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厄斯德拉(下) Nehemiah
1那日,當着民眾宣讀梅瑟書時,人們聽到書中寫着說:「永遠不准阿孟人和摩阿布人,加入天主的會眾, 1And on that day they read in the book of Moses in the hearing of the people: and therein was found written, that the Ammonites and the Moabites should not come in to the church of God for ever:
2因為他們沒有攜帶飲食歡迎以色列子民,反賄賂巴郎詛咒他們,我們的天主卻將詛咒轉為祝福。」 2Because they met not the children of Israel with bread and water: and they hired against them Balaam, to curse them, and our God turned the curse into blessing.
3民眾一聽了這法律,便將各外族由以色列人中隔絕。 3And it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated every stranger from Israel.
4這事以前,厄肋雅史布司祭,曾被派管理我們天主聖殿的倉庫,他是托彼雅的親信, 4And over this thing was Eliasib the priest, who was set over the treasury of the house of our God, and was near akin to Tobias.
5遂為托彼雅準備了一所大倉房,以前其中是存放供物、乳香、器具,以及肋未人、歌詠者和守門者按法律所應得的什一之穀、酒和油,並司祭所應得的供物。 5And he made him a great storeroom, where before him they laid up gifts, and frankincense, and vessels, and the tithes of the corn, of the wine, and of the oil, the portions of the Levites, and of the singing men, and of the porters, and the firstfruits of the priests.
6發生這一切事時,我不曾在耶路撒冷、因為在巴比倫王阿塔薛西斯三十二年,我已回到君王那裏;滿了一個時期以後,我又求得君王准許, 6But in all this time I was not in Jerusalem, because in the two and thirtieth year of Artaxerxes king of Babylon, I went to the king, and after certain days I asked the king:
7回了耶路撒冷;此時我纔發覺出,厄肋雅史布為托彼雅所行的壞事,為他在天主聖殿的庭院中,準備了一所大倉房。 7And I came to Jerusalem, and I understood the evil that Eliasib had done for Tobias, to make him a storehouse in the courts of the house of God.
8我感覺十分難受,立即將托彼雅的一切器物,拋出倉房之外, 8And it seemed to me exceeding evil. And I cast forth the vessels of the house of Tobias out of the storehouse.
9下命清潔那倉房,將天主聖殿的器具、供物和乳和仍放在裏面。 9And I commanded and they cleansed the storehouses: and I brought thither again the vessels of the house of God, the sacrifice, and the frankincense.
10我還發覺肋未人應得之分,人們已不繳納,為此供職的肋未人和歌詠者,各回了本鄉。 10And I perceived that the portions of the Levites had not been given them: and that the Levites, and the singing men, and they that ministered were fled away every man to his own country:
11我便責斥首長們說:「為什麼又將天主的聖殿忽略了呢?」以後我將肋未人召集起來,又復了他們的職務。 11And I pleaded the matter against the magistrates, and said: Why have we forsaken the house of God? And I gathered them together, and I made them to stand in their places.
12那時,全猶大又將什一之穀、酒和油送入倉房。 12And all Juda brought the tithe of the corn, and the wine, and the oil into the storehouses.
13我派定了舍肋米雅司祭、匝多克經師和肋未人培達雅,作管理倉庫的人;委任瑪塔尼雅的孫子,匝雇爾的兒子哈南,作他們的助手,都是忠實可靠的人;他們的職務是將什一之物,分給他們的兄弟。 13And we set over the storehouses Selemias the priest, and Sadoc the scribe, and of the Levites Phadaia, and next to them Hanan the son of Zachur, the son of Mathania: for they were approved as faithful, and to them were committed the portions of their brethren.
14我的天主,為了這事,請記憶我!不要抹去我對我天主的聖殿,和其中的禮儀所做的一切善事。 14Remember me, O my God, for this thing, and wipe not out my kindnesses, which I have done relating to the house of my God and his ceremonies.
15那時我在猶大,看見有人在安息日踏榨酒池,搬運禾綑,馱在驢上,並把酒、葡萄、無花果和其他各種重載,在安息日運到耶路撒冷;為了他們在此日買賣應用品,我曾警戒了他們。 15In those days I saw in Juda some treading the presses on the sabbath, and carrying sheaves, and lading asses with wine, and grapes, and figs, and all manner of burthens, and bringing them into Jerusalem on the sabbath day. And I charged them that they should sell on a day on which it was lawful to sell.
