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若蘇厄書 Joshua
1這地方既然已被征服,以色列子民的全會眾就都聚集到史羅,在那裡豎起了會幕。1And all the children of Israel assembled together in Silo, and there they set up the tabernacle of the testimony, and the land was subdued before them.
2以色列子民中,還有七個支派沒有分得產業。2But there remained seven tribes of the children of Israel, which as yet had not received their possessions.
3若蘇厄對以色列子民說:「你們遲遲不去,承受上主你們祖先的天主賜與你們的土地,要到什麼時候呢?3And Josue said to them: How long are you indolent and slack, and go not in to possess the land which the Lord the God of your fathers hath given you?
4你們應由每支派推選三人,我好派他們去走遍全境,按照各支派應得的產業,畫成圖樣,然後回來見我。4Choose of every tribe three men, that I may send them, and they may go and compass the land, and mark it out according to the number of each multitude: and bring back to me what they have marked out.
5他們應將那地分成七份,猶大保有自己在南方的土地,若瑟家族保有自己在北方的土地。5Divide to yourselves the land into seven parts: let Juda be in his bounds on the south side, and the house of Joseph on the north.
6你們應將這地劃成七份,把圖樣帶來見我,使我好在這裡,於上主我們的天主面前,為你們抽籤。6The land in the midst between these mark ye out into seven parts; and you shall come hither to me, that I may cast lots for you before the Lord your God.
7肋未人在你們中間不應有產業,因為上主司祭的品位,就是他們的產業。至於加得、勒烏本和默納協半個支派,在約但河東岸已分得了產業,那是上主的僕人梅瑟分給他們的。」7For the Levites have no part among you, but the priesthood of the Lord is their inheritance. And Gad and Ruben, and the half tribe of Manasses have already received their possessions beyond the Jordan eastward: which Moses the servant of the Lord gave them.
8這些人準備出發時,若蘇厄吩咐這些去繪圖的人說:「你們去走遍這地,畫成圖樣,然後回來見我,我要在史羅於上主面前為你們抽籤。」8And when the men were risen up, to go to mark out the land, Josue commanded them, saying: Go round the land and mark it out, and return to me: that I may cast lots for you before the Lord in Silo.
9這些人就去走遍全境,將所有城市分成七分,寫在書冊上,回到史羅營中呈給若蘇厄。9So they went: and surveying it divided it into seven parts, writing them down in a book. And they returned to Josue, to the camp in Silo.
10若蘇厄便在史羅於上主面前,為他們抽籤,在那裡按照他們的分法,將地分給了以色列子民。10And he cast lots before the Lord in Silo, and divided the land to the children of Israel into seven parts.
11本雅明支派按他們的家族,抽籤分得的產業,是在猶大子孫和若瑟子孫中間。11And first came up the lot of the children of Benjamin by their families, to possess the land between the children of Juda, and the children of Joseph.
12北面的邊界起自約但河,沿耶里哥北面的山坡往上,至西面山地,直達貝特阿文曠野;12And their border northward was from the Jordan: going along by the side of Jericho on the north side, and thence going up westward to the mountains, and reaching to the wilderness of Bethaven,
13再由此經路次,沿路次即貝特耳南面山坡,下至阿塔洛特阿達爾,與在下貝特曷龍南部的山相接,13And passing along southward by Luza, the same is Bethel: and it goeth down into Ataroth-addar to the mountain, that is on the south of the nether Beth-horon.
14西面的邊界由此轉彎,折往南方,由貝特曷龍對面的山向南折,直達猶大人的克黎雅特巴耳,即克黎雅特耶阿陵城:這是西界。14And it bendeth thence going round towards the sea, south of the mountain that looketh towards Beth-horon to the southwest: and the outgoings thereof are into Cariathbaal, which is called also Cariathiarim, a city of the children of Juda. This is their coast towards the sea, westward.
15南界是從克黎雅特耶阿陵的邊界起,向加斤伸展,直達乃費托亞水泉;15But on the south side the border goeth out from part of Cariathiarim towards the sea, and cometh to the fountain of the waters of Nephtoa.
16由此往下直達位於勒法因平原北部,本希農山谷對面的山角;然後往下,經希農山谷,下至耶步斯人山腰南部,直達洛革耳泉;16And it goeth down to that part of the mountain that looketh on the valley of the children of Ennom: and is over against the north quarter in the furthermost part of the valley of Raphaim, and it goeth down into Geennom (that is the valley of Ennom) by the side of the Jebusite to the south: and cometh to the fountain of Rogel,
17由此轉北,出舍默士水泉,直至阿杜明山坡對面的革里羅特,再下至勒烏本人波罕的盤石;17Passing thence to the north, and going out to Ensemes, that is to say, the fountain of the sue:
18由此經貝特阿辣巴對面山腰的北部,直下到阿辣巴;18And it passeth along to the hills that are over against the ascent of Adommim: and it goeth down to Abenboen, that is, the stone of Been the son of Ruben: and it passeth on the north side to the champaign countries; and goeth down into the plain,
19再經貝特曷革拉山脊向北,止於鹽海北端,約但河南口:這是南界。19And it passeth by Bethhagla northward: and the outgoings thereof are towards the north of the most salt sea at the south end of the Jordan:
20東邊以約但河為界:以上是本雅明子孫,按照家族,分得土地的四面邊界。20Which is the border of it on the east side. This is the possession of the children of Benjamin by their borders round about, and their families.
21本雅明支派子孫按照家族,分得的城市:有耶里哥、貝特曷革拉、厄默客刻漆茲、21And their cities were, Jericho and Bethhagla and Vale-Casis,
22貝特阿辣巴、責瑪辣因、貝特耳、22Betharaba and Samaraim and Bethel,
23阿威、帕辣、敖斐辣、23And Avim and Aphara and Ophera,
24革法爾阿摩尼、敖弗尼和革巴:共計十二座城和所屬村鎮。24The town Emona and Ophni and Gabee: twelve cities, and their villages.
25基貝紅、辣瑪、貝洛特、25Gabam and Rama and Beroth,
26米茲培、革非辣、摩匝、26And Mesphe, and Caphara, and Amosa,
27勒耿、依爾培耳、塔辣拉、27And Recem, Jarephel and Tharela,
28責拉、厄肋夫、耶步斯即耶路撒冷、基貝亞和克黎雅特耶阿陵:共計十四座城和所屬村鎮:以上是本雅明的子孫,按照家族分得的產業。28And Sela, Eleph and Jebus, which is Jerusalem, Gabaath and Cariath: fourteen cities, and their villages. This is the possession of the children of Benjamin by their families.

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