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民長紀 Judges
1那時厄弗辣因人對基德紅說:「你去攻打米德楊時,沒有召叫我們,你為什麼這樣對待我們?」他們激烈地與他爭吵。 1And the men of Ephraim said to him: What is this that thou meanest to do, that thou wouldst not call us when thou wentest to fight against Madian? and they chid him sharply and almost offered violence.
2他回答他們說:「我所行的怎能比得上你們呢?厄弗辣因所拾的不比阿彼厄則爾所收的葡萄更好嗎? 2And he answered them: What could I have done like to that which you have done? Is not one bunch of grapes of Ephraim better than the vintages of Abiezer?
3天主將米德楊的首領敖勒布和則厄布交在你們手中,我所能行的怎能與你們相比?」為了他這番話,他們對他的怒氣,就平息了。 3The Lord hath delivered into your bands the princes of Madian, Oreb and Zeb: what could I have done like to what you have done? And when he had said this, their spirit was appeased, with which they swelled against him.
4基德紅來到約但河,就渡過河;他與跟隨他的三百人,雖然都疲倦,仍繼續追趕。 4And when Gedeon was come to the Jordan, he passed over it with the three hundred men, that were with him: who were so weary that they could not pursue after them that fled.
5他向穌苛特人說:「請你們給跟隨我的人幾個餅吃,因為他們疲倦了,我還願去追趕米德楊的兩個王子則巴黑和匝耳慕納。」 5And he said to the men of Soccoth: Give, I beseech you, bread to the people that is with me, for they are faint: that we may pursue Zebee, and Salmana the kings of Madian.
6穌苛特人的頭目回答說:「難道則巴黑和匝耳慕納的手已在你的掌握中,我們就該把餅送給你的軍隊嗎?」 6The princes of Soccoth answered: Peradventure the palms of the hands of Zebee and Salmana are in thy hand, and therefore thou demandest that we should give bread to thy army.
7基德紅說:「好罷!幾時上主把則巴黑和匝耳慕納交在我手中,我必要用茨條和荊棘鞭撻你們的身體。」 7And he said to them: When the Lord therefore shall have delivered Zebee and Salmana into my hands, I will thresh your flesh with the thorns and briers of the desert.
8以後由那裏上去,到了培奴耳,也向他們說了同樣的話;培奴耳人回答他也像穌苛特人一樣。 8And going up from thence, he came to Phanuel: and he spoke the like things to the men of that place. And they also answered him, as the men of Soccoth had answered.
9他也對培奴耳人說:「當我平安回來時,我必拆毀這座碉堡。」 9He said therefore to them also: When I shall return a conqueror in peace, I will destroy this tower.
10那時則巴黑和匝耳慕納正在卡爾科爾,他們的軍隊約有一萬五千人,這是全部東方子民所剩下的軍隊,因為已有十二萬持刀的被擊斃了。 10But Zebee and Salmana were resting with all their army. For fifteen thousand men were left of all the troops of the eastern people, and one hundred and twenty thousand warriors that drew the sword, were slain.
11基德紅從諾巴黑和約革波哈東面,順着住帳棚人的路上去,當敵人自以為安全的時候,襲擊了軍營, 11And Gedeon went up by the way of them that dwelt in tents, on the east of Nobe and Jegbaa, and smote the camp of the enemies, who were secure, and suspected no hurt.
12則巴黑和匝耳慕納落荒而逃,基德紅在後面追趕,捉住了那兩個米德楊王子則巴黑和匝耳慕納,並使全軍覆沒。 12And Zebee and Salmana fled, and Gedeon pursued and took them, all their host being put in confusion.
13約阿士的兒子基德紅,從戰場沿赫勒斯斜坡回來, 13And returning from the battle before the sun rising,
14捉住了穌苛特的少年人,查問他。這少年人就給他寫下穌苛特的首領和長老的名字,共七十七人。 14He took a boy of the men of Soccoth: and he asked him the names of the princes and ancients of Soccoth, and he described unto him seventy-seven men.
15基德紅遂往穌苛特人那裏去說:「看!這是則巴黑和匝耳慕納,你們為了他們曾譏笑我說:難道則巴黑和匝耳慕納的手已在你掌握中,我們就該把餅送給你疲倦的人嗎?」 15And he came to Soccoth and said to them: Behold Zebee and Salmana, concerning whom you upbraided me, saying: Peradventure the hands of Zebee and Salmana, are in thy hands, and therefore thou demandest that we should give bread to the men that are weary and faint.
16他於是捉住那城的長老,用曠野裏的茨條和荊棘懲罰了穌苛特居民。 16So he took the ancients of the city and thorns and briers of the desert, and tore them with the same, and cut in pieces the men of Soccoth.
