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若蘇厄書 Joshua
1耶里哥城門緊緊關閉,無人出入,以防以色列子民。1Now Jericho was close shut up and fenced, for fear of the children of Israel, and no man durst go out or come in.
2上主對若蘇厄說:「看!我已將耶里哥和城中的王子,精銳的戰士,都交在你手中。2And the Lord said to Josue: Behold I have given into thy hands Jericho, and the king thereof, and all the valiant men.
3你們所有的戰士要圍繞這城轉一遭,這樣轉六天。3Go round about the city, all ye fighting men, once a day: so shall ye do for six days.
4七位司祭要帶著七個羊角號,在約櫃前面行走;但第七天,要圍繞城轉七遭,並且司祭要吹號角。4And on the seventh day the priests shall take the seven trumpets, which are used in the jubilee, and shall go before the ark of the covenant: and you shall go about the city seven times, and the priests shall sound the trumpets.
5當羊角號吹起長聲時,你們聽見了號角的響聲時,眾百姓應當高聲喊叫;那時城牆必要坍塌,百姓個個要往前直衝。」5And when the voice of the trumpet shall give a longer and broken tune, and shall sound in your ears, all the people shall shout together with a very great shout, and the walls of the city shall fall to the ground, and they shall enter in every one at the place against which they shall stand.
6農的兒子若蘇厄將司祭召來,對他們說:「你們應抬著約櫃,七位司祭帶著七個羊角號,走在上主約櫃的前面。」6Then Josue the son of Nun called the priests, and said to them: Take the ark of the covenant: and let seven other priests take the seven trumpets of the jubilee, and march before the ark of the Lord.
7然後,又對百姓說:「你們要前去圍著城轉,先鋒隊要走在上主約櫃的前面。」7And he said to the people: Go, and compass the city, armed, marching before the ark of the Lord.
8若蘇厄對百姓說完話以後,那七位帶著七個羊角號的司祭,走在上主前面,吹著號角,上主的約櫃跟在他們後面。8And when Josue had ended his words, and the seven priests blew the seven trumpets before the ark of the covenant of the Lord,
9先鋒隊走在吹號角的司祭前面,後衛隨著約櫃,一面走,一面吹號角。9And all the armed men went before, the rest of the common people followed the ark, and the sound of the trumpets was heard on all sides.
10若蘇厄向百姓下令說:「你們不可叫喊,不可叫人聽到你們的聲音,連一句話也不可出口,直到我給你們說:「叫喊」那天,你們纔可叫喊。10But Josue had commanded the people, saying: You shall not shout, nor shall your voice be heard, nor any word go out of your mouth: until the day come wherein I shall say to you: Cry, and shout.
11這樣上主的約櫃圍城轉了一遭後,眾人就回到營中,在營中過夜。11So the ark of the Lord went about the city once a day, and returning into the camp, abode there.
12若蘇厄清早起來,司祭又抬起上主的約櫃,12And Josue rising before day, the priests took the ark of the Lord,
13七位司祭帶了七個羊角號,走在上主約櫃前面,一面走,一面吹號角;先鋒隊走在他們前面,後衛隨在上主約櫃後面,一面走,一面吹號角。13And seven of them seven trumpets, which are used in the jubilee: and they went before the ark of the Lord walking and sounding the trumpets: and the armed men went before them, and the rest of the common people followed the ark, and they blew the trumpets.
14第二天他們圍城轉了一遭後,又回到營中;他們這樣行了六天。14And they went round about the city the second day once, and returned into the camp. So they did six days.
15到了第七天,早晨黎明時,他們起來,照樣圍城轉了七遭。惟獨這一天圍城轉了七遭。15But the seventh day, rising up early, they went about the city, as it was ordered, seven times.
16到了第七遭,司祭們吹起了號角,若蘇厄吩咐百姓說:「你們叫喊,因為上主已將這城交給了你們。16And when in the seventh going about the priests sounded with the trumpets, Josue said to all Israel: Shout: for the Lord hath delivered the city to you:
17這城和城中所有的一切,都應完全毀滅,歸於上主,只有妓女辣哈布和她家中的人口可以生存,因為她隱藏了我們所派的使者。17And let this city be an anathema, and all things that are in it, to the Lord. Let only Rahab the harlot live, with all that are with her in the house: for she hid the messengers whom we sent.
18但你們要小心,不可私自取用這些應毀滅之物,免得你們貪心,竊取應毀滅之物,使以色列全營遭受詛咒,陷於不幸。18But beware ye lest you touch ought of those things that are forbidden, and you be guilty of transgression, and all the camp of Israel be under sin, and be troubled.
19至於所有的金銀,以及銅鐵的器皿,都應奉獻給上主,歸入上主的府庫。」19But whatsoever gold or silver there shall be, or vessels of brass and iron, let it be consecrated to the Lord, laid up in his treasures.
20百姓於是叫喊,號聲四起;百姓一聽見了號角聲,放聲大叫,城牆便坍塌了;百姓遂上了城,個個向前直衝,攻陷了那城。20So all the people making a shout, and the trumpets sounding, when the voice and the sound thundered in the ears of the multitude, the walls forthwith fell down: and every man went up by the place that was over against him: and they took the city,
21將城中所有的一切,不論男女老幼,牛羊驢馬,都用利劍殺盡。21And killed all that were in it, man and woman, young and old. The oxen also and the sheep, and the asses, they slew with the edge of the sword.
22若蘇厄吩咐偵探這地的那兩個人說:「你們到那妓女家裡去,照你們對她起的誓,將那女人和她所有的家人,從那裡領出來。」22But Josue said to the two men that had been sent for spies: Go into the harlot's house, and bring her out, and all things that are hers, as you assured her by oath.
23那兩個年輕偵探就去將辣哈布和她的父母、兄弟和她所有的家人,並她所有的親戚,都領出來,安置在以色列營外。23And the young men went in and brought out Rahab, and her parents, her brethren also and all her goods and her kindred, and made them to stay without the camp.
24此後眾人將城和城中所有的一切都用火燒了;惟獨把金銀以及銅鐵的器皿,送入上主居所的府庫中。24But they burned the city, and all things that were therein; except the gold and silver, and vessels of brass and iron, which they consecrated into the treasury of the Lord.
25至於妓女辣哈布與她父家,並她所有的家人,若蘇厄使之生存,直到今天,她還住在以色列人中,因為她隱藏了若蘇厄派去偵探耶里哥的兩個使者。25But Josue saved Rahab the harlot and her father's house, and all she had, and they dwelt in the midst of Israel until this present day: because she hid the messengers whom he had sent to spy out Jericho. At that time, Josue made an imprecation, saying:
26那時若蘇厄起誓說:「凡著手重建這耶里哥城的人,在上主面前是可咒罵的。他奠基時必喪失長子,安門時必喪失幼兒。」26Cursed be the man before the Lord, that shall raise up and build the city of Jericho. In his firstborn may he lay the foundation thereof, and in the last of his children set up its gates.
27上主與若蘇厄同在,他的名聲傳遍了那一帶地方。27And the Lord was with Josue, and his name was noised throughout all the land.

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