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若蘇厄書 Joshua
1眾百姓一過了約但河,上主就吩咐若蘇厄說: 1And when they were passed over, the Lord said to Josue:
2「你該由百姓中,挑選十二人,每支派一人, 2Choose twelve men, one of every tribe:
3命令他們說:你們要從這裏,從約但河中,由司祭的腳站立的地方,取十二塊石頭,帶到你們今夜住宿的地方去。」 3And command them to take out of the midst of the Jordan, where the feet of the priests stood, twelve very hard stones, which you shall set in the place of the camp, where you shall pitch your tents this night.
4若蘇厄於是將他由以色列子民中選定的十二人,每支派一人召了來, 4And Josue called twelve men, whom he had chosen out of the children of Israel, one out of every tribe,
5對他們說:「你們由上主你們天主的約櫃面前走過,到約但河中心,依照以色列子民支派的數目,各取一塊石頭,放在肩上, 5And he said to them: Go before the ark of the Lord your God to the midst of the Jordan, and carry from thence every man a stone on your shoulders, according to the number of the children of Israel,
6在你們中間作為紀念;日後你們的子孫問起你們:這些石頭有什麼意思? 6That it may be a sign among you and when your children shall ask you tomorrow, saying: What mean these stones?
7你們要告訴他們說:約但河的水,在上主約櫃前曾一度中斷,正在約櫃過約但河時,約但河的水便中斷了。這些石頭,為以色列子民將作永遠的記念。」 7You shall answer them: The waters of the Jordan ran off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, when it passed over the same: therefore were these atones set for a monument of the children of Israel for ever.
8以色列子民就照若蘇厄所吩咐的作了:依上主對若蘇厄所說的,按照以色列子民支派的數目,由約但河中心取了十二塊石頭,搬到他們紮營的地方,把石頭放在那裏。 8The children of Israel therefore did as Josue commanded them, carrying out of the channel of the Jordan twelve stones, as the Lord had commanded him, according to the number of the children of Israel, unto the place wherein they camped, and there they set them.
9若蘇厄又在約但河中心,抬約櫃的司祭的腳站立的地方,豎立了十二塊石頭;這些石頭直到今天,還留在那裏。 9And Josue put other twelve stones in the midst of the channel of the Jordan, where the priests stood that carried the ark of the covenant: and they are there until this present day.
10抬約櫃的司祭站在約但河中央,直至上主命令若蘇厄告訴百姓的一切事,全照梅瑟吩咐若蘇厄的辦完了,百姓纔趕快過去。 10Now the priests that carried the ark, stood in the midst of the Jordan till all things were accomplished which the Lord had commanded Josue to speak to the people, and Moses had said to him. And the people made haste and passed over.
11眾百姓過了河以後,上主的約櫃和司祭纔過去,仍走在百姓的前面。 11And when they had all passed over, the ark also of the Lord passed over, and the priests went before the people.
12勒烏本人、加得人和默納協半支派的人,依照梅瑟對他們吩咐的,武裝起來,在以色列子民前首先過去; 12The children of Ruben also and Gad, and half the tribe of Manasses, went armed before the children of Israel as Moses had commanded them.
13約有四萬武裝部隊由上主面前走過,向耶里哥平原進發,準備作戰。 13And forty thousand fighting men by their troops, and bands, marched through the plains and fields of the city of Jericho.
14那一天,上主在眾以色列面前,顯揚了若蘇厄;在他有生之日,百姓敬重他如敬重梅瑟一樣。 14In that day the Lord magnified Josue in the sight of all Israel, that they should fear him, as they had feared Moses, while he lived.
15上主吩咐若蘇厄說: 15And he said to him:
16「你命令抬約櫃的司祭,由約但河裏上來。」 16Command the priests, that carry the ark of the covenant, to come up out of the Jordan.
17若蘇厄便吩咐司祭說:「你們由約但河裏上來。」 17And he commanded them, saying: Come ye up out of the Jordan.
18抬上主約櫃的司祭由約但河一上來,他們的腳一着旱地,約但河的水即刻回流原處,如同先前一樣漲到兩岸。 18And when they that carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord, were come up, and began to tread on the dry ground, the waters returned into the channel, and ran as they were wont before.
19正月初十,百姓由約但河上來以後,在耶里哥東邊的基耳加耳紮了營。 19And the people came up out of the Jordan, the tenth day of the first month, and camped in Galgal, over against the east side of the city of Jericho.
20若蘇厄將從約但河取來的那十二塊石頭,立在基耳加耳; 20And the twelve stones which they had taken out of the channel of the Jordan, Josue pitched in Galgal,
21然後吩咐以色列子民說:「日後你們的子孫,若問他們的父老說:這些石頭有什麼意思? 21And said to the children of Israel: When your children shall ask their fathers, tomorrow, and shall say to them: What mean these stones?
22你們就告訴你們的子孫說:以色列曾在旱地上過了這約但河, 22You shall teach them and say: Israel passed over this Jordan through the dry channel.
23因為上主你們的天主,曾在你們面前使約但河水乾涸,直到你們都過了河,正如上主你們的天主,在我們面前使紅海乾涸,直到我們都過了海一樣, 23The Lord your God drying up the waters thereof in your sight, until you passed over:
24為叫地上萬民認識上主的手如何強而有力,為叫你們從此時常敬畏上主,你們的天主。 24As he had done before in the Red Sea, which he dried up till we passed through:
25 25That all the people of the earth may learn the most mighty hand of the Lord, that you also may fear the Lord your God for ever.




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