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民長紀 Judges
1當以色列尚沒有君王時,有一個肋未人寄居在厄弗辣因山地邊境;他由猶大白冷娶了一個女子為妾。 1There was a certain Levite, who dwelt on the side of mount Ephraim, who took a wife of Bethlehem Juda:
2那妾對他發怒,就離開他回了猶大白冷的父家,在那裏住了四個月。 2And she left him and returned to her father's house in Bethlehem, and abode with him four months.
3她的丈夫起來,帶着一個僕人,牽了兩匹驢去找她,想去慰問她,勸她回來;當他來到那女子的父家時,那少女的父親一望見他,就喜喜歡歡地來迎接他。 3And her husband followed her, willing to be reconciled with her, and to speak kindly to her, and to bring her back with him, having with him a servant and two asses: and she received him, and brought him into her father's house. And when his father in law had heard this, and had seen him, he met him with joy,
4他的岳父,即那少女的父親,留他在家裏住了三日,他們在那裏一齊喫喝居住。 4And embraced the man. And the son in law tarried in the house of his father in law three days, eating with him and drinking familiarly.
5第四天他們一早起來,肋未人起身要走,那少女的父親就對女婿說:「你們先用些餅,吃點點心,然後再走。」 5But on the fourth day arising early in the morning he desired to depart. But his father in law kept him, and said to him: Taste first a little bread, and strengthen thy stomach, and so thou shalt depart.
6於是他們二人坐下一起喫喝;少女的父親對那人說:「請你賞面,再住一夜,再高興高興!」 6And they sat down together, and ate and drank. And the father of the young woman said to his son in law: I beseech thee to stay here today, and let us make merry together.
7那人起身要走,但他的岳父挽留了他,他又在那裏過了一夜。 7But he rising up began to be for departing. And nevertheless his father in law earnestly pressed him, and made him stay with him.
8第五天他一早起來要走,但那少女的父親又說:「請先吃些點心!」於是二人又一同吃東西,直到日已西斜, 8But when morning was come, the Levite prepared to go on his journey. And his father in law said to him again: I beseech thee to take a little meat, and strengthening thyself, till the day be farther advanced, afterwards thou mayest depart. And they ate together.
9那人和他的妾連他的僕人起身要走,他的岳父,即那少女的父親,對他說:「你看,天已晚了,今天在這裏再過一夜,再高興高興,明天清早起來,上路回家去罷!」 9And the young man arose to set forward with his wife and servant. And his father in law spoke to him again: Consider that the day is declining, and draweth toward evening: tarry with me today also, and spend the day in mirth, and tomorrow thou shalt depart, that thou mayest go into thy house.
10但是,那人不願再過一夜,就帶着他的妾和僕人,以及備好的兩匹驢起身走了,來到耶步斯,即耶路撒冷的對面。 10His son in law would not consent to his words: but forthwith went forward and came over against Jebus, which by another name is called Jerusalem, leading with him two asses laden, and his concubine.
11當他們臨近耶步斯時,日已西垂,僕人就對主人說:「來,讓我們轉去,到這座耶步斯人城裏去投宿!」 11And now they were come near Jebus, and the day was far spent: and the servant said to his master: Come, I beseech thee, let us turn into the city of the Jebusites, and lodge there.
12主人回答他說:「我們不可進入這座不屬以色列子民的外方人的城,我們往基貝亞去罷! 12His master answered him: I will not go into the town of another nation, who are not of the children of Israel, but I will pass over to Gabaa:
13他又對僕人說:「來!我們到一個地方去投宿,或在基貝亞,或在辣瑪。」 13And when I shall come thither, we will lodge there, or at least in the city of Rama.
14於是他們又上路前行,當來近本雅明的基貝亞時,太陽已經落了。 14So they passed by Jebus, and went on their journey, and the sun went down upon them when they were by Gabaa, which is in the tribe of Benjamin:
15他們遂進了基貝亞,在那裏投宿;他們進城後,就坐在城內街市上,因為沒有人收留他們在家中過宿。 15And they turned into it, to lodge there. And when they were come in, they sat in the street of the city, for no man would receive them to lodge.
16有一個老人晚上由田間工作回來,他原是厄弗辣因山地的人,寄居在基貝亞;本地人卻是本雅明人。 16And behold they saw an old man, returning out of the field and from his work in the evening, and he also was of mount Ephraim, and dwelt as a stranger in Gabaa; but the men of that country were the children of Jemini.
