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若蘇厄書 Joshua
1以後上主對若蘇厄說:「你不要害怕,不要膽怯,只管率領所有的軍民,前去進攻哈依城。看,我已將哈依王,他的百姓、城池和土地,都交在你手中。 1And the Lord said to Josue: Fear not, nor be thou dismayed: take with thee all the multitude of fighting men, arise and go up to the town of Hai. Behold I have delivered into thy hand the king thereof, and the people, and the city, and the land.
2你要對待哈依城和哈依王,如同對待耶里哥和耶里哥王一樣;只有城中的戰利品和牲畜,你們可據為己有。你應在城後面,設下攻城的伏兵。」 2And thou shalt do to the city of Hai, and to the king thereof, as thou hast done to Jericho, and to the king thereof: but the spoils and all the cattle you shall take for a prey to yourselves: lay an ambush for the city behind it.
3若蘇厄於是與所有的軍民起身前去進攻哈依城。若蘇厄選了三萬精兵,派他們黑夜出發, 3And Josue arose, and all the army of the fighting men with him, to go up against Hai: and he sent thirty thousand chosen valiant men in the night,
4吩咐他們說:「你們要注意,在城那邊,即在城後面埋伏下,不可離城太遠,個個都要戒備; 4And commanded them, saying: Lay an ambush behind the city: and go not very far from it: and be ye all ready.
5我和我率領的人,向城推進;當他們像前次一樣出來迎擊我們時,我們就由他們面前逃走, 5But I and the rest of the multitude which is with me; will approach on the contrary side against the city. And when they shall come out against us, we will flee, and turn our backs, as we did before:
6他們一定出來追趕我們。我們將他們誘出城來,他們必說:這些人像前次一樣,又由我們面前逃走了。我們就由他們面前逃走。 6Till they pursuing us be drawn farther from the city: for they will think that we flee as before.
7那時你們應從埋伏的地方出來,佔領城市,上主你們的天主必將這城交在你們手中。 7And whilst we are fleeing, and they pursuing, you shall arise out of the ambush, and shall destroy the city: and the Lord your God will deliver it into our hands.
8你們一佔領了城,就放火燒城,全照上主的話執行。你們應注意我吩咐你們的事。」 8And when you shall have taken it, set it on fire, and you shall do all things so as I have commanded.
9若蘇厄就打發他們去了。他們便開到埋伏的地方,停在貝特耳和哈依之間,在哈依西面。那一夜若蘇厄便在百姓中間過了夜。 9And he sent them away, and they went on to the place of the ambush, and abode between Bethel and Hai, on the west side of the city of Hai. But Josue stayed that night in the midst of the people,
10若蘇厄清早起來,點齊軍民;然後和以色列的長老,在軍人前頭向哈依城進發。 10And rising early in the morning, he mustered his soldiers, and went up with the ancients in the front of the army environed with the aid of the fighting men.
11跟隨他的所有軍人也都一齊進發,迫近城下,在哈依北面紮了營。原來在他和哈依中間隔着一個山谷。 11And when they were come, and were gone up over against the city, they stood on the north side of the city, between which and them there was a valley in the midst.
12若蘇厄調了約五千人,令他們埋伏在貝特耳與哈依之間,即在哈依西面。 12And he had chosen five thousand men, and set them to lie in ambush between Bethel and Hai, on the west side of the same city:
13這樣城北的軍民和城西的伏兵,都嚴陣以待。當夜若蘇厄就在谷中過了夜。 13But all the rest of the army went in battle array on the north side, so that the last of that multitude reached to the west side of the city. So Josue went that night, and stood in the midst of the valley.
14哈依王一見這情形,便和全城的人急忙起來,到了面對阿辣巴的山坡,要和以色列人交戰,但他沒有料到城後面還有伏兵。 14And when the king of Hai saw this, he made haste in the morning, and went out with all the army of the city, and set it in battle array toward the desert, not knowing that there lay an ambush behind his back.
15若蘇厄和以色列人在他們面前詐敗,沿着往曠野的路奔逃, 15But Josue, and all Israel gave back, making as if they were afraid, and fleeing by the way of the wilderness.
16城中的人盡被徵調,在後追趕。當他們追趕若蘇厄時,都被誘出城來; 16But they shouting together, and encouraging one another, pursued them. And when they were come from the city,
17在哈依和貝特耳沒有留下一個人不出來追趕以色列人的。他們拋下敞開的城門,都去追趕以色列人。 17And not one remained in the city of Hai and of Bethel, that did not pursue after Israel, leaving the towns open as they had rushed out,
18這時上主對若蘇厄說:「將你手中的短劍指向哈依城,因為我即將這城交於你手中。」若蘇厄便將手中的短劍指向哈依城。 18The Lord said to Josue: Lift up the shield that is in thy hand, towards the city of Hai, for I will deliver it to thee.
