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友弟德傳 Judith
1敖羅斐乃向她說:「女人,放心,不要害怕,因為凡願意服侍全世界之王拿步高的,我沒有加害過。1Then Holofernes said to her: Be of good comfort, and fear not in thy heart: for I have never hurt a man that was willing to serve Nabuchodonosor the king.
2現在,你那住在山地的人民,若沒有輕視我,我也不會舉起我的戈矛攻擊他們,這是他們自作自受。2And if thy people had not despised me, I would never have lifted up my spear against them.
3現在,你告訴我,為什麼你逃開他們,來到這裡?你來若是為救你自己,你可放心!今夜以及將來,你必獲得生存!3But now tell me, for what cause hast thou left them, and why it hath pleased thee to come to us?
4因為沒有人加害你,反要優待你,如同優待我主拿步高王的臣僕一樣。」4And Judith said to him: Receive the words of thy handmaid, for if thou wilt follow the words of thy handmaid, the Lord will do with thee a perfect thing.
5友弟德回答說:「願你聽取你奴婢的話,恩准你婢女在你面前說話。我今夜決不向我主說一句謊話。5For as Nabuchodonosor the king of the earth liveth, and his power liveth which is in thee for chastising of all straying souls: not only men serve him through thee, but also the beasts of the field obey him.
6你若順從了你婢女的話,天主必藉著你順利完成你的事業;我主的計劃,必不至於失敗。6For the industry of thy mind is spoken of among all nations, and it is told through the whole world, that thou only art excellent, and mighty in all his kingdom, and thy discipline is cried up in all provinces.
7全世界之王拿步高萬歲!他的德能萬歲!他打發你來,是為謀眾生的福利,你不但叫人都服侍他,也叫野獸、家畜和空中的飛鳥,都藉著你的威權,因服侍拿步高及他的全家而生存。7It is known also what Achior said, nor are we ignorant of what thou hast commanded to be done to him.
8我們早聽說你的智慧和雄才大略,全世界都知道你是舉世無雙,能幹多謀,戰略如神的人。8For it is certain that our God is so offended with sins, that he hath sent word by his prophets to the people, that he will deliver them up for their sins.
9阿希約爾在你會議席上說的話,我們已聽到了,因為拜突里雅人救了他,他就將自己在你面前說的話,都告訴了我們。9And because the children of Israel know they have offended their God, thy dread is upon them.
10所以主帥,不要忽視他的話,反應把那些話記在心裡,因為都是真情實話:除非我們的民族犯罪得罪了自己的天主,是不會受罰的,刀劍也無能為力。10Moreover also a famine hath come upon them, and for drought of water they are already to be counted among the dead.
11但幾時行了越軌的事,就激起自己天主發怒;現在可巧,他們又犯了罪,喪亡必要臨頭,所以我主不致謀事不成,出師不利。11And they have a design even to kill their cattle, and to drink the blood of them.
12自從他們缺少食糧,飲水不敷以來,就決意要宰殺牲畜。凡天主用法律禁止吃的一切,他們也決定要吃,12And the consecrated things of the Lord their God which God forbade them to touch, in corn, wine, and oil, these have they purposed to make use of, and they design to consume the things which they ought not to touch with their hands: therefore because they do these things, it is certain they will be given up to destruction.
13連那些祝聖過的,為給在耶路撒冷於我們天主面前供職的司祭所保留下的初熟麥子,和十分之一的酒油,也決意要動用。這些東西,平民連手觸摸,也是不許的。13And I thy handmaid knowing this, am fled from them, and the Lord hath sent me to tell thee these very things.
14他們已打發使者到耶路撒冷去,──因為那裡的居民也作了同樣的事──要他們向長老院要求豁免。14For I thy handmaid worship God even now that I am with thee, and thy handmaid will go out, and I will pray to God,
15他們一得到答覆,就必實行:就在同一天內,他們必落在你手裡,而淪於滅亡。15And he will tell me when he will repay them for their sins, and I will come and tell thee, so that I may bring thee through the midst of Jerusalem, and thou shalt have all the people of Israel, as sheep that have no shepherd, and there shall not so much as one dog bark against thee:
16因此,你的婢女,我一知道這一切,就暗暗離開了他們。天主打發我來,好與你完成這件全世界一聽到,無不驚奇的事。16Because these things are told me by the providence of God.
17你的婢女原是敬畏天主的人,日夜都要服侍天上的大主。我主!如今我願住在你這裡,但是夜間,你的婢女卻要出去,到山谷中去祈求天主。幾時他們做出了犯罪的事,他必會告訴我;17And because God is angry with them, I am sent to tell these very things to thee.
18然後我來通知你,你便率領大軍出發,他們沒有一個敢抵抗你的。18And all these words pleased Holofernes, and his servants, and they admired her wisdom, and they said one to another:
19那時,我要領你取道猶太,直取耶路撒冷,在那裡建立你的寶座;你率領他們如無牧之羊,連狗也不敢向你張口吠叫。這些事,我已先知,早已說給我,通知我了。故此受命前來,轉告給你。」19There is not such another woman upon earth in look, in beauty, and in sense of words.
20她的話,使敖羅斐乃和他的眾僕從很是喜悅,都驚訝她的智慧說:20And Holofernes said to her: God hath done well who sent thee before the people, that thou mightest give them into our hands:
21「大地兩極間,再沒有一個容貌如此美麗,出言如此明智的女人!」21And because thy promise is good, if thy God shall do this for me, he shall also be my God, and thou shalt be great in the house of Nabuchodonosor, and thy name shall be renowned through all the earth.

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