17那老人舉目,看見在城中街市上有個過路的人,就問說:「你往那裏去?從那裏來?」 17And the old man lifting up his eyes, saw the man sitting with his bundles in the street of the city, and said to him: Whence comest thou? and whither goest thou?
18肋未人回答他說:「我們是從猶大白冷來,往厄弗辣因山地的邊境去。我本是那地方的人,我去過猶大白冷,現在要回家去,但沒有人收留我到自己家裏去。 18He answered him: We came out from Bethlehem Juda, and we are going to our home, which is on the side of mount Ephraim, from whence we went to Bethlehem: and now we go to the house of God, and none will receive us under his roof:
19其實我有糧草餵驢,為我和你的婢女以及跟隨你僕人的這個青年人,都有食糧和酒,一無所缺。」 19We have straw and hay for provender of the asses, and bread and wine for the use of myself and of thy handmaid, and of the servant that is with me: we want nothing but lodging.
20那老人對他說:「你放心罷!你所需要的都由我供給,只不可在街上過夜。」 20And the old man answered him: Peace be with thee: I will furnish all things that are necessary: only I beseech thee, stay not in the street.
21他遂領他到自己家裏,餵上驢,他們洗了腳,以後就吃喝起來。 21And he brought him into his house, and gave provender to his asses: and after they had washed their feet, he entertained them with a feast.
22他們正滿懷高興的時候,看,本城的一些無賴之徒,圍住房屋敲門,對作家主的老人說:「把剛才到你家的那個人領出來,我們要認識他。」 22While they were making merry, and refreshing their bodies with meat and drink, after the labour of the journey, the men of that city, sons of Belial, (that is, without yoke,) came and beset the old man's house, and began to knock at the door, calling to the master of the house, and saying: Bring forth the man that came into thy house, that we may abuse him.
23家主出來見他們,對他們說:「兄弟們,不要如此!請你不要行這樣的惡事!這人既進了我的家,你們決不能行這醜事! 23And the old man went out to them, and said: Do not so, my brethren, do not so wickedly: because this man is come into my lodging, and cease I pray you from this folly.
24這裏有我的女兒還是處女,我領她出來,你們可任意污辱她,任憑你們待她;但是對於這人,你們決不可作這種醜事!」 24I have a maiden daughter, and this man hath a concubine, I will bring them out to you, and you may humble them, and satisfy your lust: only, I beseech you, commit not this crime against nature on the man.
25但是那些人不願聽他;客人就抓住自己的妾,把她交給了他們,他們就認識了她,整夜污辱她,直到早晨,在破曉的時候纔放了她。 25They would not be satisfied with his words; which the man seeing, brought out his concubine to them, and abandoned her to their wickedness: and when they had abused her all the night, they let her go in the morning.
26天快亮的時候,那女子回到留她主人住宿的那人屋前,跌倒在那裏,直到天亮。 26But the woman, at the dawning of the day, came to the door of the house where her lord lodged, and there fell down.
27早晨,當她的主人起來開門,出去要動身起程時,看見那女人,即他的妾,伏在門口,她的手扶在門限上, 27And in the morning the man arose, and opened the door that he might end the journey he had begun: and behold his concubine lay before the door with her hands spread on the threshold.
28就對她說:「起來!我們走罷!」然而沒有人回答他;那人便把她馱在驢上,起身回了本地。 28He thinking she was taking her rest, said to her: Arise, and let us be going. But as she made no answer, perceiving she was dead, he took her up, and laid her upon his ass, and returned to his house.
29到了家裏,拿起刀來,握住自己的妾,把她的肢體切成十二塊,送到以色列全境, 29And when he was come home he took a sword, and divided the dead body of his wife with her bones into twelve parts, and sent the pieces into all the borders of Israel.
30吩咐他所派遣的人說:「你們要對以色列人這樣說:自從以色列子民由埃及地上來那一日,直到今日,是否發生過這樣的事?大家想一想,決定之後,請說出來。」凡看見的都說:「自從以色列子民由埃及地上來那一日,直到今日,從未發生過,也未見過這樣的事。」 30And when every one had seen this, they all cried out: There was never such a thing done in Israel from the day that our fathers came up out of Egypt, until this day: give sentence, and decree in common what ought to be done.




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