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若望福音 John
1有一個病人,名叫拉匝祿,住在伯達尼,即瑪利亞和她姐姐瑪爾大所住的村莊。 1Now there was a certain man sick, named Lazarus, of Bethania, of the town of Mary and Martha her sister.
2瑪利亞就是那曾用香液傅抹過主,並用自己的頭髮擦乾過他腳的婦人,患病的拉匝祿是她的兄弟。 2(And Mary was she that anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair: whose brother Lazarus was sick.)
3他們姊妹二人便派人到耶穌那裏說:「主啊,你所愛的病了!」 3His sisters therefore sent to him, saying: Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick.
4耶穌聽了,便說:「這病不至於死,只是為彰顯天主的光榮,並為叫天主子因此受到光榮。」 4And Jesus hearing it, said to them: This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God: that the Son of God may be glorified by it.
5耶穌素愛瑪爾大及她的妹妹和拉匝祿。 5Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister Mary, and Lazarus.
6當他聽說拉匝祿病了,仍在原地逗留了兩天。 6When he had heard therefore that he was sick, he still remained in the same place two days.
7此後,纔對門徒說:「我們再往猶太去罷!」 7Then after that, he said to his disciples: Let us go into Judea again.
8門徒向他說:「辣彼,近來猶太人圖謀砸死你,你又要往那裏去麼?」 8The disciples say to him: Rabbi, the Jews but now sought to stone thee: and goest thou thither again?
9耶穌回答說:「白日不是有十二個時辰麼?人若在白日行路,不會碰跌,因為看得見這世界的光; 9Jesus answered: Are there not twelve hours of the day? If a man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world:
10人若在黑夜行路,就要碰跌,因為他沒有光。」 10But if he walk in the night, he stumbleth, because the light is not in him.
11耶穌說了這些話,又給他們說:「我們的朋友拉匝祿睡着了,我要去叫醒他。」 11These things he said; and after that he said to them: Lazarus our friend sleepeth; but I go that I may awake him out of sleep.
12門徒便對他說:「主,若是他睡着了,必定好了。」 12His disciples therefore said: Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well.
13耶穌原是指他的死說的,他們卻以為他是指安眠睡覺說的。 13But Jesus spoke of his death; and they thought that he spoke of the repose of sleep.
14然後,耶穌就明明地向他們說:「拉匝祿死了。 14Then therefore Jesus said to them plainly: Lazarus is dead.
15為了你們,我喜歡我不在那裏,好叫你們相信;我們到他那裏去罷!」 15And I am glad, for your sakes, that I was not there, that you may believe: but let us go to him.
16號稱狄狄摩的多默便向其他的同伴說:「我們也去,同他一起死罷!」 16Thomas therefore, who is called Didymus, said to his fellow disciples: Let us also go, that we may die with him.
17耶穌一到了伯達尼,得知拉匝祿在墳墓裏已經四天了。 17Jesus therefore came, and found that he had been four days already in the grave.
18伯達尼靠近耶路撒冷,相距約十五「斯塔狄」, 18(Now Bethania was near Jerusalem, about fifteen furlongs off.)
19因而有許多猶太人來到瑪爾大和瑪利亞那裏,為她們兄弟的死安慰她們。 19And many of the Jews were come to Martha and Mary, to comfort them concerning their brother.
20瑪爾大一聽說耶穌來了,便去迎接他;瑪利亞仍坐在家裏。 20Martha therefore, as soon as she heard that Jesus had come, went to meet him: but Mary sat at home.
21瑪爾大對耶穌說:「主你在這裏,我的兄弟決不會死! 21Martha therefore said to Jesus: Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.
22就是現在,我也知道:你無論向天主求什麼,天主必要賜給你。」 22But now also I know that whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.
23耶穌對她說:「你的兄弟必定要復活。」 23Jesus saith to her: Thy brother shall rise again.
24瑪爾大說:「我知道在末日復活時,他必要復活。」 24Martha saith to him: I know that he shall rise again, in the resurrection at the last day.
25耶穌對她說:「我就是復活,就是生命;信從我的,即使死了,仍要活着; 25Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, although he be dead, shall live:
26凡活着而信從我的人,必永遠不死。你信麼?」 26And every one that liveth, and believeth in me, shall not die for ever. Believest thou this?
27她回答說:「是的,主,我信你是默西亞,天主子,要來到世界上的那一位。」 27She saith to him: Yea, Lord, I have believed that thou art Christ the Son of the living God, who art come into this world.
28她說了這話,就去叫她的妹妹瑪利亞,偷偷地說:「師傅來了,他叫你。」 28And when she had said these things, she went, and called her sister Mary secretly, saying: The master is come, and calleth for thee.
29瑪利亞一聽說,立時起身到耶穌那裏去了。 29She, as soon as she heard this, riseth quickly, and cometh to him.
30那時,耶穌還沒有進村莊,仍在瑪爾大迎接他的地方。 30For Jesus was not yet come into the town: but he was still in that place where Martha had met him.
31那些同瑪利亞在家,安慰她的猶太人,見她急忙起身出去,便跟着她,以為她往墳墓上去哭泣。 31The Jews therefore, who were with her in the house, and comforted her, when they saw Mary that she rose up speedily and went out, followed her, saying: She goeth to the grave to weep there.
