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肋未紀 Leviticus
1上主訓示梅瑟說: 1And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
2「你告訴亞郎和他的兒子,叫他們對以色列子民獻與我的聖物應謹慎,免得褻瀆了我的聖名:我是上主。 2Speak to Aaron and to his sons, that they beware of those things that are consecrated of the children of Israel, and defile not the name of the things sanctified to me, which they offer. I am the Lord.
3你對他們說:世世代代,你們後裔中,若有玷污不潔的,竟敢接近以色列子民獻與上主的聖物,這人應由我面前剷除:我是上主。 3Say to them and to their posterity: Every man of your race, that approacheth to those things that are consecrated, and which the children of Israel have offered to the Lord, in whom there is uncleanness, shall perish before the Lord. I am the Lord.
4亞郎的後裔中,凡患癩病或淋病的,在他未取潔以前,不可吃聖物;凡摸過死屍所染不潔之物的,或遺精的人, 4The man of the seed of Aaron, that is a leper, or that suffereth a running of the seed, shall not eat of those things that are sanctified to me, until he be healed. He that toucheth any thing unclean by occasion of the dead, and he whose seed goeth from him as in generation,
5或摸了任何能染上不潔的爬蟲,或摸了能使自己染上任何不潔的人; 5And he that toucheth a creeping thing, or any unclean thing, the touching of which is defiling,
6凡摸了這些東西的人,直到晚上是不潔的,除非他用水洗身,不准吃聖物。 6Shall be unclean until the evening, and shall not eat those things that are sanctified: but when he hath washed his flesh with water,
7太陽一落,他就潔淨了,以後可吃聖物,因為這是屬他的食物。 7And the sun is down, then being purified, he shall eat of the sanctified things, because it is his meat.
8不可吃自死或被猛獸撕裂的獸肉,免得染上不潔:我是上主。 8That which dieth of itself, and that which was taken by a beast, they shall not eat, nor be defiled therewith, I am the Lord.
9他們應遵守我的訓令,免陷於罪惡;因此褻瀆訓令的,必遭死亡:我是使他們成聖的上主。 9Let them keep my precepts, that they may not fall into sin, and die in the sanctuary, when they shall have defiled it. I am the Lord who sanctify them.
10任何族外人,不准吃聖物;司祭的客人和傭工,也不准吃聖物; 10No stranger shall eat of the sanctified things: a sojourner of the priests, or a hired servant, shall not eat of them.
11但是司祭用銀錢買來的僕人,卻可以吃;凡生在他家的人,也可以吃這食物。 11But he whom the priest hath bought, and he that is his servant, born in his house, these shall eat of them.
12司祭的女兒,如嫁給族外人為妻,不准吃作獻儀的聖物; 12If the daughter of a priest be married to any of the people, she shall not eat of those things that are sanctified, nor of the firstfruits.
13但是司祭的女兒,如成了寡婦或棄婦,因沒有兒子,又回到父家,如同她年輕時一樣,可以吃她父親的食物;但是任何族外人不得吃。 13But if she be a widow, or divorced, and having no children return to her father's house, she shall eat of her father's meats, as she was wont to do when she was a maid, no stranger hath leave to eat of them.
14如果一人因不慎而吃了聖物,應償還所吃的聖物,還應另加五分之一,交與司祭。 14He that eateth of the sanctified things through ignorance, shall add the fifth part with that which he ate, and shall give it to the priest into the sanctuary.
15司祭不應讓以色列子民褻瀆所獻與上主的聖物, 15And they shall not profane the sanctified things of the children of Israel, which they offer to the Lord:
16而使他們因吃自己獻的聖物,負起賠償的罪債;因為我是使他們成聖的上主。」 16Lest perhaps they bear the iniquity of their trespass, when they shall have eaten the sanctified things. I am the Lord who sanctify them.
17上主訓示梅瑟說: 17And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
18「你告訴亞郎和他的兒子,以及全體以色列子民說:以色列家中或住在以色列中的外方人,任何人如奉獻祭品,不管是為還願,或出於自願,獻給上主作全燔祭的, 18Speak to Aaron, and to his sons, and to all the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: The man of the house of Israel, and of the strangers who dwell with you, that offereth his oblation, either paying his vows, or offering of his own accord, whatsoever it be which he presenteth for a holocaust of the Lord,
19應是一隻無瑕的公牛,公綿羊,或公山羊,方蒙悅納。 19To be offered by you, it shall be a male without blemish of the calves, or of the sheep, or of the goats.
20凡身上有殘疾的,你們不應奉獻,因為這樣為你們決不會獲得悅納。 20If it have a blemish you shall not offer it, neither shall it be acceptable.
21如有人為還願,或出於自願,給上主奉獻牛羊作和平祭品,應是無瑕的,方蒙悅納;身上不應有任何殘疾。 21The man that offereth a victim of peace offerings to the Lord, either paying his vows, or offering of his own accord, whether of calves or of sheep, shall offer it without blemish, that it may be acceptable: there shall be no blemish in it.
22眼瞎的或殘廢的,或斷肢的,或患潰瘍的,或生痲疹的,或長癬疥的:這樣的牲畜,你們不可獻給上主;任何這樣的牲畜,不可放在祭壇上,獻給上主作火祭。 22If it be blind, or broken, or have a scar or blisters, or a scab, or a dry scurf: you shall not offer them to the Lord, nor burn any thing of them upon the Lord's altar.
23一腿太長或太短的牛或羊,你可獻為自願祭祭品;但為還願,必不蒙悅納。 23An ox or a sheep, that hath the ear and the tail cut off, thou mayst offer voluntarily: but a vow may not be paid with them.
24此外,凡睪丸傷壞,砸碎,破裂,割去的牲畜,你們不可獻給上主;在你們的地域內,萬不可舉行這樣的祭獻, 24You shall not offer to the Lord any beast that hath the testicles bruised, or crushed, or cut and taken away: neither shall you do any such thing in your land.
25也不可由外邦人手內接受這樣的牲畜,獻給你們的天主作供物,因為身上殘廢的,有缺陷的,為你們不會獲得悅納。」 25You shall not offer bread to your God, from the hand of a stranger, nor any other thing that he would give: because they are all corrupted, and defiled: you shall not receive them.
26上主訓示梅瑟說: 26And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
27「幾時牛或綿羊或山羊一生下,應七天同其母在一起;自第八天,作為上主的火祭祭品,方蒙悅納。 27When a bullock, or a sheep, or a goat, is brought forth, they shall be seven days under the udder of their dam: but the eighth day, and thenceforth, they may be offered to the Lord.
28牛羊及其幼雛,不可在同一日內宰殺。 28Whether it be a cow, or a sheep, they shall not be sacrificed the same day with their young ones.
29幾時你們給上主奉獻感恩祭,應這樣奉獻,才獲得悅納: 29If you immolate a victim for thanksgiving to the Lord, that he may be favourable,
30祭肉,應在當天吃完,不應留到次日早晨:我是上主。 30You shall eat it the same day, there shall not any of it remain until the morning of the next day. I am the Lord.
31你們應遵守我的命令,一一依照執行:我是上主。 31Keep my commandments, and do them. I am the Lord.
32不要褻瀆我的聖名,叫我在以色列子民中常被尊為聖;我是使你們成聖的上主, 32Profane not my holy name, that I may be sanctified in the midst of the children of Israel. I am the Lord who sanctify you,
33是我由埃及地領你們出來,為作你們的天主:我是上主。」 33And who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that I might be your God: I am the Lord.




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