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民長紀 Judges
1厄弗辣因人集合起來,過河到了匝豐,對依弗大說:「當你去攻打阿孟子民時,為什麼沒有召我們與你同去?我們要用火把你的房屋同你一起燒掉。」 1But behold there arose a sedition in Ephraim. And passing towards the north, they said to Jephte: When thou wentest to fight against the children of Ammon, why wouldst thou not call us, that we might go with thee? Therefore we will burn thy house.
2依弗大回答他們說:「我與我的人民同阿孟子民激戰的時候,我曾向你們求救,但你們沒有來救我們脫離他們的手。 2And he answered them: I and my people were at great strife with the children of Ammon: and I called you to assist me, and you would not do it.
3我見你們沒人來援助,我就拼命猛攻阿孟子民,上主遂將他們交在我手中;那麼,你們為什麼今天上來攻擊我?」 3And when I saw this, I put my life in my own hands, and passed over against the children of Ammon, and the Lord delivered them into my hands. What have I deserved, that you should rise up to fight against me?
4於是依弗大召集基肋阿得所有的人同厄弗辣因作戰;基肋阿得人擊潰了厄弗辣因人。(因為厄弗辣因人曾說過:你們基肋阿得人是從厄弗辣因跑出來的,散居在厄弗辣因人中,在默納協人中。) 4Then calling to him all the men of Galaad, he fought against Ephraim: and the men of Galaad defeated Ephraim, because he had said: Galaad is a fugitive of Ephraim, and dwelleth in the midst of Ephraim and Manasses.
5基肋阿得人為了反擊厄弗辣因人,先佔據了約但河渡口;逃跑的厄弗辣因人說:「容我過去罷!」基肋阿得人就問:「你是厄弗辣因人嗎?」如果說:「不是。」 5And the Galaadites secured the fords of the Jordan, by which Ephraim was to return. And when any one of the number of Ephraim came thither in the flight, and said: I beseech you let me pass: the Galaadites said to him: Art thou not an Ephraimite? If he said: I am not:
6基肋阿得人就對他說:「你說『史波肋特』!」如果他不能照樣說出,而說成「斯波肋特」,就捉住他,在約但渡口殺了;在這種情形下,厄弗辣因人就死了四萬二千。 6They asked him: Say then, Scibboleth, which is interpreted, An ear of corn. But he answered, Sibboleth, not being able to express an ear of corn by the same letter. Then presently they took him and killed him in the very passage of the Jordan. And there fell at that time of Ephraim two and forty thousand.
7依弗大作以色列的民長共計六年;以後基肋阿得人依弗大死了,埋葬在基肋阿得本城。 7And Jephte the Galaadite judged Israel six years: and he died, and was buried in his city of Galaad.
8在他以後,有貝特肋恒人依貝贊作以色列民長。 8After him Abesan of Bethlehem judged Israel:
9他有三十個兒子,三十個女兒;女兒們都嫁到外鄉;為自己的三十個兒子,從外鄉娶了三十房媳婦。他作以色列民長七年。 9He had thirty sons, and as many daughters, whom he sent abroad, and gave to husbands, and took wives for his sons of the same number, bringing them into his house. And he judged Israel seven years:
10依貝贊死後,葬在貝特肋恒。 10And he died, and was buried in Bethlehem.
11在他以後,有則步隆人厄隆作以色列民長,他作以色列民長十年。 11To him succeeded Ahialon a Zabulonite: and he judged Israel ten years:
12則步隆人厄隆死後,埋葬在則步隆的阿雅隆。 12And he died, and was buried in Zabulon.
13在他以後,有丕辣通人希肋耳的兒子阿貝冬作以色列民長。 13After him Abdon, the son of Illel, a Pharathonite, judged Israel:
14他有四十個兒子,三十個孫子,騎着七十匹驢駒。他作以色列民長八年。 14And he had forty sons, and of them thirty grandsons, mounted upon seventy ass colts, and he judged Israel eight years:
15丕辣通人希肋耳的兒子阿貝冬死後,埋葬在厄弗辣因的丕辣通,即在阿瑪肋克山地內。 15And he died, and was buried in Pharathon in the land of Ephraim, in the mount of Amalech.




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