Nehemiah:Chapter 2


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厄斯德拉(下) Nehemiah
1在阿塔薛西斯王二十年「尼散」月,輪到我掌酒時,我拿起酒來,獻給國王。我不願在王面前現出憂愁, 1And it came to pass in the month of Nisan, in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes the king: that wine was before him, and I took up the wine, and gave it to the king: and I was as one languishing away before his face.
2王卻問我說:「你不像有病,為什麼面帶愁容?沒有別的,你心中一定有愁事!」我很是驚慌, 2And the king said to me: Why is thy countenance sad, seeing thou dost not appear to be sick? this is not without cause, but some evil, I know not what, is in thy heart. And I was seized with an exceeding great fear:
3便向君王說:「大王萬歲!我祖先墳墓所在的城池,成了廢墟,城門為火焚毀,我怎能不面帶愁容呢?」 3And I said to the king: O king, live for ever: why should not my countenance be sorrowful, seeing the city of the place of the sepulchres of my fathers is desolate, and the gates thereof are burnt with fire?
4王問我說:「你要求什麼?」我向天上的天主祈禱之後, 4Then the king said to me: For what dost thou make request? And I prayed to the God of heaven,
5回答君王說:「大王若看着好,你僕人在你面前若獲得寵遇,就打發我回猶大去,到我祖先墳墓所在的城去,重修那城。」 5And I said to the king: If it seem good to the king, and if thy servant hath found favour in thy sight, that thou wouldst send me into Judea to the city of the sepulchre of my father, and I will build it.
6那時,皇后也在旁坐着;王便向我說:「你旅行需要多久?你幾時能回來?」我向君王說了一個時期;王以為好,就准許我去。 6And the king said to me, and the queen that sat by him: For how long shall thy journey be, and when wilt thou return? And it pleased the king, and he sent me: and I fixed him a time.
7我又向王說:「大王若看着好,請賜我一詔書,通知河西州長放我通行,直到猶大; 7And I said to the king: If it seem good to the king, let him give me letters to the governors of the country beyond the river, that they convey me over, till I come into Judea:
8另一詔書,通知護守王家園林的阿撒夫,令他給我木料,為做聖殿堡壘的門戶、城牆和我要住的房舍之用。」賴我的天主慈善的手扶助我,君王都賜給了我。 8And a letter to Asaph the keeper of the king's forest, to give me timber that I may cover the gates of the tower of the house, and the walls of the city, and the house that I shall enter into. And the king gave me according to the good hand of my God with me.
9我一來到河西州長那裏,便向他們呈上君王的詔書。同時君王還派了隊長和馬兵協助我。 9And I came to the governors of the country beyond the river, and gave them the king's letters. And the king had sent with me captains of soldiers, and horsemen.
10曷龍人桑巴拉特,和作臣僕的阿孟人托彼雅,聽說此事,很不高興有人來為以色列子民謀圖福利。 10And Sanaballat the Horonite, and Tobias the servant, the Ammonite, heard it, and it grieved them exceedingly, that a man was come, who sought the prosperity of the children of Israel.
11我到了耶路撒冷,在那裏停留了三天之後, 11And I came to Jerusalem, and was there three days.
12夜間,我和跟隨我的幾個人起來;當時我並沒有告訴任何人,有關我的天主激發我的心,要為耶路撒冷所作的事;除了我騎的一頭牲口外,也沒有別的牲口。 12And I arose in the night, I and some few men with me, and I told not any man what God had put in my heart to do in Jerusalem, and there was no beast with me, but the beast that I rode upon.
13夜間我出來,經過谷門到了龍泉前,又到了糞門,觀察耶路撒冷城牆那裏有缺口,並見城門已被火焚毀。 13And I went out by night by the gate of the valley, and before the dragon fountain, and to the dung gate, and I viewed the wall of Jerusalem which was broken down, and the gates thereof which were consumed with fire.
14以後,又到了泉門,到了王池,但那地方不能騎我的牲口過去, 14And I passed to the gate of the fountain, and to the king's aqueduct, and there was no place for the beast on which I rode to pass.
15遂在夜間,由山澗攀登而上,視察了城垣,然後轉身,由谷門進來,回了家。 15And I went up in the night by the torrent, and viewed the wall, and going back I came to the gate of the valley, and returned.
16我到過那裏,或作什麼,官員都不知道;直到此時,我也沒有告訴過猶太人、司祭、權貴、官員和其他工作人員。 16But the magistrates knew not whither I went, or what I did: neither had I as yet told any thing to the Jews, or to the priests, or to the nobles, or to the magistrates, or to the rest that did the work.
17於是我向他們說:「你們都清楚我們所處的苦境:耶路撒冷成了廢墟,城門為火焚毀。來,讓我們重修耶路撒冷的城垣,免得再受人恥笑!」 17Then I said to them: You know the affliction wherein we are, because Jerusalem is desolate, and the gates thereof are consumed with fire: come, and let us build up the walls of Jerusalem, and let us be no longer a reproach.
18隨後,我又向他們報告:我的天主慈善的手怎樣扶助了我,以及君王向我說過什麼話。他們遂說道:「起來,大家一同修建!」眾人勇氣倍增,遂着手進行。 18And I shewed them how the hand of my God was good with me, and the king's words, which he had spoken to me, and I said: Let us rise up, and build. And their hands were strengthened in good.
19當曷龍人桑巴拉特、作臣僕的阿孟人托彼雅,和阿剌伯人革笙聽說這事,就譏笑我們侮辱我們說:「你們在那裏幹什麼?要背叛君王嗎?」 19But Sanaballat the Horonite, and Tobias the servant, the Ammonite, and Gossem the Arabian heard of it, and they scoffed at us, and despised us, and said: What is this thing that you do? are you going to rebel against the king?
20我答覆他們說:「天上的天主必要使我們成功;我們是他的僕役,要動工興建;至於你們,在耶路撒冷無分無權,也無可留念的事物。」 20And I answered them, and said to them: The God of heaven he helpeth us, and we are his servants: let us rise up and build: but you have no part, nor justice, nor remembrance in Jerusalem.




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