19他一伸手,伏兵即由埋伏的地方奮起,衝進城中,將城佔領,急速放火燒城。 19And when he had lifted up his shield towards the city, the ambush that lay hid, rose up immediately: and going to the city, took it and set it on fire.
20哈依人回頭,看見城內濃煙沖天,都沒有了往前後逃跑的力量,因為此時向曠野奔逃的以色列人,忽轉過身來還擊追趕自己的哈依人。 20And the men of the city, that pursued after Josue, looking back and seeing the smoke of the city rise up to heaven, had no more power to flee this way or that way: especially as they that had counterfeited flight, and were going toward the wilderness, turned back most valiantly against them that pursued.
21若蘇厄和全以色列人見伏兵已奪了城,城內煙氣上騰,便轉身回來擊殺哈依人。 21So Josue and all Israel seeing that the city was taken, and that the smoke of the city rose up, returned and slew the men of Hai.
22伏兵也由城中出來夾擊,哈依人便被包圍在以色列人中間,前後受敵;以色列人將他們完全殺盡,沒有留下一個,也沒有逃走一個。 22And they also that had taken and set the city on fire, issuing out of the city to meet their own men, began to cut off the enemies who were surrounded by them. So that the enemies being cut off on both sides, not one of so great a multitude was saved.
23他們生擒了哈依王,把他解到若蘇厄面前。以色列人在曠野的平原上,殺盡了追趕自己的一切哈依居民,哈依人全都死於刀下; 23And they took the king of the city of Hai alive, and brought him to Josue.
24以後,全以色列人又回到哈依,殺盡城中的人。 24So all being slain that had pursued after Israel in his flight to the wilderness, and tailing by the sword in the same place, the children of Israel returned and laid waste the city.
25那天被殺的人,男女共計一萬二千,都是哈依人。 25And the number of them that fell that day, both of men and women, was twelve thousand persons all of the city of Hai.
26若蘇厄在沒有殺盡哈依的一切居民前,一直沒有收回自己手中所持的短劍。 26But Josue drew not back his hand, which he had stretched out on high, holding the shield, till all the inhabitants of Hai were slain.
27惟有城中的牲畜和財物,以色列人依照上主吩咐若蘇厄的話,據為己有。 27And the children of Israel divided among them the cattle and the prey of the city, as the Lord had commanded Josue.
28然後若蘇厄焚毀哈依城,使之永遠成為廢墟,時至今日,仍是一片荒涼; 28And he burned the city, and made it a heap for ever:
29又將哈依王懸在樹上,直到黃昏;日落時,若蘇厄令人將他的死屍從樹上卸下,丟在城門口,在他身上又堆了一大堆石頭,直存到今日。 29And he hung the king thereof on a gibbet until the evening and the going down of the sun. Then Josue commanded, and they took down his carcass from the gibbet: and threw it in the very entrance of the city, heaping upon it a great heap of stones, which remaineth until this present day.
30那時,若蘇厄在厄巴耳山,為上主以色列的天主,築了一座祭壇; 30Then Josue built an altar to the Lord the God of Israel in mount Hebal,
31全照上主的僕人梅瑟向以色列子民所吩咐的,全照梅瑟法律書上所記載的,用沒有動過鐵器的整塊石頭,築了一座祭壇,在上面向上主獻了全燔祭,祭殺了和平祭犧牲。 31As Moses the servant of the Lord had commanded the children of Israel, and it is written in the book of the law of Moses: an altar of unhewn stones which iron had not touched: and he offered upon it holocausts to the Lord, and immolated victims of peace offerings.
32若蘇厄又在那裏將梅瑟當着以色列子民的面所寫的法律,刻在石頭上。 32And he wrote upon stones the Deuteronomy of the law of Moses, which he had ordered before the children of Israel.
33以色列全體民眾和他們的長老、領袖、判官,連僑居的人和土生的人,一半向着革黎斤山,一半向着厄巴耳山,正如上主的僕人梅瑟,當初為祝福以色列百姓所命令的。 33And all the people, and the ancients, and the princes and judges stood on both sides of the ark, before the priests that carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord, both the stranger and he that was born among them, half of them by mount Garizim, and half by mount Hebal, as Moses the servant of the Lord had commanded. And first he blessed the people of Israel.
34以後若蘇厄將法律上祝福和詛咒的一切話,全照法律書上所記載的,宣讀了一遍。 34After this he read all the words of the blessing and the cursing and all things that were written in the hook of the law.
35凡梅瑟所吩咐的一切話,若蘇厄在以色列全會眾前,連婦孺和寄居在他們中的外僑在內,沒有一句不向他們宣讀的。 35He left out nothing of those things which Moses had commanded, but he repeated all before all the people of Israel, with the women and children and strangers that dwelt among them.




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