Judith:Chapter 15


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友弟德傳 Judith
1營裏的人一聽說發生的事,都大驚失色, 1And when all the army heard that Holofernes was beheaded, courage and counsel fled from them, and being seized with trembling and fear they thought only to save themselves by flight:
2十分驚慌害怕,沒有兩人敢立在一起,一致蜂湧而出,沿平原和山路,四散奔逃。 2So that no one spoke to his neighbour, but hanging down the head, leaving all things behind, they made haste to escape from the Hebrews, who, as they heard, were coming armed upon them, and fled by the ways of the fields, and the paths of the hills.
3駐紮在拜突里雅周圍山地一帶的,都轉身逃走。那時,以色列子民所有的壯丁,全蜂湧而出,追趕敵人。 3So the children of Israel seeing them fleeing, followed after them. And they went down sounding with trumpets and shouting after them.
4敖齊雅也打發人到拜托瑪斯坦、貝拜、苛巴、科拉,以及以色列各地,報告所發生的事,要大家都出來襲擊敵軍,加以殲滅。 4And because the Assyrians were not united together, they went without order in their flight; but the children of Israel pursuing in one body, defeated all that they could find.
5以色列子民一聽,萬眾一心,齊來追擊敵軍,一直殺到苛巴。耶路撒冷和各山地一帶的居民,一得知敵人營中發生的事,也出來追擊;住在基肋阿得及加里肋亞的,側面痛擊,重創敵軍,追殺他們且越過了大馬士革及其屬境。 5And Ozias sent messengers through all the cities and countries of Israel.
6在拜突里雅餘下的居民,衝入亞述營盤,搶掠了大批物資。 6And every country, and every city, sent their chosen young men armed after them, and they pursued them with the edge of the sword until they came to the extremities of their confines.
7以色列子民在追殺敵人回來,拾取了很多丟棄的物資;散處在山地及平原間的村落和莊戶,也奪獲了大批的勝利品,因為敵營的物資很多。 7And the rest that were in Bethulia went into the camp of the Assyrians, and took away the spoils, which the Assyrians in their flight had left behind them, and they were laden exceedingly.
8約雅金大司祭,以及耶路撒冷元老院的長老,都來觀賞上主對以色列行的奇恩,及看望友弟德向她致賀。 8But they that returned conquerors to Bethulia, brought with them all things that were theirs, so that there was no numbering of their cattle, and beasts, and all their moveables, insomuch that from the least to the greatest all were made rich by their spoils.
9眾人一來到她那裏,就一致稱讚她說:「你是耶路撒冷的榮耀,你是以色列的大喜樂,你是我們民族的大光榮, 9And Joachim the high priest came from Jerusalem to Bethulia with all his ancients to see Judith.
10你親手完成了這一切,你為以色列做了奇蹟異事,天主也因你而喜悅。願你永遠為全能的上主所祝福!」全體民眾回答說:「但願如此!」 10And when she was come out to him, they all blessed her with one voice, saying: Thou art the glory of Jerusalem, thou art the joy of Israel, thou art the honour of our people:
11眾百姓三十天之久,搶掠敵營。他們把敖羅斐乃的帳幕,及他所有的銀器、床榻、杯盤和一切傢具,都給了友弟德。她接受了,將這一切放在騾背上,又套了車,堆在車上。 11For thou hast done manfully, and thy heart has been strengthened, because thou hast loved chastity, and after thy husband hast not known any other: therefore also the hand of the Lord hath strengthened thee, and therefore thou shalt be blessed for ever.
12以色列的婦女,全跑來看她,結隊歌舞,讚美她;友弟德自己手中拿着樹枝,也分給與她在一起的婦女。 12And all the people said: So be it, so be it.
13她與那些伴隨她的婦女,用橄欖枝編成花圈,親自走在儀仗前面,率領眾婦女歌舞;以色列的男子,都武裝起來,頭戴花冠,尾隨在後,引吭高歌。 13And thirty days were scarce sufficient for the people of Israel to gather up the spoils of the Assyrians.
14友弟德在全以色列中領唱這謝恩歌,全體民眾也高聲和唱這讚美歌。 14But all those things that were proved to be the peculiar goods of Holofernes, they gave to Judith in gold, and silver, and garments and precious stones, and all household stuff, and they all were delivered to her by the people.
15 15And all the people rejoiced, with the women, and virgins, and young men, playing on instruments and harps.




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