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戶籍紀 Numbers
1上主訓示梅瑟說: 1And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
2「你告訴以色列子民說:無論男女,若許了一個特願,即『納齊爾』願,獻身於上主, 2Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: When a man, or woman, shall make a vow to be sanctified, and will consecrate themselves to the Lord:
3他該戒飲清酒和烈酒,不可喝清酒和烈酒製的醋,不可喝任何葡萄汁,也不可吃新鮮或乾葡萄。 3They shall abstain from wine, and from every thing that may make a man drunk. They shall not drink vinegar of wine, or of any other drink, nor any thing that is pressed out of the grape: nor shall they eat grapes either fresh or dried.
4在整個獻身期內,凡葡萄樹所結的,甚至葡萄仁和皮,都不可吃。 4All the days that they are consecrated to the Lord by vow: they shall eat nothing that cometh of the vineyard, from the raisin even to the kernel.
5在他整個守獻身願的時期內,不可剃頭;他幾時未滿獻身的願,是祝聖於上主的,應讓頭髮自由生長。 5All the time of his separation no razor shall pass over his head, until the day be fulfilled of his consecration to the Lord. He shall be holy, and shall let the hair of his head grow.
6在他獻身於上主的整個時期內,凡有死人的地方,不可走進。 6All the time of his consecration he shall not go in to any dead,
7連父親母親或兄弟姊妹死時,也不可讓自己沾染不潔,因為在他頭上有奉獻於天主的記號。 7Neither shall he make himself unclean, even for his father, or for his mother, or for his brother, or for his sister, when they die, because the consecration of his God is upon his head.
8在他整個獻身期內,他是祝聖於上主的。 8All the days of his separation he shall be holy to the Lord.
9若有人忽然在他身旁猝死,那獻身者的願就沾染了不潔,在他取潔的那一天,應剃頭,即在第七天他應剃頭。 9But if any man die suddenly before him: the head of his consecration shall be defiled: and he shall shave it forthwith on the same day of his purification, and again on the seventh day.
10到第八天,他應帶兩隻斑鳩或兩隻雛鴿,在會幕門口交給司祭。 10And on the eighth day he shall bring two turtles, or two young pigeons to the priest in the entry of the covenant of the testimony.
11司祭取一隻獻作贖罪祭,另一隻獻作全燔祭,為他因染死屍的不潔贖罪。他在當天應祝聖自己的頭, 11And the priest shall offer one for sin, and the other for a holocaust, and shall pray for him, for that he hath sinned by the dead: and he shall sanctify his head that day:
12重新將獻身的日子奉獻於上主,且應獻一隻一歲羔羊作贖過祭;以前的日子無效,因為獻身者的頭沾染了不潔。 12And shall consecrate to the Lord the days of his separation, offering a lamb of one year for sin: yet so that the former days be made void, because his sanctification was profaned.
13關於『納齊爾』人的法律如下:在他獻身願期滿的那一天,應引他到會幕門口, 13This is the law of consecration. When the days which he had determined by vow shall be expired, he shall bring him to the door of the tabernacle of the covenant,
14他應獻給上主的祭品是:一隻無殘疾的一歲公羔羊作全燔祭,一隻無殘疾的母羔羊作贖罪祭,一隻無殘疾的公綿羊作和平祭, 14And shall offer his oblation to the Lord: one he lamb of a year old without blemish for a holocaust, and one awe lamb of a year old without blemish for a sin offering, and one ram without blemish for a victim of peace offering,
15一籃用細麵調油做的無酵餅,抹上油的無酵薄餅,以及同獻的素祭及奠祭。 15A basket also of unleavened bread, tempered with oil, and wafers without leaven anointed with oil, and the libations of each:
16司祭在上主面前獻上這些祭品後,就為他舉行贖罪祭和全燔祭; 16And the priest shall present them before the Lord, and shall offer both the sin offering and the holocaust.
17將公綿羊同一籃無酵餅獻給上主作和平祭;然後舉行素祭和奠祭。 17But the ram he shall immolate for a sacrifice of peace offering to the Lord, offering at the same time the basket of unleavened bread, and the libations that are due by custom.
18獻身者在會幕門口剃去自己祝聖的頭髮,把祝聖的頭髮,放在和平祭品的火上焚燒。 18Then shall the hair of the consecration of the Nazarite, be shaved off before the door of the tabernacle of the covenant: and he shall take his hair, and lay it upon the fire, which is under the sacrifice of the peace offerings.
19他剃去祝聖的頭髮以後,司祭取出煮過的公綿羊肩部,與籃中的一塊無酵餅和一塊無酵的薄餅,放在獻身者手上。 19And shall take the boiled shoulder of the ram, and one unleavened cake out of the basket, and one unleavened wafer, and he shall deliver them into the hands of the Nazarite, after his head is shaven.
20司祭將這些祭品在上主前,行奉獻的搖禮,除搖過的胸脯和舉過的腿外,這些亦應是屬於司祭的聖物。此後,獻身者方可飲酒: 20And receiving them again from him, he shall elevate them in the sight of the Lord: and they being sanctified shall belong to the priest, as the breast, which was commanded to be separated, and the shoulder. After this the Nazarite may drink wine.
21這是關於許獻身願者的法律,獻身者應奉獻於上主的祭品;如果獻身者照自己的財力許願多獻,就應照所許的願,在獻身願所規定的以外,多作奉獻。」 21This is the law of the Nazarite, when he hath vowed his oblation to the Lord in the time of his consecration, besides those things which his hand shall find, according to that which he had vowed in his mind, so shall he do for the fulfilling of his sanctification.
22上主訓示梅瑟說: 22And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
23「你告訴亞郎和他的兒子說:你們應這樣祝福以色列子民說: 23Say to Aaron and his sons: Thus shall you bless the children of Israel, and you shall say to them:
24『願上主祝福你,保護你; 24The Lord bless thee, and keep thee.
25願上主的慈顏光照你,仁慈待你。 25The Lord shew his face to thee, and have mercy on thee.
26願上主轉面垂顧你,賜你平安。』 26The Lord turn his countenance to thee, and give thee peace.
27這樣,他們將以色列子民歸我名下,我必祝福他們。」 27And they shall invoke my name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them.




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