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民長紀 Judges
1以色列子民又行了上主視為惡的事,上主把他們交於米德楊人手中七年之久。1And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord: and he delivered them into the hand of Madian seven years.
2米德楊人的勢力勝過了以色列,以色列子民為了防禦米德楊人,修築了山洞、地洞和山寨。2And they were grievously oppressed by them. And they made themselves dens and eaves in the mountains, and strong holds to resist.
3每逢以色列人撒種之後,米德楊人、阿瑪肋克人和東方子民就上來攻打他們;3And when Israel had sown, Madian and Amalec, and the rest of the eastern nations came up:
4對著他們紮營,毀壞地產直到迦薩一帶,沒有給以色列留下一點食糧,連羊、牛、驢也沒有留下;4And pitching their tents among them, wasted all things as they were in the blade even to the entrance of Gaza: and they left nothing at all in Israel for sustenance of life, nor sheep, nor oxen, nor asses.
5因為他們總是帶著家畜和帳棚上來,多如蝗蟲;他們來的人和駱駝多得無數,踏入境內,毀壞田地。5For they and all their flocks came with their tents, and like locusts filled all places, an innumerable multitude of men, and of camels, wasting whatsoever they touched.
6以色列為了米德楊人的原故,很是窮困,因此以色列子民呼籲了上主。6And Israel was humbled exceedingly in the sight of Madian.
7當以色列子民為了米德楊的原故,呼籲上主時,7And he cried to the Lord desiring help against the Madianites.
8上主就派了一位先知到以色列子民那裡,對他們說:「上主以色列的天主這樣說:是我使你們由埃及上來,領你們離開了為奴之家;8And he sent unto them a prophet, and he spoke: Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel: I made you to come up out of Egypt, and brought you out of the house of bondage,
9是我從埃及人的手中,從一切壓迫你們的人手中救出你們來;是我從你們面前把他們趕走,把他們的地賜給你們。9And delivered you out of the hands of the Egyptians, and of all the enemies that afflicted you: and I cast them out at your coming in, and gave you their land.
10我曾對你們說過:我是上主你們的天主,你們在阿摩黎地方,切不可敬畏他們的神!但是你們沒有聽從我的話。」10And I said: I am the Lord your God, fear not the gods of the Amorrhites, in whose land you dwell. And you would not hear my voice.
11上主的使者來到,坐在敖弗辣的一棵屬於阿彼厄則爾人約阿士的篤耨樹下,當時他的兒子基德紅正在釀酒池裡打麥子,躲避米德楊人。11And an angel of the Lord came, and sat under an oak, that was in Ephra, and belonged to Joas the father of the family of Ezri. And when Gedeon his son was threshing and cleansing wheat by the winepress, to flee from Madian,
12上主的使者顯現給他,對他說:「英勇的壯士,願上主與你同在!」12The angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said: The Lord is with thee, O most valiant of men.
13基德紅回答他說:「我主,請原諒!如果上主與我們同在,我們怎會遭遇這些困難?我祖先給我們所講過的那一切奇事,如今在那裡?他們曾向我們說過:看,是上主領我們出離埃及,但是現在上主拋棄了我們,將我們交在米德楊人的掌握中。」13And Gedeon said to him: I beseech thee, my lord, if the Lord be with us, why have these evils fallen upon us? Where are his miracles, which our fathers have told us of, saying: The Lord brought us Out of Egypt? but now the Lord hath forsaken us, and delivered us into the bands of Madian.
14上主注視他說:「憑你這種力量,你去拯救以色列脫離米德楊人的掌握。看,是我派遣你。」14And the Lord looked upon him, and said: Go in this thy strength, and then shalt deliver Israel out of the hand of Madian: know that I have sent thee.
15他回答說:「我主,請原諒!我憑什麼拯救以色列?看,我家在默納協支派中是最卑微的,我在我父親家中又是最小的一個。」15He answered and said: I beseech thee, my lord, wherewith shall I deliver Israel? Behold my family is the meanest in Manasses, and I am the least in my father's house.
16上主對他說:「有我與你同在,你必擊敗米德楊人,如擊一個人一樣。」16And the Lord said to him: I will be with thee: and thou shalt cut off Madian as one man.
17基德紅又向他說:「我若在你面前蒙恩,請你給我一個記號,證明與我說話的是你。17And he said: If I have found grace before thee, give me a sign that it is thou that speakest to me,
18請你不要離開此地,等我回到你這裡,帶來禮物,擺在你前。」他答應說:「我等你回來。」18And depart not hence, till I return to thee, and bring a sacrifice, and offer it to thee. And he answered: I will wait thy coming.
19基德紅就去預備了一隻小公山羊,又用一『厄法』麥粉作了無酵餅,把肉放在筐裡,把湯盛在罐裡,帶到篤耨樹下獻給他。19So Gedeon went in, and boiled a kid, and made unleavened loaves of a measure of flour: and putting the flesh in a basket, and the broth of the flesh into a pot, he carried all under the oak, and presented to him.
20天主的使者對他說:「拿出肉和無酵餅來,放在這磐石上,把湯倒出來!」他就照樣作了。20And the angel of the Lord said to him: Take the flesh and the unleavened loaves, and lay them upon that rock, and pour out the broth thereon. And when he had done so,
21上主的使者遂伸出手中拿的棍杖,杖頭一觸及肉和無酵餅,磐石便起火,把肉和無酵餅吞噬了;上主的使者便從他眼前隱沒了。21The angel of the Lord put forth the tip of the rod, which he held in his hand, and touched the flesh and the unleavened loaves: and there arose a fire from the rock, and consumed the flesh and the unleavened loaves: and the angel of the Lord vanished out of his sight.
