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若蘇厄書 Joshua
1住在約但河西岸所有的阿摩黎人的王子,和所有靠近海濱的客納罕人的王子,一聽見上主使約但河水在以色列子民面前乾涸了,直到他們都過了河,無不膽戰心驚,面對以色列子民,個個嚇得魂不附體。 1Now when all the kings of the Amorrhites, who dwelt beyond the Jordan westward, and all the kings of Chanaan, who possessed the places near the great sea, had heard that the Lord had dried up the waters of the Jordan before the children of Israel, till they passed over, their heart failed them, and there remained no spirit in them, fearing the coming in of the children of Israel.
2那時上主對若蘇厄說:「你應製造火石刀,再給以色列子民行割損。」 2At that time the Lord said to Josue: Make thee knives of stone, and circumcise the second time the children of Israel.
3若蘇厄就製造了火石刀,在阿辣羅特山丘給以色列子民行了割損。 3He did what the Lord had commanded, and he circumcised the children of Israel in the hill of the foreskins.
4若蘇厄行割損的原因,是因為由埃及出來的眾百姓,所有能作戰的男子,出埃及後,都死在曠野的路上。 4Now this is the cause of the second circumcision: All the people that came out of Egypt that were males, all the men fit for war, died in the desert, during the time of the long going about in the way.
5出離埃及的百姓,都受過割損,但在離開埃及以後,生於曠野路途的百姓,都沒有受過割損。 5Now these were all circumcised. But the people that were born in the desert,
6以色列子民在曠野裏漂泊了四十年,直到全民眾,即出離埃及能作戰的男子都去了世,因為他們沒有聽從上主的話,所以上主曾向他們起誓,決不許他們看到上主向他們的祖先起誓,要賜給我們的那流奶流蜜的地方。 6Luring the forty years of the journey in the wide wilderness, were uncircumcised: till all they were consumed that had not heard the voice of the Lord, and to whom he had sworn before, that he would not shew them the land flowing with milk and honey.
7但為接替他們,上主興起了他們的子孫,若蘇厄就給他們行了割損,──他們仍有包皮,因為他們在路上沒有受過割損。 7The children of these succeeded in the place of their fathers, and were circumcised by Josue: for they were uncircumcised even as they were born, and no one had circumcised them in the way.
8民眾全受了割損以後,便住在營中,直到痊癒。 8Now after they were all circumcised, they remained in the same place of the camp, until they were healed.
9上主於是對若蘇厄說:「今天我由你們身上割去了埃及的恥辱。」因此,那地方直到今天叫作基耳加耳。 9And the Lord said to Josue: This day have I taken away from you the reproach of Egypt. And the name of that place was called Galgal, until this present day.
10以色列子民在基耳加耳紮了營;正月十四日晚上,在耶里哥平原舉行了逾越節。 10And the children of Israel abode in Galgal, and they kept the phase on the fourteenth day of the month, at evening, in the plains of Jericho:
11逾越節次日,他們吃了當地的出產,即在那一天,吃了無酵餅和烤的麥子。 11And they ate on the next day unleavened bread of the corn of the land, and frumenty of the same year.
12他們吃了當地的出產的次日,「瑪納」就停止了。以色列子民既沒有了「瑪納」,那年就以客納罕地的出產為生。 12And the manna ceased after they ate of the corn of the land, neither did the children of Israel use that food any more, but they ate of the corn of the present year of the land of Chanaan.
13當若蘇厄走近耶里哥時,舉目一望,看見一個人立在他面前,手持脫鞘的刀。若蘇厄走到那人面前問他說:「你是我們的人,還是我們仇敵的人?」 13And when Josue was in the field of the city of Jericho, he lifted up his eyes, and saw a man standing over against him: holding a drawn sword, and he went to him, and said: Art thou one of ours, or of our adversaries?
14那人回答說:「不,我是上主軍旅的元帥,剛來到這裏。」若蘇厄便俯伏至地,向他下拜說:「我主有什麼事要指示自己的僕人呢?」 14And he answered: No: but I am prince of the host of the Lord, and now I am come.
15上主軍旅的元帥對若蘇厄說:「將你腳上的鞋脫下,因為你站的地方是聖地。」若蘇厄便照著作了。 15Josue fell on his face to the ground. And worshipping, add: What saith my lord to his servant?
16 16Loose, saith he, thy shoes from off thy feet: for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Josue did as was commanded him.




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