32當瑪利亞來到耶穌所在的地方,一看見他,就俯伏在他腳前,向他說:「主!若是你在這裏,我的兄弟決不會死!」 32When Mary therefore was come where Jesus was, seeing him, she fell down at his feet, and saith to him: Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.
33耶穌看見她哭泣,還有同她一起來的猶太人也哭泣,便心神感傷,難過起來, 33Jesus, therefore, when he saw her weeping, and the Jews that were come with her, weeping, groaned in the spirit, and troubled himself,
34遂說:「你們把他安放在那裏?」他們回答說:「主,你來,看罷!」 34And said: Where have you laid him? They say to him: Lord, come and see.
35耶穌流淚了。 35And Jesus wept.
36於是猶太人說:「看,他多麼愛他啊!」 36The Jews therefore said: Behold how he loved him.
37其中有些人說:「這個開了瞎子眼睛的,豈不能使這人也不死 麼?」 37But some of them said: Could not he that opened the eyes of the man born blind, have caused that this man should not die?
38耶穌心中又感傷起來,來到墳墓前。這墳墓是個洞穴,前面有一塊石頭堵着。 38Jesus therefore again groaning in himself, cometh to the sepulchre. Now it was a cave; and a stone was laid over it.
39耶穌說:「挪開這塊石頭!」死者的姐姐瑪爾大向他說:「主!已經臭了,因為已有四天了。」 39Jesus saith: Take away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith to him: Lord, by this time he stinketh, for he is now of four days.
40耶穌對她說:「我不是告訴過你:如果你信,就會看到天主的光榮嗎?」 40Jesus saith to her: Did not I say to thee, that if thou believe, thou shalt see the glory of God?
41他們便挪開了石頭;耶穌舉目向上說:「父啊!我感謝你,因為你俯聽了我。 41They took therefore the stone away. And Jesus lifting up his eyes said: Father, I give thee thanks that thou hast heard me.
42我本來知道你常常俯聽我,但是,我說這話,是為了四周站立的群眾,好叫他們信是你派遣了我。」 42And I knew that thou hearest me always; but because of the people who stand about have I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.
43說完這話,便大聲喊說:「拉匝祿!出來罷!」 43When he had said these things, he cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth.
44死者便出來了,腳和手都纏着布條,面上還蒙着汗巾。耶穌向他們說:「解開他,讓他行走罷。」 44And presently he that had been dead came forth, bound feet and hands with winding bands; and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus said to them: Loose him, and let him go.
45那些來到瑪利亞那裏的猶太人,一看到耶穌所行的事,就有許多人信了他。 45Many therefore of the Jews, who were come to Mary and Martha, and had seen the things that Jesus did, believed in him.
46他們中也有一些到法利塞人那裏去,把耶穌所行的,報告給他 們。 46But some of them went to the Pharisees, and told them the things that Jesus had done.
47因此,司祭長和法利塞人召集了會議,說:「這人行了許多奇跡,我們怎麼辦呢? 47The chief priests therefore, and the Pharisees, gathered a council, and said: What do we, for this man doth many miracles?
48如果讓他這樣,眾人都會信從他,羅馬人必要來,連我們的聖殿和民族都要除掉。」 48If we let him alone so, all will believe in him; and the Romans will come, and take away our place and nation.
49他們中有一個名叫蓋法的,正是那一年的大司祭,對他們說:「你們什麼都不懂, 49But one of them, named Caiphas, being the high priest that year, said to them: You know nothing.
50也不想想:叫一個人替百姓死,以免全民族滅亡:這為你們多麼有利。」 50Neither do you consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.
51這話不是由他自己說出的,只因他是那年的大司祭,纔預言了耶穌將為民族而死; 51And this he spoke not of himself: but being the high priest of that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for the nation.
52不但為猶太民族,而且也是為使那四散的天主的兒女都聚集歸 一。 52And not only for the nation, but to gather together in one the children of God, that were dispersed.
53從那一天起,他們就議決要殺害耶穌。 53From that day therefore they devised to put him to death.
54因此,耶穌不再公開地在猶太人中往來,卻從那裏往臨近荒野的地方去,來到一座名叫厄弗辣因的城,在那裏和他的門徒住下 了。 54Wherefore Jesus walked no more openly among the Jews; but he went into a country near the desert, unto a city that is called Ephrem, and there he abode with his disciples.
55猶太人的逾越節臨近了,所以,許多人在逾越節前,從鄉間上了耶路撒冷,要聖潔自己。 55And the pasch of the Jews was at hand; and many from the country went up to Jerusalem, before the pasch to purify themselves.
56他們就尋找耶穌,並站在聖殿內,彼此談論說:「你們想什麼?他來不來過節呢?」 56They sought therefore for Jesus; and they discoursed one with another, standing in the temple: What think you that he is not come to the festival day? And the chief priests and Pharisees had given a commandment, that if any man knew where he was, he should tell, that they might apprehend him.
57司祭長和法利塞人早已頒發命令:如果有人知道他在那裏,就該通知他們,好去捉拿他。 57




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