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戶籍紀 Numbers
1梅瑟全照上主吩咐的一切,訓示了以色列子民。 1And Moses told the children of Israel all that the Lord had commanded him:
2梅瑟訓示以色列子民各支派的首領說:「這是上主所吩咐的: 2And he said to the princes of the tribes of the children of Israel: This is the word that the Lord hath commanded:
3若人向上主許願,或發誓戒絕什麼,他不可食言,應全照口中所許的去做。 3If any man make a vow to the Lord, or bind himself by an oath: he shall not make his word void but shall fulfill all that he promised.
4那還在父家的年輕女子,若向上主許願,或發願戒絕什麼, 4If a woman vow any thing, and bind herself by an oath, being in her father's house, and but yet a girl in age: if her father knew the vow that she hath promised, and the oath wherewith she hath bound her soul, and held his peace, she shall be bound by the vow:
5她父親聽到了她許的願和她發誓戒絕的事,卻對她未發一言,她許的願和她所發的戒誓,概為有效。 5Whatsoever she promised and swore, she shall fulfill in deed.
6但是,如果她父親在聽到的那天,禁止了她,她所許的願和所發的戒誓,概不生效;上主必寬恕她,因為她父親禁止了她。 6But if her father, immediately as soon as he heard it, gainsaid it, both her vows and her oaths shall be void, neither shall she be bound to what she promised, because her father hath gainsaid it.
7如果她有願在身,或口中冒然發了戒絕某事的誓,而她已出嫁, 7If she have a husband, and shall vow any thing, and the word once going out of her mouth shall bind her soul by an oath:
8她丈夫聽說了,在他聽說的那天,對她未發一言,她的願和她所發的戒誓,仍為有效; 8The day that her husband shall hear it, and not gainsay it, she shall be bound to the vow, and shall give whatsoever she promised.
9但是,如果她丈夫在聽說的那天,禁止了她,他就取消了她所許的願,和口中冒然所發的戒誓,上主也必寬恕她。 9But if as soon as he heareth he gainsay it, and make her promises and the words wherewith she had bound her soul of no effect: the Lord will forgive her.
10寡婦或棄婦所許的願,或她所發的戒誓,概為有效。 10The widow, and she that is divorced, shall fulfill whatsoever they vow.
11但是,如果她尚在丈夫家內許了願,或發誓要戒絕什麼, 11If the wife in the house of her husband, hath bound herself by vow and by oath,
12若她的丈夫聽說了,未發一言,沒有禁止她,她的願仍為有效,她所發的戒誓,亦為有效。 12If her husband hear, and hold his peace, and doth not disallow the promise, she shall accomplish whatsoever she had promised.
13但是,如果她的丈夫,在聽說的那天,聲明無效;凡她所說出的,不論是許的願,或發的戒誓,一概無效;她的丈夫既聲明無效,上主也就寬恕她。 13But if forthwith he gainsay it, she shall not be bound by the promise: because her husband gainsaid it, and the Lord will be merciful to her.
14凡女人所許的願,或為苦身克己所發的誓,丈夫能使之生效,亦能聲明無效。 14If she vow and bind herself by oath, to afflict her soul by fasting, or abstinence from other things, it shall depend on the will of her husband, whether she shall do it, or not do it.
15但是,如果她的丈夫兩天內對她未發一言,就算他使她所許的願和她所發的戒誓生效,因為在他聽說的那天,對她未發一言,就已算贊成。 15But if the husband hearing it hold his peace, and defer the declaring his mind till another day: whatsoever she had vowed and promised, she shall fulfill: because immediately as he heard it, he held his peace.
16但若他聽說很久以後,才聲明無效,他應負妻子的罪債。」 16But if he gainsay it after that he knew it, he shall bear her iniquity.
17這是有關丈夫與妻子的關係,父親與尚在家內的年輕女兒的關係,上主向梅瑟吩咐的法令。 17These are the laws which the Lord appointed to Moses between the husband and the wife, between the father and the daughter that is as yet but a girl in age, or that abideth in her father's house.




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