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米該亞 Micah
1我有禍了!因為我變成了一個夏季搜摘果實,採集殘餘葡萄的人,卻沒有一粒葡萄可吃,也沒有我心所想望的早熟的無花果。1Woe is me, for I am become as one that gleaneth in autumn the grapes of the vintage: there is no cluster to eat, my soul desired the firstripe figs.
2虔敬人從地上消逝了,人間竟沒有一個正直人;人人都潛伏著要流人血,各以羅網獵取自己的弟兄。2The holy man is perished out of the earth, and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood, every one hunteth his brother to death.
3他們的手善於作惡,官員貪求賄賂,法官勒索酬金,權貴只隨自己的心願發言,他們顛倒了一切。3The evil of their hands they call good: the prince requireth, and the judge is for giving: and the great man hath uttered the desire of his soul, and they have troubled it.
4他們中最好的人也不過相似荊棘,最正直的人也不過相似有刺的籬笆。你的守望者所宣佈的懲罰之日已經到了;現在他們必要驚惶。4He that is best among them, is as a brier: and he that is righteous, as the thorn of the hedge. The day of thy inspection, thy visitation cometh: now shall be their destruction.
5你們不要信賴鄰里,不要依靠朋友,連對躺在你懷中的妻子,你也要堅守口舌,5Believe not a friend, and trust not in a prince: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that sleepeth in thy bosom.
6因為兒子要侮辱自己的父親,女兒要反抗自己的母親,兒媳要違抗自己的婆母:人的仇敵就是自己的家人。6For the son dishonoureth the father, and the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law: and a man's enemies are they of his own household.
7至於我,我要仰賴上主,寄望於拯救我的天主;我的天主必要俯聽我。7But I will look towards the Lord, I will wait for God my Saviour: my God will hear me.
8我的仇敵!你不要因我遭難而高興;我雖然跌倒,必再起來;我雖坐在黑暗中,但上主是我的光明。8Rejoice not, thou, my enemy, over me, because I am fallen: I shall arise, when I sit in darkness, the Lord is my light.
9因為我得罪了上主,我必須承當上主的義怒,直到他審斷我的案件,為我主持公道時,他必領我進入光明,我必能目睹他的正義。9I will bear the wrath of the Lord, because I have sinned against him; until he judge my cause and execute judgment for me: he will bring me forth into the light, I shall behold his justice.
10我的仇敵見了,必然蒙受羞辱,因為他曾對我說:「上主你的天主在那裡?」我的眼必要看見他,有如街上的污泥被人踐踏。10And my enemy shall behold, and she shall be covered with shame, who saith to me: Where is the Lord thy God? My eyes shall look down upon her: now shall she be trodden under foot as the mire of the streets.
11必有一天,要重建你的城垣;那一天,你的地界必要擴展;11The day shall come, that thy walls may be built up: in that day shall the law be far removed.
12那一天,從亞述到埃及,從提洛到幼發拉的河,從這海到那海,從這山到那山的人民,都要向你歸來;12In that day they shall come even from Assyria to thee, and to the fortified cities: and from the fortified cities even to the river, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain.
13但其餘的地域,必因其中居民行為的惡果,變為一片荒涼。13And the land shall be made desolate, because of the inhabitants thereof, and for the fruit of their devices.
14上主,求你拿你的牧杖牧放你的人民 ── 獨留在草莽中,在田園間,作你基業的羊群;讓他們在巴商和基肋阿得獲得豢養,一如昔日。14Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock of thy inheritance, them that dwell alone in the forest, in the midst of Carmel: they shall feed in Basan and Galaad according to the days of old.
15上主,讓我們一如在你出離埃及的時日內,見到奇蹟;15According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt I will shew him wonders.
16讓異民見了,感到自己一籌莫展,深自慚愧,用手掩口,雙耳變聾。16The nations shall see, and shall be confounded at all their strength: they shall put the hand upon the mouth, their ears shall be deaf.
17他們將舔土如蛇,像地上爬行的爬蟲,戰戰兢兢地從他們的洞穴裡爬出來,向你,上主我們的天主,表示尊敬敬畏。17They shall lick the dust like serpents, as the creeping things of the earth, they shall be disturbed in their houses: they shall dread the Lord our God, and shall fear thee.
18那裡有神相似你,赦免罪惡,寬宥他的基業 ── 遺民的過錯,不堅持憤怒於永遠,反而喜愛仁慈?18Who is a God like to thee, who takest away iniquity, and passest by the sin of the remnant of thy inheritance? he will send his fury in no more, because he delighteth in mercy.
19你必再憐憫我們,將我們的邪惡踏於足下,將我們的一切罪過投入海底。19He will turn again, and have mercy on us: he will put away our iniquities: and he will cast all our sins into the bottom of the sea.
20你必按照你昔日向我們祖先所發了的誓,對雅各伯表示忠信,對亞巴郎施行仁慈。20Thou wilt perform the truth of Jacob, the mercy to Abraham: which thou hast sworn to our fathers from the days of old.

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