto destruction.
13你造成了我的五臟六腑,你在我母胎中締結了我。13I know that the Lord will do justice to the needy, and will revenge the poor.
14我讚美你,因我被造,驚奇神奧,你的工作,千奇萬妙!我的生命,你全知曉。14But as for the just, they shall give glory to thy name: and the upright shall dwell with thy countenance.

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