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若蘇厄書 Joshua
1若蘇厄清早起來,同所有的以色列子民由史廷出發,來到了約但河,住在那裏,等候過河。 1And Josue rose before daylight, and removed the camp: and they departed from Setim, and came to the Jordan, he, and all the children of Israel, and they abode there for three days.
2過了三天,官長走遍全營, 2After which, the heralds went through the midst of the camp,
3吩咐百姓說:「你們一看見上主你們天主的約櫃,和抬約櫃的肋未人,你們便由你們所住的地方起身,跟着它走, 3And began to proclaim: When you shall see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the priests of the race of Levi carrying it, rise you up also, and follow them as they go before:
4好使你們知道你們應走的路,因為這條路你們從來沒有走過。但在你們與約櫃之間,應相隔二千肘,不可走近約櫃。」 4And let there be between you and the ark the space of two thousand cubits: that you may see it afar off, and know which way you must go: for you have not gone this way before: and take care you come not near the ark.
5若蘇厄對百姓說:「你們應該自潔,因為上主明天要在你們中間行神蹟。」 5And Josue said to the people: Be ye sanctified: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.
6若蘇厄又吩咐司祭說:「你們抬起約櫃,在百姓前過河。」他們遂抬起約櫃,走在百姓前面。 6And he said to the priests: Take up the ark of the covenant, and go before the people. And they obeyed his commands, and took it up and walked before them.
7上主對若蘇厄說:「今天我要開始在眾以色列眼前顯揚你,使他們知道我要與你同在,有如我過去與梅瑟同在一樣。 7And the Lord said to Josue: This day will I begin to exalt thee before Israel: that they may know that as I was with Moses, so I am with thee also.
8你吩咐抬約櫃的司祭說:「你們一到約但河的水邊,就停在約但河邊。」 8And do thou command the priests that carry the ark of the covenant, and say to them: When you shall have entered into part of the water of the Jordan, stand in it.
9若蘇厄又吩咐以色列子民說:「你們前來靜聽上主你們天主的話。」 9And Josue said to the children of Israel: Come hither and hear the word of the Lord your God.
10若蘇厄遂說:「你們由此可知道,永生的天主是在你們中間,他必從你們面前,將客納罕人、赫特人、希威人、培黎齊人、基爾加士人、阿摩黎人和耶步斯人趕走。 10And again he said: By this you shall know that the Lord the living God is in the midst of you, and that he shall destroy before your sight the Chanaanite and the Hethite, the Hevite and the Pherezite, the Gergesite also and the Jebusite, and the Amorrhite.
11看大地主宰的約櫃要在你們前面渡過約但河。 11Behold the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth shall go before you into the Jordan.
12現在,你們應從以色列支派中,挑選十二人,每支派一人。 12Prepare ye twelve men of the tribes of Israel, one of every tribe.
13當抬大地的主宰上主約櫃的司祭的腳掌,一踏入約但河的水,約但河的水就必中斷,由上流下的水要停住,像一道堤。」 13And when the priests, that carry the ark of the Lord the God of the whole earth, shall set the soles of their feet in the waters of the Jordan, the waters that are beneath shall run down and go off: and those that come from above, shall stand together upon a heap.
14當百姓起程離開帳幕要過約但河時,司祭抬着約櫃,走在百姓的前面。 14So the people went out of their tents, to pass over the Jordan: and the priests that carried the ark of the covenant. went on before them.
15當抬約櫃的司祭到了約但河,他們的腳一踏入水邊,──原來約但河在整個收割期間,水常漲至河岸── 15And as soon as they came into the Jordan, and their feet were dipped in part of the water, (now the Jordan, it being harvest time, had filled the banks of its channel,)
16水就停住了:由上流下的水像一道堤,停在很遠的地方,遠至匝爾堂附近的阿當城;往下流入阿辣巴海,即鹽海的水,已全退去;於是百姓在耶里哥對面過了河。 16The waters that came down from above stood in one place, and swelling up like a mountain, were seen afar off from the city that is called Adom, to the place of Sarthan: but those that were beneath, ran down into the sea of the wilderness (which now is called the Dead Sea) until they wholly failed.
17當全以色列人在旱地上渡過時,抬上主約櫃的司祭穩立在約但河中的旱地上,直到全民眾都渡過約但河。 17And the people marched over against Jericho: and the priests that carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord, stood girded upon the dry ground in the midst of the Jordan, and all the people passed over through the channel that was dried up.




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