Job:Chapter 26


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約伯傳 Job
1約伯回答說: 1Then Job answered, and said:
2無能為力的人,你怎樣援助了他?無力的手臂,你怎樣支持了他? 2Whose helper art thou? is it of him that is weak? and dost thou hold up the arm of him that has no strength?
3你給無知的人出過什麼主意,表現了你豐富的智慧? 3To whom hast thou given counsel? perhaps to him that hath no wisdom, and thou hast shewn thy very great prudence.
4你說這些話是指教誰?從你心裏發出的是什麼精神? 4Whom hast thou desired to teach? was it not him that made life?
5幽魂在地下打顫,海底與居於海底的,驚恐不已。 5Behold the giants groan under the waters, and they that dwell with them.
6陰府在他前面顯露,死域也沒有遮掩。 6Hell is naked before him, and there is no covering for destruction.
7他將北極伸張到太虛,將大地懸於虛無之上。 7He stretched out the north over the empty space, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.
8他將水包裏在濃雲中,托水的雲彩卻不破裂。 8He bindeth up the waters in his clouds, so that they break not out and fall down together.
9他遮蔽了滿月的面貌,使雲彩散佈其上。 9He withholdeth the face of his throne, and spreadeth his cloud over it.
10在水面上劃了一圓圈,當作光明與黑暗的分界。 10He hath set bounds about the waters, till light and darkness come to an end.
11支天的柱子震動,因他的呵叱而戰慄。 11The pillars of heaven tremble, and dread at his beck.
12他以威力使海洋動盪,以明智擊傷了海怪。 12By his power the seas are suddenly gathered together, and his wisdom has struck the proud one.
13他一噓氣,天氣清朗;他親手戳穿了飛龍。 13His spirit hath adorned the heavens, and his obstetric hand brought forth the winding serpent.
14看啊!這只是他行動的一端,我們所聽到的語句,何其細微!他轟轟烈烈的作為,有誰能明瞭? 14Lo, these things are said in part of his ways: and seeing we have heard scarce a little drop of his word, who shall be able to behold the thunder of his greatness?




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