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民長紀 Judges
1厄胡得死後,以色列子民又行了上主視為惡的事。 1And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord after the death of Aod,
2因此上主將他們交在客納罕王雅賓手中,他當時在哈祚爾為王,他的軍長息色辣駐紮在哈洛舍特哥因。 2And the Lord delivered them up into the hands of Jaban king of Chanaan, who reigned in Asor: and he had a general of his army named Sisara, and he dwelt in Haroseth of the Gentiles.
3因為雅賓王有九百輛鐵甲車,極力壓迫以色列子民已有二十年之久,以色列子民遂呼籲上主。 3And the children of Israel cried to the Lord: for he had nine hundred chariots set with scythes, and for twenty years had grievously oppressed them.
4當時有一位女先知德波辣是拉丕多特的妻子,作以色列的民長。 4And there was at that time Debbora a prophetess the wife of Lapidoth, who judged the people,
5她常坐在厄弗辣因山地、辣瑪和貝特耳中間的那棵德波辣棕樹下,以色列子民都到她那裏去聽判斷。 5And she sat under a palm tree, which was called by her name, between Rama and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for all judgment.
6她打發人從納斐塔里刻德士把阿彼諾罕的兒子巴辣克叫來,對他說:「這是上主以色列的天主的命令:你要從納斐塔里和則步隆子孫中,率領一萬人向大博爾山進發: 6And she sent and called Barac the son of Abinoem out of Cedes in Nephtali: and she said to him: The Lord God of Israel hath commanded thee: Go, and lead an army to mount Thabor, and thou shalt take with thee ten thousand fighting men of the children of Nephtali, and of the children of Zabulon:
7我要引領雅賓的將軍息色辣和他的車輛軍隊到克雄河畔,到你跟前來,把他交在你手中。」 7And I will bring unto thee in the place of the torrent Cison, Sisara the general of Jabin's army, and his chariots, and all his multitude, and will deliver them into thy hand.
8巴辣克對她說:「你若同我去,我就去;你若不同我去,我就不去。」 8And Barac said to her: If thou wilt come with me, I will go: if thou wilt not come with me, I will not go.
9她回答說:「我一定同你去,但是你此行並無光榮,因為上主要把息色辣交在一個女子手中。」於是德波辣起身同巴辣克往刻德士去了。 9She said to him: I will go indeed with thee, but at this time the victory shall not be attributed to thee, because Sisara shall be delivered into the hand of a woman. Debbora therefore arose, and went with Barac to Cedes.
10巴辣克召集則步隆和納斐塔里的子孫到刻德士去,跟他上去的有一萬人,德波辣也同他上去了。 10And he called unto him Zabulon and Nepbtali, and went up with ten thousand fighting men, having Debbora in his company.
11那時刻尼人赫貝爾離開別的刻尼人,離開梅瑟的姻親曷巴布的子孫,在刻德士附近的匝阿納寧橡樹旁支搭了帳幕。 11Now Haber the Cinite had some time before departed from the rest of the Cinites his brethren the sons of Hobab, the kinsman of Moses: and had pitched his tents unto the valley which is called Sellnim, and was near Cedes.
12有人報告息色辣:阿彼諾罕的兒子巴辣克已上了大博爾山。 12And it was told Sisara, that Barac the son of Ablinoem was gone up to mount Thabor:
13息色辣遂召集他所有的車輛,即那九百輛鐵甲車,和隨從他的全軍,從哈洛舍特哥因出來。到了克雄河畔。 13And he gathered together his nine hundred chariots armed with scythes, and all his army from Haroseth of the Gentiles to the torrent Cison.
14德波辣對巴辣克說:「起來!因為今天上主已把息色辣交在你手中。上主不是走在你前面嗎?」於是巴辣克從大博爾山下來,那一萬人跟在他後面。 14And Debbora said to Barac: Arise, for this is the day wherein the Lord hath delivered Sisara into thy hands: behold he is thy leader. And Barac went down from mount Thabor, and ten thousand fighting men with him.
15當時上主用利劍在巴辣克前面擾亂了息色辣和他的車輛以及他的軍隊,息色辣下車,徒步逃跑了。 15And the Lord struck a terror into Sisara, and all his chariots, and all his multitude, with the edge of the sword, at the sight of Barac, insomuch that Sisara leaping down from off his chariot, fled away on foot.
16巴辣克就追趕車輛和軍隊,直追到哈洛舍特哥因;息色辣的全軍都喪身刀下,一個也沒有剩下。 16And Barac pursued after the fleeing chariots and the army unto Haroseth of the Gentiles, and all the multitude of the enemies was utterly destroyed.
17息色辣徒步逃到刻尼人赫貝爾的妻子雅厄耳的帳幕那裏,因為哈祚爾王雅賓和刻尼人赫貝爾的家族相安無事。 17But Sisara fleeing came to the tent of Jahel the wife of Haber the Cinite, for there was peace between Jabin the king of Asor, and the house of Haber the Cinite.
18雅厄耳出來迎接息色辣,向他說:「我主!請你躲起來,躲在我這裏,不必害怕!」他就躲在她的帳幕裏;雅厄耳就用毯子蓋住他。 18And Jahel went forth to meet Sisara, and said to him: Come in to me, my lord, come in, fear not. He went in to her tent, and being covered by her with a cloak,
19息色辣對她說:「請給我一點水喝!因為我渴了。」她就打開皮囊給他奶喝,然後又蓋住他。 19Said to her: Give me, I beseech thee, a little water, for I am very thirsty. She opened a bottle of milk, and gave him to drink, and covered him.
20息色辣又向她說:「你站在帳幕門口,若有人來問你說:這裏有人嗎?你就回答說:沒有。」 20And Sisara said to her: Stand before the door of the tent, and when any shall come and inquire of thee, saying: Is there any man here? thou shalt say: There is none.
21那時,赫貝爾的妻子雅厄耳取了一根帳棚上的木橛,手裏拿着鎚子,悄悄走到息色辣前,把木橛釘在他的太陽穴裏,一直釘到地上; 21So Jahel Haber's wife took a nail of the tent, and taking also a hammer: and going in softly, and with silence, she put the nail upon the temples of his head, and striking it With the hammer, drove it through his brain fast into the ground: and so passing from deep sleep to death, he fainted away and died.
22那時他正疲乏熟睡,就這樣死去。那時巴辣克正在追趕息色辣,雅厄耳出來迎接他,對他說:「來!我給你看看你所追尋的人。」他來到她那裏,看,息色辣已躺在那裏死了!木橛在他的太陽穴中。 22And behold Barac came pursuing after Sisara: and Jahel went out to meet him, and said to him: Come, and I will shew thee, the man whom thou seekest. And when he came into her tent, be saw Sisara lying dead, and the nail fastened in his temples.
23這樣,那一天天主在以色列子民面前制伏了客納罕王雅賓。 23So God that day humbled Jabin the king of Chanaan before the children of Israel:
24以色列子民的力量日漸強大,超過了客納罕王雅賓,直到將他消滅。 24Who grew daily stronger, and with a mighty hand overpowered Jabin king of Chanaan, till they quite destroyed him.




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