Nahum:Chapter 3


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納鴻 Nahum
1禍哉!血債的城,滿城欺詐,處處劫掠,搶奪不息。 1Woe to thee, O city of blood, all full of lies and violence: rapine shall not depart from thee.
2聽,皮鞭颼颼,車輪隆隆,戰馬奔馳,戰車疾駛, 2The noise of the whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the neighing horse, and of the running chariot, and of the horsemen coming up,
3騎士躍馬,刀劍晃亮,槍矛閃耀,被殺者眾,死者成堆,屍體無邊,人人為屍體絆倒: 3And of the shining sword, and of the glittering spear, and of a multitude slain, and of a grievous destruction: and there is no end of carcasses, and they shall fall down on their dead bodies.
4這都是因那嬌艷妖冶的淫婦,行妖術的女巫的許多淫行所致。她以淫蕩欺騙了列邦,用妖術迷惑了萬民。 4Because of the multitude of the fornications of the harlot that was beautiful and agreeable, and that made use of witchcraft, that sold nations through her fornications, and families through her witchcrafts.
5看,我必攻擊你──萬軍上主的斷語──我必將你的衣裙掀到你臉上,使萬民見到你的裸體,使列邦看見你的恥辱; 5Behold I come against thee, saith the Lord of hosts: and I will discover thy shame to thy face, and will shew thy nakedness to the nations, and thy shame to kingdoms.
6我要將糞溺拋在你身上侮辱你,使你成為鑑戒。 6And I will cast abominations upon thee, and will disgrace thee, and will make an example of thee.
7凡看見你的,必逃避你說:「尼尼微終於毀滅了!」誰會向她表同情?我從那裏能找到安慰她的人? 7And it shall come to pass that every one that shall see thee, shall flee from thee, and shall say: Ninive is laid waste: who shall bemoan thee? whence shall I seek a comforter for thee?
8你那裏能勝過那位於尼羅河上,四面環水的諾阿孟?她有海為屏障,有水為垣牆; 8Art thou better than the populous Alexandria, that dwelleth among the rivers? waters are round about it: the sea is its riches, the waters are its walls.
9雇士和埃及是她的力量,力大無窮;普特和利比亞是她的助手; 9Ethiopia and Egypt were the strength thereof, and there is no end: Africa and the Libyans were thy helpers.
10但是她也被擄去,充當俘虜,她的嬰兒也在各街頭被摔死,人抽籤分配她的貴族,用鐵鏈縛住她的縉紳。 10Yet she also was removed and carried into captivity: her young children were dashed in pieces at the top of every street, and they cast lots upon her nobles, and all her great men were bound in fetters.
11你也要這樣被攻破而消失,你也要找一個安全處為逃避仇敵。 11Therefore thou also shalt be made drunk, and shalt be despised: and thou shalt seek help from the enemy.
12你的一切堡壘好像早熟的無花果樹,人一動搖,就落在食者的口裏。 12All thy strong holds shall be like fig trees with their green figs: if they be shaken, they shall fall into the mouth of the eater.
13看哪!在你中間的百姓都是婦女,你境內的門已為你的敵人敞開,火已燒毀了你的門閂。 13Behold thy people in the midst of thee are women: the gates of thy land shall be set wide open to thy enemies, the fire shall devour thy bars.
14你應吸水防備圍困,應鞏固你的堡壘,踏黏土,踩膠泥,緊握磚型。 14Draw thee water for the siege, build up thy bulwarks: go into the clay, and tread, work it and make brick.
15火要在那裏燒滅你,刀劍要殲滅你,【把你吞食有如蚱蜢】。你盡可增多你的人數有如蚱蜢,多如飛蝗; 15There shall the fire devour thee: thou shalt perish by the sword, it shall devour thee like the bruchus: assemble together like the bruchus, make thyself many like the locust.
16增加你的商賈,多過天上的星辰!──蚱蜢一脫殼就飛去了。 16Thou hast multiplied thy merchandises above the stars of heaven: the bruchus hath spread himself and flown away.
17你的守衛正如蝗蟲,你的官吏正像一群蚱蜢;冷天蟄伏在牆上,但太陽一昇起,就飛去了,沒有人知道牠們究在何處。 17Thy guards are like the locusts: and thy little ones like the locusts of locusts which swarm on the hedges in the day of cold: the sun arose, and they flew away, and their place was not known where they were.
18亞述王!你的牧者已酣睡,你的貴族已永眠,你的人民已散在各山上,無人再能聚集。 18Thy shepherds have slumbered, O king of Assyria, thy princes shall be buried: thy people are hid in the mountains, and there is none to gather them together.
19你的創痍無法治療,你的創傷是致命傷。凡聽到你這消息的,都朝你鼓掌,因為有誰沒有時常受過你的虐待? 19Thy destruction is not hidden, thy wound is grievous: all that have heard the fame of thee, have clapped their hands over thee: for upon whom hath not thy wickedness passed continually?




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