17以後又把培奴耳的碉堡拆毀,殺戮了城內的居民。 17And he demolished the tower of Phanuel, and slew the men of the city.
18然後詢問則巴黑和匝耳慕納說:「你們在大博爾山上殺戮的那些人是怎樣的人呢?」他們答說:「他們像你們一樣,個個都像君王的兒子。」 18And he said to Zebee and Salmana: What manner of men were they whom you slew in Thabor? They answered: They were like thee, and one of them as the son of a king.
19基德紅說:「他們是我的兄弟,是我母親的兒子:上主永在:如果你們保留了他們不死,我也就不殺你們。」 19He answered them: They were my brethren, the sons of my mother. As the Lord liveth, if you had saved them, I would not kill you.
20他遂對自己的長子耶特爾說:「起來,殺死他們!」但是這孩童害怕,拔不出刀來,因為年紀還小。 20And he said to Jether his eldest son: Arise, and slay them. But he drew not his sword: for he was afraid, being but yet a boy.
21因此,則巴黑和匝耳慕納說:「你親自起來殺死我們罷!因為人怎樣,他的力量也怎樣。」基德紅就起來殺了則巴黑和匝耳慕納,拿去他們駱駝頸上的月牙環。 21And Zebee and Salmana said: Do thou rise, and run upon us: because the strength of a man is according to his age: Gedeon rose up and slew Zebee and Salmana: and he took the ornaments and bosses, with which the necks of the camels of kings are wont to be adorned.
22事後,以色列人便對基德紅說:「你既然從米德楊手中拯救了我們,請你和你的子孫作我們的君王!」 22And all the men of Israel said to Gedeon: Rule thou over us and thy son, and thy son's son: because thou hast delivered us from the hand of Madian.
23基德紅回答他們說:「我不作你們的君王,我的子孫也不作你們的君王,惟有上主是你們的君王。」 23And he said to them: I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you, but the Lord shall rule over you.
24基德紅又向他們說:「我只向你們要求一件事:請將每人掠奪的金環給我。」原來依市瑪耳人都有金環。 24And he said to them: I desire one request of you: Give me the earlets of your spoils. For the Ismaelites were accustomed to wear golden earlets.
25他們答說:「我們情願給你。」於是舖開一件外衣,每人把所掠奪的金環擲在上面。 25They answered: We will give them most willingly. And spreading a mantle on the ground, they cast upon it the earlets of the spoils.
26他所要的金環共有一千七百「協刻耳」重;此外尚有月牙環、耳環和米德楊王所穿的紫紅衣,及他們駱駝頸上的項鏈。 26And the weight of the earlets that he requested, was a thousand seven hundred sicles of gold, besides the ornaments, and jewels, and purple raiment which the kings of Madian were went to use, and besides the golden chains that were about the camels' necks.
27基德紅用這些金子造了一個「厄弗得」,安置在他本城敖弗辣。以色列眾人都到那裏行邪淫,因此這個「厄弗得」便成了基德紅及其家族的羅網。 27And Gedeon made an ephod thereof, and put it in his city Ephra. And all Israel committed fornication with it, and it became a ruin to Gedeon and to all his house.
28米德楊在以色列子民前屈服,再沒有抬起頭來。基德紅在世時,境內平安了四十年。 28But Madian was humbled before the children of Israel, neither could they any more lift up their beads: but the land rested for forty years, while Gedeon presided.
29約阿士的兒子耶魯巴耳回去,安居在自己家中。 29So Jerobaal the son of Joas went, and dwelt in his own house.
30基德紅有七十個兒子,都是他親生的,因為他有很多妻子。 30And he had seventy sons, who came out of his thigh, for he had many wives.
31他在舍根的妾也給他生了一個兒子,給他起名叫阿彼默肋客。 31And his concubine, that he had in Sichem, bore him a son, whose name was Abimelech.
32約阿士的兒子基德紅壽終正寢,埋在阿彼厄則爾的敖弗辣,他父親約阿士的墳墓裏。 32And Gedeon the son of Joas died in a good old age, and was buried in the sepulchre of his father in Ephra of the family of Ezri.
33基德紅死後,以色列子民又去跟從巴耳諸神行邪淫,立巴耳貝黎特當做他們的天主。 33But after Gedeon was dead, the children of Israel turned again, and committed fornication with Baalim. And they made a covenant with Baal, that he should be their god:
34以色列子民忘記了上主他們的天主,曾從四周所有的敵人手中救了他們, 34And they remembered not the Lord their God, who delivered them out of the hands of all their enemies round about:
35也沒有恩待耶魯巴耳即基德紅的家,以報答他施於以色列的恩惠。 35Neither did they shew mercy to the house of Jerobaal Gedeon, according to all the good things he had done to Israel.




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