Psalms:Chapter 113


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聖詠集 Psalms
1亞肋路亞!上主的僕人,請一齊讚頌,請一齊讚頌上主的聖名! 1When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a barbarous people:
2願上主的聖名受讚頌,從現今直到永遠無窮! 2Judea made his sanctuary, Israel his dominion.
3從太陽東升直到西傾,願上主的聖名受讚頌! 3The sea saw and fled: Jordan was turned back.
4上主高越列國萬邦,他的光榮凌駕穹蒼; 4The mountains skipped like rams, and the hills like the lambs of the flock.
5誰能相似上主我們的天主?他坐在蒼天之上的最高處。 5What ailed thee, O thou sea, that thou didst flee: and thou, O Jordan, that thou wast turned back?
6他必會垂目下視,觀看上天和下地; 6Ye mountains, that ye skipped like rams, and ye hills, like lambs of the flock?
7從塵埃裏提拔弱小的人,由糞土中舉揚窮苦的人, 7At the presence of the Lord the earth was moved, at the presence of the God of Jacob:
8叫他與貴族的人共席,也與本國的王侯同位; 8Who turned the rock into pools of water, and the stony hill into fountains of waters.
9使那不孕的婦女坐鎮家中,成為多子的母親,快樂無窮。 9Not to us, O Lord, not to us; but to thy name give glory.
10 10For thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake: lest the gentiles should say: Where is their God?
11 11But our God is in heaven: he hath done all things whatsoever he would.
12 12The idols of the gentiles are silver and gold, the works of the hands of men.
13 13They have mouths and speak not: they have eyes and see not.
14 14They have ears and hear not: they have noses and smell not.
15 15They have hands and feel not: they have feet and walk not: neither shall they cry out through their throat.
16 16Let them that make them become like unto them: and all such as trust in them.
17 17The house of Israel hath hoped in the Lord: he is their helper and their protector.
18 18The house of Aaron hath hoped in the Lord: he is their helper and their protector.
19 19They that fear the Lord hath hoped in the Lord: he is their helper and their protector.
20 20The Lord hath been mindful of us, and hath blessed us. He hath blessed the house of Israel: he hath blessed the house of Aaron.
21 21He hath blessed all that fear the Lord, both little and great.
22 22May the Lord add blessings upon you: upon you, and upon your children.
23 23Blessed be you of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
24 24The heaven of heaven is the Lord's: but the earth he has given to the children of men.
25 25The dead shall not praise thee, O Lord: nor any of them that go down to hell.
26 26But we that live bless the Lord: from this time now and for ever.




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