16有住在這裏的提洛人,運來魚和各種貨物,安息日還在耶路撒冷賣給猶太人, 16Some Tyrians also dwelt there, who brought fish, and all manner of wares: and they sold them on the sabbaths to the children of Juda in Jerusalem.
17我遂責斥有權勢的猶太人說:「你們怎麼行這樣的壞事,褻瀆安息日呢, 17And I rebuked the chief men of Juda, and said to them: What is this evil thing that you are doing, profaning the sabbath day?
18你們的祖先不是曾這樣行事,而使我們的天主,加給了我們和這城這一切災禍嗎?現今你們褻瀆安息日,還要義怒再多加在以色列人身上嗎?」 18Did not our fathers do these things, and our God brought all this evil upon us, and upon this city? And you bring more wrath upon Israel by violating the sabbath.
19所以在安息日前一天,陰影一來到耶路撒冷城門,我就下令關閉城門,不准開門,直到安息日過去;並派我的僕役守門,安息日不准任何重載運進。 19And it came to pass, that when the gates of Jerusalem were at rest on the sabbath day, I spoke: and they shut the gates, and I commanded that they should not open them till after the sabbath: and I set some of my servants at the gates, that none should bring in burthens on the sabbath day.
20有一兩次,販夫和賣各種貨物的商人,在耶路撒冷外過夜; 20So the merchants, and they that sold all kinds of wares, stayed without Jerusalem once or twice.
21我警告他們說:「你們為什麼在城垣前過夜?若是你們再這樣做,我就要向你們下手,」從此以後,安息日他們不敢再來。 21And I charged them, and I said to them: Why stay you before the wall? if you do so another time, I will lay hands on you. And from that time they came no more on the sabbath.
22我也命令肋未人先聖潔自己,然後去看守城門,為聖化聖日。我的天主,為了這事也請你記憶我!照你的大仁慈憐恤我! 22I spoke also to the Levites that they should be purified, and should come to keep the gates, and to sanctify the sabbath day: for this also remember me, O my God, and spare me according to the multitude of thy tender mercies.
23那時,我還發見好些猶太人,娶了阿市多得、阿孟和摩阿布人的女子為妻。 23In those days also I saw Jews that married wives, women of Azotus, and of Ammon, and of Moab.
24他們的兒子,有一半只會說阿市多得話,或這些民族的一種語言,而不會講猶太話。 24And their children spoke half in the speech of Azotus, and could not speak the Jews' language, but they spoke according to the language of this and that people.
25我遂責斥咒罵這樣的男人,其中一些我還打了他們,扯了他們的頭髮,叫他們指着天主起誓,向他們說:「你們不可再把你們的女兒,嫁給他們的兒子,也不可再為你們的兒子並為你們自己,娶他們的女兒。 25And I chid them, and laid my curse upon them. And I beat some of them, and shaved off their hair, and made them swear by God that they would not give their daughters to their sons, nor take their daughters for their sons, nor for themselves, saying:
26以色列的君王撒羅滿,豈不是在這事上犯了罪嗎?在這樣多民族中,沒有一個相似他的君王,他又是天主所愛的,天主使他成為全以色列的君王,但是外方女子竟引他犯了罪。 26Did not Solomon king of Israel sin in this kind of thing? and surely among many nations, there was not a king like him, and he was beloved of his God, and God made him king over all Israel: and yet women of other countries brought even him to sin.
27我們豈能任憑你們行這一切大壞事,娶外方婦女,背棄天主嗎?」 27And shall we also be disobedient and do all this great evil to transgress against our God, and marry strange women?
28大司祭厄肋雅史布的兒子約雅達,有個兒子是曷龍人桑巴拉特的女婿,我便驅逐他離開我。 28And one of the sons of Joiada the son of Eliasib the high priest, was son in law to Sanaballat the Horonite, and I drove him from me.
29我的天主,請記住他們!因為他們褻瀆了司祭的品位,破壞了司祭和肋未的誓約。 29Remember them, O Lord my God, that defile the priesthood, and the law of priests and Levites.
30如此我清除了一切異類,整頓了司祭和肋未人的職守,規定了各人應盡的任務, 30So I separated from them all strangers, and I appointed the courses of the priests and the Levites, every man in his ministry:
31劃定了奉獻木柴和什一之物的時期。我的天主!求你記憶我使我蒙福! 31And for the offering of wood at times appointed, and for the firstfruits: remember me, O my God, unto good. Amen.




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