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肋未紀 Leviticus
1上主訓示梅瑟說: 1And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
2「你對以色列子民說:以色列子民和僑居以色列的外方人中,若有人將兒女獻給摩肋客,應處死刑;當地的人應用石頭砸死他。 2Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: If any man of the children of Israel, or of the strangers, that dwell in Israel, give of his seed to the idol Moloch, dying let him die: the people of the land shall stone him.
3我必板起臉來與此人作對,將他由民間剷除,因為他將兒女獻給了摩肋客,玷污了我的聖所,褻瀆了我的聖名。 3And I will set my face against him: and I will cut him off from the midst of his people, because he hath given of his seed to Moloch, and hath defiled my sanctuary, and profaned my holy name.
4當地的人,若在這人奉獻自己的兒女給摩肋客時,竟閉目不看,而不將他處死, 4And if the people of the land neglecting, and as it were little regarding my commandment, let alone the man that hath given of his seed to Moloch, and will not kill him:
5我自己要板起臉來與這人和他的家族作對,將他和一切隨着他敬拜摩肋客的人,由他們的人民中間一律剷除。 5I will set my face against that man, and his kindred, and will cut off both him and all that consented with him, to commit fornication with Moloch, out of the midst of their people.
6若有人去求問亡魂和占卜者,跟隨他們行邪法,我必板起臉來與這人作對,將他由民間剷除。 6The soul that shall go aside after magicians, and soothsayers, and shall commit fornication with them, I will set my face against that soul, and destroy it out of the midst of its people.
7你們應成聖自己,成為聖的,因為我上主是你們的天主。 7Sanctify yourselves, and be ye holy because I am the Lord your God.
8你們應遵守我的法令,一一依照執行,我是要你們成聖的上主。 8Keep my precepts, and do them. I am the Lord that sanctify you.
9凡辱罵自己父母的,應處死刑;他辱罵了父母,應自負血債。 9He that curseth his father, or mother, dying let him die: he hath cursed his father, and mother, let his blood be upon him.
10若人與一有夫之婦通姦,即與鄰友之妻通姦,奸夫奸婦應一律處死。 10If any man commit adultery with the wife of another, and defile his neighbour's wife, let them be put to death, both the adulterer and the adulteress.
11若人與父親的妻子同寢,是揭露了父親的下體,兩人應一律處死;他們應自負血債。 11If a man lie with his stepmother, and discover the nakedness of his father, let them both be put to death: their blood be upon them.
12若人與兒媳同睡,兩人應處死;他們犯了亂倫的罪,應自負血債。 12If any man lie with his daughter in law, let both die, because they have done a heinous crime: their blood be upon them.
13若男人同男人同寢,如男之與女,做此醜事的兩人,應一律處死,應自負血債。 13If any one lie with a man as with a woman, both have committed an abomination, let them be put to death: their blood be upon them.
14若人娶妻又娶妻的母親,這是淫亂,應將他和她們用火燒死,使你們中間不致存有淫亂。 14If any man after marrying the daughter, marry her mother, he hath done a heinous crime: he shall be burnt alive with them: neither shall so great an abomination remain in the midst of you.
15若人與走獸同寢,應處死刑;走獸亦應殺死。 15He that shall copulate with any beast or cattle, dying let him die, the beast also ye shall kill.
16若女人走近任何走獸,與牠交合,應將這女人和這走獸殺死,應處死刑;他們應自負血債。 16The woman that shall lie under any beast, shall be killed together with the same: their blood be upon them.
17若人娶自己的姊妹,不論她是自己父親的女兒,或是母親的女兒,以致他看見了她的下體,她也看見了他的下體:這是可恥的事,應在本國人前將他們剷除,因為他揭露了自己姊妹的下體,應自負罪債。 17If any man take his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother, and see her nakedness, and she behold her brother's shame: they have committed a crime: they shall be slain, in the sight of their people, because they have discovered one another's nakedness, and they shall bear their iniquity.
18若人與在月經期內的女人同寢,揭露了她的下體,暴露了她的血源;她也揭露了自己的血源,應將兩人由民間剷除。 18If any man lie with a woman in her flowers, and uncover her nakedness, and she open the fountain of her blood, both shall be destroyed out of the midst of their people.
19你不可揭露你母親的姊妹,或你父親的姊妹的下體,因為這是暴露自己的肉體;他們應自負罪債。 19Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy aunt by thy mother, and of thy aunt by thy father: he that doth this, hath uncovered the shame of his own flesh, both shall bear their iniquity.
20若人與自己的叔伯母同睡,這是揭露了叔伯的下體;他們應自負罪債,絕嗣而死。 20If any man lie with the wife of his uncle by the father, or of his uncle by the mother, and uncover the shame of his near akin, both shall bear their sin: they shall die without children.
21若人娶自己兄弟之婦為妻,這是可恥的,無異是揭露了自己兄弟的下體,必然絕後。 21He that marrieth his brother's wife, doth an unlawful thing, he hath uncovered his brother's nakedness: they shall be without children.
22你們應遵守我的一切法令和我的一切規定,一一依照執行,免得我領你們去居住的地方將你們吐棄。 22Keep my laws and my judgments, and do them: lest the land into which you are to enter to dwell therein, vomit you also out.
23你們不應隨從我由你們面前要驅逐的民族的風俗,因為他們做了這一切事,我才厭惡了他們, 23Walk not after the laws of the nations, which I will cast out before you. For they have done all these things, and therefore I abhorred them.
24才對你們說:你們要佔領他們的土地;我將這流奶流蜜的地方,賜給你們作產業。是我上主你們的天主,使你們與萬民分開。 24But to you I say: Possess their land which I will give you for an inheritance, a land flowing with milk and honey. I am the Lord your God, who have separated you from other people.
25所以你們應分別潔與不潔的走獸,潔與不潔的飛禽,免得你們為不潔的走獸、飛禽,任何在地上爬行的動物,──我已給你們分別清楚,免染不潔,──玷污自己。 25Therefore do you also separate the clean beast from the unclean, and the clean fowl from the unclean: defile not your souls with beasts, or birds, or any things that move on the earth, and which I have shewn you to be unclean.
26你們於我應該是聖的,因為我上主是聖的;為此我將你們和萬民分開,好屬於我。 26You shall be holy unto me, because I the Lord am holy, and I have separated you from other people, that you should be mine.
27凡召亡魂行巫術或占卜的男女,應一律處死,應用石頭砸死;他們應自負血債。」 27A man, or woman, in whom there is a pythonical or divining spirit, dying let them die: they shall stone them: their blood be upon them.




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