22基德紅遂知道他是上主的使者說:「哎呀!我主上主,我竟然面對面地看見上主的使者!」22And Gedeon seeing that it was the angel of the Lord, said: Alas, my Lord God: for I have seen the angel of the Lord face to face.
23但上主對他說:「你放心!不必害怕,你不會死!」23And the Lord said to him: Peace be with thee: fear not, thou shalt not die.
24基德紅就在那裡給上主立了一座祭壇,稱為雅威沙隆;至今還在阿彼厄則爾人的敖弗辣那裡。24And Gedeon built there an altar to the Lord, and called it the Lord's peace, until this present day. And when he was yet in Ephra, which is of the family of Ezri,
25當夜上主對他說:「取你父親的一隻牛,即那隻七歲的肥牛,以後拆毀你父親的巴耳祭壇,打碎旁邊的阿舍辣;25That night the Lord said to him: Take a bullock of thy father's, and another bullock of seven years, and thou shalt destroy the altar of Baal, which is thy father's: and cut down the grove that is about the altar:
26給上主你的天主在這磐石頂上建一座祭壇,準備妥當,將那隻肥牛獻為全燔祭,用打碎的阿舍辣作木柴。」26And thou shalt build an altar to the Lord thy God in the top of this rock, whereupon thou didst lay the sacrifice before: and thou shalt take the second bullock, and shalt offer a holocaust upon a pile of the wood, which thou shalt cut down out of the grove.
27基德紅就從僕人中選出十個人,照上主吩咐他的作了;但因為害怕父親的家人和城裡的人,不敢在白天行事,就在黑夜作了。27Then Gedeon taking ten men of his servants, did as the Lord had commanded him. But fearing his father's house, and the men of that city, he would not do it by day, but did all by night.
28城裡的人早晨起來,看見巴耳的祭壇已毀,旁邊所有的阿舍辣也被打碎,那隻肥牛也獻於新築的祭壇上,28And when the men of that town were risen in the morning, they saw the altar of Baal destroyed, and the grove cut down, and the second bullock laid upon the altar, which then was built.
29就彼此詢問說:「誰作了這事?」經過考察追問之後,斷定說:「必是約阿士的兒子基德紅作了這事。」29And they said one to another: Who hath done this? And when they inquired for the author of the fact, it was said: Gedeon the son of Joas did all this.
30因此本城的人對約阿士說:「將你的兒子交出來,將他處死!因為他拆毀了巴耳的祭壇,打碎了旁邊的阿舍辣。」30And they said to Joas: Bring out thy son hither, that he may die: because he hath destroyed the altar of Baal, and hath cut down his grove.
31約阿士回答所有反對他的人說:「你們要為巴耳辯護麼?或者你們要救助他嗎?誰為他辯護,明天早晨便該處以死刑!他如果是神,讓他為自己辯護罷!因為有人拆毀了他的祭壇。」31He answered them: Are you the avengers of Baal, that you fight for him? he that is his adversary, let him die before tomorrow light appear: if he be a god, let him revenge himself on him that hath cast down his altar.
32因此當天人就稱基德紅為「耶魯巴耳」,好像說:「讓巴耳與他爭辯,因為基德紅拆毀了他的祭壇。」32From that day Gedeon was called Jerobaal, because Joss had said: Let Baal revenge himself on him that hath cast down his altar.
33那時,米德楊、阿瑪肋克和東方子民都聚集起來,過了河,在依次勒耳平原安了營。33Now all Madian, and Amalec, and the eastern people were gathered together, and passing over the Jordan, camped in the valley of Jezrael.
34上主的神充滿了基德紅,他一吹號角,阿彼厄則爾人便應召前來跟隨他;34But the spirit of the Lord came upon Gedeon, and be sounded the trumpet and called together the house of Abiezer, to follow him.
35他又打發使者走遍默納協,默納協人也應召前來跟隨他;他又打發使者往阿協爾、則步隆和納斐塔里去,他們也都上來與他們會合。35And he sent messengers into all Manasses, and they also followed him: and other messengers into Aser and Zabulon and Nephtali, and they came to meet him.
36基德紅就對天主說:「如果你按你所說的,真要藉我的手拯救以色列,36And Gedeon said to God: If thou wilt save Israel by my hand, as thou hast said,
37看我將剪下的一把羊毛放在禾場上,若露水單單落在羊毛上,而遍地都是乾的,那麼我便曉得,如你所說的,你真要藉我的手拯救以色列。」37I will put this fleece of wool on the floor: if there be dew on the fleece only, and it be dry on all the ground beside, I, shall know that by my hand, as thou hast said, thou wilt deliver Israel.
38次日清早起來,果然如此,基德紅把羊毛一擰,從羊毛裡擰出一碗露水。38And it was so. And rising before day wringing the fleece, he filled a vessel with the dew.
39基德紅又向天主說:「如果我再說一次,求你別對我發怒!請讓我用這羊毛再試一次:單單羊毛是乾的,而遍地都是露水。」39And he said again to God: let not thy wrath be kindled against me if I try once more, seeking a sign in the fleece. I pray that the fleece only may be dry, and all the ground wet with dew.
40那一夜天主果然這樣作了,單單羊毛是乾的,而遍地都是露水。40And God did that night as he had requested: and it was dry on the fleece only, and there was dew on all the ground.

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